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  1. Who do you take into farmers?

    I had my first game into farmers yesterday, took vRage since he’s the captain I’m most familiar with. Ran Rage, Strongbox, Benediction, Mist, Gutter, Minx; lost 12-5. Killed Thresher beginning of turn 2, but a 5 defense Tater against Minx and Gutter ruined my day. Any knock downs or snared went to Millstone, so he stayed def 5 most of the game against them. Eventually Thresher made his way back in and mopped up my models that Tator had weakened with his aoe charging. Should’ve healed more than I did. If I run Rage into Farmers again, tempted to try out A&G, since the Farmers mainly ran over into me.
  2. Who do you take into farmers?

    My usual Brisket team is Strongbox, Mist, Decimate, Benediction/Harry, Minx/Hemlocke. Benediction usually doesn’t get influence often, just crowd outs and give Mist 2” dodges. Harry comes in for control, but needs influence most turns. Haven’t seen love for Minx yet in the thread, she’s one of my favorites for the team. Can get things done with no influence, puts out defense debuffs, marked target, and sometimes has just a rediculous charge range. With her and Decimate, you can sometimes pull out a few kills if needed, or just lower defenses to get deeper in your playbooks. Hemlocke comes in sometimes in her place, but she does ask for more influence. Minx gives 2, and only takes 2 sometimes, letting you load up your other players.
  3. Listening to one of the UK streams, they talked about Furnace’s character play “One at a Time Lads!” would cancel the effects of Bloody Coin against Veteran Rage. Is this correct? The wording on Bloody Coin says +1 Tac and Damage against enemy models engaged by friendly models, so my assumption is you lose crowding out dice, but still gain Bloody Coin dice if they are engaged by a friendly model.
  4. Any advice on using hammer?

    I’m a Union player, but play my friend all the time who pretty much exclusively runs Hammer, so I can give you some feedback from the other side. Hammer can do about anything you need, and your team supports that well. Between Brick and monkey counter charges, they can push away anyone who gets close. Tower’s heroic helps too, with sturdy he becomes a pain on counter attacks, ignores the knockdown and can push people 2 inches away with just one result. He can take a lot of punishment, but don’t let him get too far from the team, or you lose a lot of his protection, and you need him to have people close to chew influence. Also remember his legendary! Buddy I play with doesn’t use it too often, usually forgets about it, but some of the worst situations he’s put me in is when he remembers it. Extra damage or threat range can really throw opponents off.
  5. Make Brewers better

    I play a lot of vetRage Union, and recently started playing Brewers from the mystery box. The thing about Brewers for me is Tapper sets up your turn, then every model can potentially be devastating. Everyone puts out loads of damage, as opposed to Union, feels like my opponent really needs to dodge 1 or 2 heavy damage dealers, the rest are set up pieces. That’s what I’ve enjoyed about Brewers, feels like every turn is a threat for take outs, rather than just certain activations.
  6. Legendary Plays Interview with Alex Botts on The Union

    Great interview! Like listening to the Strictly the Worst guys, was cool to see some more insight from him on his Union. Have to agree with him on Gutter-I had a lot of trouble getting her to work at first, but had her scything blow down almost an entire Masons team, and have never looked back. Never leave home without her!
  7. I've never played tournaments, only casually with a few friends. We always ask threat range, but we take it to mean sprint+melee zone, so 8" sprint and 2" melee is 10" threat. We don't usually count buyable dodges or anything as part of that. Usually ask to see the card after or ask about buyable dodges. I guess part of it is semantics. We use the phrase threat range all the time, referring to only sprint+melee, so hearing that question has never bothered me in our settings.
  8. Brick or Tower

    I play Union into Masons all the time. If I go vRage, I don't worry about Brick so much-I just keep him engaged and beat him down. If I go football with sBrisket, Brick and Marbles are the worst-my team's usually pretty squishy and doesn't have enough killing power to take out Brick. In those games, he's a problem for the entire game. The other night, Brick/Marbles stopped me from scoring 2 turns in a row. If my opponent hadn't rolled so badly, he could have killed a few team members while I was tied up with those 2!
  9. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    That's true, I didn't think about that. Avarisse can just pick him back up at the end of his activation now, so no more leaving Greede out to be murdered. On a vRage team, bloody coin Avarisse, and he'll provide his own crowdouts and buff himself an extra +1 dmg, then pack away Greede at the end. Very excited for this!
  10. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    I really like the A&G change, they were good before, but I just didn't like the playstyle. Now they feel like a really strong beat down duo! Greede lost lots of mobility, gonna make it harder to keep him alive, but I like the risk/reward side of it-Avarisse is gonna be beefy with Greede nearby!
  11. Thousand Cuts

    I played last night and gave Decimate 3 inf a turn to give me the opportunity to hard cast it, but it never came up. However I got it on her playbook against Brick, ended up killing Brick in a single activation with vRage (rolling 13 dice!). It's a really good debuff, I could see paying for it situationally.
  12. Thousand Cuts

    Just read an article about Friday from the Brewers and using Dirty Knives on her, and how much it helps out with the defense debuff. Got me thinking about Decimate and her Thousand Cuts debuff; it's really nice on paper, but never really got to use it in game. I'm going to try to make it a point next game, but just curious for people that run Decimate, do you feel it's worth stacking 3 inf on Decimate for the debuff?
  13. New Guild ball masons player

    I play Union, but mainly only play into Masons. A few things I've noted playing into Masons so much: The Honour/Harmony double activation is scary, but once it happens in a turn, I feel I pretty much have the rest of the turn to do what I want. Most times when I play against Masons, they load up Honour/Harmony to destroy somebody or score, but then they're usually influence starved for the rest of the turn. The person I play usually only uses the double activation toward the end of the game, to take the final goal or final takeout. Also, after a while, the trick doesn't work as well, because most players either target Harmony or keep her out of Honour's range. Honour/Harmony was really strong when we started, but the Masons player I play against is looking to drop Harmony in more match-ups. A lot of times, he'll use Marble's counter-charge to protect Brick's counter-charge. I've gone to engage Brick a lot against him, to deny the counter charge on a later activation, only for him to use Marble's charge to push my player back out of engagement, freeing up Brick's charge again. He'll also leave Marbles engaged for crowd outs, but I've taken to just killing him off later in the turn; if I can take him out in a single activation, the +1 from loved creature doesn't matter too much to me, as he would have had +1 from the crowd out anyway. Just something to keep an eye out for, while loved creature does discourage attacks, it won't stop it completely, especially if they know you have Honour inbound. With Flint, he has a lot of matches where Flint doesn't do too much, but a lot of that is just having Flint on the field forces me to try to play around him. I know if Flint gets the ball, he will most likely score, so a lot of my game is keep away from Flint. He made a comment to me the other day about Flint not doing much on the field, and I told him it's because he's too dangerous as a striker! Just having Flint on the field forces me to change up a lot of what I'm doing. I don't play Masons, but they're about the only team I play against, so this is a lot of the stuff I'm always watching for.