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  1. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    For those interested in getting Layne - if you do, we might be able to screw the morts out of ALL THREE of their top picks.
  2. RTBailey

    Some Greens to go with your #SmokedMeat

    I like the idea, but we've got... more gothic fish to fry. You're welcome to help us with this one - And if you do, I think we'd all be greatly amused.
  3. I do mean lash out. Always get those two muddled. Edited the original to update that.
  4. Simple question, can veteran Ox trigger the old ways a) on a parting blow or b) by lash out triggering? Card states Ox only needs to cause the takeout, not during his activation for example.
  5. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Unfortunately Gaffer's the first pick for at least 2 guilds ahead of us currently, so putting games into him is unlikely to get a huge amount of results, unless there's a big change in the rankings. It's worth remembering SFG are being a bit more flexible with the design space for strikers this season. There are definitely some 'pure' strikers still, but there's a few that have the potential to do some impressive amounts of damage (Looking at Bushel with that 3 at the top of her playbook) and for added interest - remember that Fillet is a striker as well. Striker can relate to where on the pitch a player tends to be as much as anything else. But I digress. When it comes to choosing the top three, the longer the event goes on, the harder it is to shift someone into the top three for a guild. Realistically, unless we jump up in the rankings significantly, our choices should be between Champ, Cutlass, Knuckles, Layne, Flea or Kami. Champ is probably the best choice for us, because by the looks of things she's a good, aggressive midfielder (like O.Gutter) with the potential to have a decent kick, or, importantly, passing stat, given all her fluff. That kind of thing is perfect for getting the ball to Brisket for snap shots, etc. Knuckles wouldn't be awful, but it sounds like he'll have a lot of overlap with Roast which would be okay, but not great - we already have Boar and (the hopefully improved) Tenderiser and V.Ox and all of them end up as free momentum farms for the enemy due to Butcher's generally low defense. Cutlass - it's a goalie. We don't want this. Flea is an out there pick, but not worth our time by the sounds of things. And Kami sounds bad both in the fluff and descriptively - a mediocre player that's validated only by her equipment isn't something we need. Plus the fish might end up with her, considering how much higher up in the charts they are as of the time of posting. Outside of that, taking Layne would give us the chance to run something different to Brisket, which would be nice (variety is good after all).
  6. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Yeah, Kami's the one who doesn't want to be with us. I'd put votes behind Champ, who does and sounds like a butcher through and through. Hard graft, willing to put the time in to get good and with a ruthless attitude. Kami, a 'chatterbox' according to Edge and "Mediocre" according to the scout at the game, who's only validated by her weapons? Nah, screw that. And there's Layne who's the most talented striker the scout has ever seen. IMHO, it's Champ if you want a fighter or Layne if you want a striker, not Kami.
  7. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Just a heads up as the event starts soon - general consensus / rankings are as follows: 1st: Champ 2nd: Layne 3rd: Kami 4th: Knuckles 5th: Edge That's not to say you can't vote for other folk, etc, but that's the current breakdown from the facebook groups. #ChampnotChumps #SmokedMeat
  8. RTBailey

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Good to know! Even if it's just Boiler, I think the full set spoiler comes in about a fortnight anyhow, so not long to wait!
  9. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    That's fair! Honestly, I like 'em both, so as long as it's between one of those two, I don't mind!
  10. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Those two would be neat, but I'm hard pressed to see a situation where we don't already have the tools and effects we need. Marked Target, Butchery, Quick Foot... just because our tools aren't flashy doesn't mean they don't work. We really, really should not be going for imagined character plays. Just because a model has a ranged weapon doesn't mean in the slightest they'll get something like kill the ball, hot shot, etc. It should also be worth noting, Steamforged have done a lot in all the blog posts to remove ranged plays from teams they don't think should have them. Brewers lost 2 off Esters, for example and I think we can all agree, of any of the teams Butchers and Brewers are pretty close in design. Also, from her fluff it sounds a lot like she wont work well in our team. Outright turning her guns on us, etc. Maybe she'd even have Maverick, which would be awful. Even worse she's described as being mediocre. Who wants mediocrity when you can have raw talent or a ruthless ethic to the game? If you don't want a striker, that's completely okay! But I think the best option outside of Layne is Champ. Ruthless, talented and driven. I mean, also, with a name like that, are we sure you aren't a fisherman spy?
  11. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Also remember it's not just Fillet making this decision. The Butchers Longshank, the various nobles and others would probably look at the current roster and order her to pick someone who can play ball. Brisket, like her or not, was a crowd pleaser (in more ways than one, wink wink nudge nudge). And Layne's described as just as easy on the eyes for the fairer sex. Fillet knows she can control Boar though. He's not smart enough to make a move while Fillet's in power. Shank? Yeah, she can't trust him and she knows it, but she also knows she could kill him in the ring if it came down to it. As for Brisket - yep, she's super good at the game in either form, but from a gameplay perspective, only having 1 striker / goal threat means it's very hard for Butchers to threaten snap-back goals. And worse, it means if we end up in a match where we can't fight someone (either because they're more resilient than we can deal with or because they got the initiative and killed someone important, like Ox or Fillet (Which Devana can do on turn one. At range.)) we've got no back up plan. The issue is none of these Rookies are described as "Good with a blade" or anything like that. That kind of stuff would get taught at the Butchers training camp, rather than the Rookie academy. Otherwise I'd have been totally with you on getting someone with murder potential. (And I know there's Knuckles but he's trying to run and hide from being a fighter) In short: I think Layne's the best pick for being an alternative or supporting choice in a team running Brisket or failing that, Champ is best for being described as an aggressive all rounder. #SmokedMeat
  12. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Flippant, but not inaccurate. Roast, a hopefully fixed V.Ox and Tenderiser mean Butchers are actually set to do pretty alright when it comes to zone / fight control in S4. Personally, I was exactly the same for a long while. Then I just started slamming Ox games for a year and a half solid till I could get my head around them. In all honesty though, all it takes is measuring 18" out from their goal to your choice of Brisket. If she can make it in, ace, pop 3 on her a go, if not, use that 3 elsewhere. The reason I'd be hankering for a football model is because in all honesty, it's something we don't do well. If you want to run a pure damage team, it'd be SO hard for SFG to design someone who can edge out one of the models you always take in that kind of a team. Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Shank (Or V.Gutter, if she's your type), Meathook. Boiler's always going to do supreme amounts of damage, admittedly with maximum set up. Boar's always going to be super efficient compared to anyone else. Meathook has Tooled up and Hooked. Even assuming she loses Hooked, she still has Smell Blood which makes her great for finishing off people Boiler doesn't quite kill. Then Gutter and Shank both have a solid 2" melee and a spread of damage. My big worry is people are going to vote for Kami and she'll end up with something like Maverick (which lets face it, it sounds like she will if she's with us) and then no-one will run her. Plus she's one of the only Rookies actively described as 'Mediocre'. And the last time we got someone average (stat wise) was Gutter. And a lot of people, not including myself, do not like how average Gutter can be. Getting a strict footballer might not be cool or butcher-ish, but it'd at least free up a spot so more people could take V.Brisket for some super aggressive football.
  13. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    None of them probably feel 'Buther-y' because unlike, say, Morts or Brewers, Butchers don't really have much of an identity when it comes to fluff. Most of the team are Killers, but that isn't something that's easily written into a bit of background with it feeling... well, like the inverse of Kami? Too easy a fit? Too obvious? But I do get you. I get the feeling a lot of people were hoping to see someone like Boar or Tenderiser in the draft (in terms of physique) but almost all of them sound small and wiry. Knuckles is the closest, but I feel like picking up someone who sounds very push / disruption heavy and avoiding bloodshed seems out of character. That's why I'm going Layne. I'm going to hope, deep down, that a) it denies another team an amazing striker to punish us with and b) that a striker trained by Fillet's butchers is more striker by virtue of where they end up on the pitch, like Fillet herself, rather than by virtue of having super shot, etc. It's a wild shot, but it's got more promise to me than any of the others.
  14. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Yeah, I'm not sure what we'll get from the cooks. But I mean, upside, if we do get Cinnamon and she's a goal scorer and we get Layne, that means we'd have 4 aggressive strikers to choose from, which is a hell of a lot nicer than our choice of 'which Brisket' we've got currently. Plus, fluff wise, it makes MUCH more sense for Fillet to be looking to snag a striker now that the Butchers have lost their only true striker.
  15. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I'm pushing for #SmokedMeat and getting Layne on board. Shoring up our biggest weakness, which is the fact we can only have 1 true footballer on the pitch at a time, is my biggest thought. Plus, we've got Cooks coming in a couple of months (Q1 next year?). There's no way that one or both of the crossover models from Cooks aren't going to be more ways to bring the hurt on people.