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  1. RTBailey

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The issue is that you're still talking about designing a huge amount that you're not going to use. For example, lets use Layne. Lets say his "Raw" form has the literally average stats for a Striker, which is: Mov 6/8 | TAC 5 | Kick 3/8" | Def 4+ | Arm 1 | Inf 2/4 | HP 12 | 1" melee So, how different would he need to be for each guild? Well, for a start, he'd need different playbook for each guild because obviously if he's a Brewer, that's going to need to be 1 shorter than his TAC, but if he's a farmer he should have 2 damage in his first column. Can't have both those things or he'd clearly be silly with Ox! Then you need to give each team a rundown of what should be momentous. First three columns for Masons, only the damage for Butchers, etc etc. Then you want a flavourful rule for each guild as well. So you need to do a playbook and back of a card for 10 different incarnations of the same player. And that's not even assuming you want to tweak stats in that as well. Then you have to get your design program and punch out 10 cards, one for each guild. Then repeat than nine more times. And then, above all of that, you'd need to put a disclaimer to each that they may change heavily during playtesting. You're already guaranteeing that you wont use 90% of the stuff you've put time into, which they probably would rather put into designing / finalising things for the next Minors, the next veteran players, etc etc etc. By the time you've pumped all of this into a skeleton version of each rookie, all you've probably done is confirmed what you could hint at with fluff. Players should know that "I'm a brewer, so my Rookie is probably going to wrap naturally" or "I'm a mason, so the low end of my playbook will be whats momentous". They should probably be aware that "A Centre Back is going to have more HP than a Winger but have lower def". I'm not saying the idea of Skeleton Rookies isn't a neat one, I just don't think it's a time efficient one.
  2. RTBailey

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I'm certainly with you on being a fluff bunny in that regard, but I didn't have any real trouble getting behind the rookies personally. I think a couple of them were a little dry / could have done with some 'screen time' (Looking at you Knuckles). I think a skeleton player is interesting idea but would probably be, at least from a design perspective, a bit of a waste of time if the stats / playbook / etc may well change heavily in post. Plus people have a habit of getting hung up on things that change during development, for example the people who were disappointed that V.Gutter didn't keep Scything Blow. As a positive example of the idea, the idea that Kami would have Kill the Ball that was going around when she was first shown or Layne possibly having Charmed Female. I think these were a good example of how to tease a potential mechanic and didn't feel out of place (and I'm sure a lot of people got on board because they wanted Kill the Ball, for example). I think the primary issue was how it required a certain amount of reading between the lines and it wasn't hugely obvious. If I was to suggest how to make that better, I'd genuinely suggest releasing some of the Lore for the next draft before the draft starts, maybe alongside the scout report next time. That way people can get a feel for how that model might play (For example if in the fluff Champ is shown to use a quarterstaff, for example, people could guess she has a 2" reach) and get a feel for the character before they start voting, which would probably have a similar effect to letting people toy around with a skeleton player? Just my two cents on that one.
  3. RTBailey

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The main issue with giving explicit rules is that some guilds just can't have certain things for balance reasons. For example, Fish aren't allowed momentous damage, butchers aren't allowed 'hard' control abilities and Masons couldn't have a momentous result at the top of the playbook, for example. At the end of the day there's always going to be different people who want different things to get them really engaged and those things in turn would turn other people off being involved. Some people would love to see renders, but I know some people would be put off voting if they didn't like a pose for example. This year struck a good balance. The report gave each model enough flavour and rules potential to make people speculate and the art definitely gave a good feel for the characters in question. But I think the real allstars were the members of the community who really pushed forwards on getting the memes and hashtags going. I will also sing the praises of the MUCH improved method of submitting games. In short? I really enjoyed this year. I thought it was a really, REALLY enjoyable event and I look forward to the next one, be it new players for Majors or something entirely different, like the community voting on which disreputable urchins make it into Greede's new Union.
  4. RTBailey

    Lovely subtle changes to previewed models.

    That email just contains the same as the actual update post on the kickstarter. Which says the change was based on "-contacted us to let us know you did not think her art and sculpt meshed well with the rest of Godtear." The trouble is that it doesn't say what about the sculpt didn't mesh well. Was it the stubby chest arms? The fact she's a she? the fact she's ugly and fat? And given how a lot of people reacted, a lot of people clearly thought the inverse. Further to the issue, all of those people must have messaged SFG privately, because having gone back through as much of the comments as I can, I couldn't find a single comment saying anything negative about Grimshalla from during the kickstarter. If SFG had told people when they started making these changes, rather than at the mid to end of making the changes, this could all have gone down differently. Had we been told 3 - 4 months ago that "Hey backers, we've run into some issues about <Insert Grimshalla visual decision here>. As such, we're looking to resculpt / rework the champion quite heavily. What would you want most to keep about that champion so we can try and keep it close to what originally got you guys hyped about Grimshalla?" then there could have been some really positive discussion and people wouldn't have been so sideswiped by the change. Instead out of the blue people got a complete resculpt with rather unimpressive minions and a reason that doesn't fully explain the situation.
  5. RTBailey

    Lovely subtle changes to previewed models.

    Lack of an official statement on 'The Problem' is what's causing a lot of annoyance for a lot of people, along with the fact that Grimshalla was the model that probably convinced a few people to go in on the game (much like any other champion probably tipped anyone else over into taking part, from Halftusk to Blackjaw). If it was a 'mechanical' problem, like a limitation with the sculpt / moulding tools, an obvious issue that retailers had objected to (like the chest arm-things needing to be replaced or covered for example) or anything else that could be made clear to backers with explanation and SFG had been open and discussed the issue, I'm sure much of the annoyance and outrage could have been quelled. But instead there was a half given answer of 'Feedback' and no prior warning or confirmation when it became clear that there would need to be a change, resulting in people (not unreasonably) being upset. Coming into that situation with a fairly lack lustre render (in terms of detail, etc) of a fairly unimpressive model to replace Grimshalla with seems like a poor choice that's compounded the issue for a lot of backers. Then there's been no official comments of any kind so on any forum, be they facebook, twitter, kickstarter or even here about it makes it seems a lot like SFG are happy to just let this dumpster fire of a situation grow without any kind of damage control.
  6. RTBailey

    Favorite/Least Favorite Champion?

    Grimgut least favourite, Grimshalla most favourite. Kinda wish I hadn't backed it now.
  7. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    For those interested in getting Layne - if you do, we might be able to screw the morts out of ALL THREE of their top picks.
  8. RTBailey

    Some Greens to go with your #SmokedMeat

    I like the idea, but we've got... more gothic fish to fry. You're welcome to help us with this one - And if you do, I think we'd all be greatly amused.
  9. I do mean lash out. Always get those two muddled. Edited the original to update that.
  10. Simple question, can veteran Ox trigger the old ways a) on a parting blow or b) by lash out triggering? Card states Ox only needs to cause the takeout, not during his activation for example.
  11. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Unfortunately Gaffer's the first pick for at least 2 guilds ahead of us currently, so putting games into him is unlikely to get a huge amount of results, unless there's a big change in the rankings. It's worth remembering SFG are being a bit more flexible with the design space for strikers this season. There are definitely some 'pure' strikers still, but there's a few that have the potential to do some impressive amounts of damage (Looking at Bushel with that 3 at the top of her playbook) and for added interest - remember that Fillet is a striker as well. Striker can relate to where on the pitch a player tends to be as much as anything else. But I digress. When it comes to choosing the top three, the longer the event goes on, the harder it is to shift someone into the top three for a guild. Realistically, unless we jump up in the rankings significantly, our choices should be between Champ, Cutlass, Knuckles, Layne, Flea or Kami. Champ is probably the best choice for us, because by the looks of things she's a good, aggressive midfielder (like O.Gutter) with the potential to have a decent kick, or, importantly, passing stat, given all her fluff. That kind of thing is perfect for getting the ball to Brisket for snap shots, etc. Knuckles wouldn't be awful, but it sounds like he'll have a lot of overlap with Roast which would be okay, but not great - we already have Boar and (the hopefully improved) Tenderiser and V.Ox and all of them end up as free momentum farms for the enemy due to Butcher's generally low defense. Cutlass - it's a goalie. We don't want this. Flea is an out there pick, but not worth our time by the sounds of things. And Kami sounds bad both in the fluff and descriptively - a mediocre player that's validated only by her equipment isn't something we need. Plus the fish might end up with her, considering how much higher up in the charts they are as of the time of posting. Outside of that, taking Layne would give us the chance to run something different to Brisket, which would be nice (variety is good after all).
  12. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Yeah, Kami's the one who doesn't want to be with us. I'd put votes behind Champ, who does and sounds like a butcher through and through. Hard graft, willing to put the time in to get good and with a ruthless attitude. Kami, a 'chatterbox' according to Edge and "Mediocre" according to the scout at the game, who's only validated by her weapons? Nah, screw that. And there's Layne who's the most talented striker the scout has ever seen. IMHO, it's Champ if you want a fighter or Layne if you want a striker, not Kami.
  13. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Just a heads up as the event starts soon - general consensus / rankings are as follows: 1st: Champ 2nd: Layne 3rd: Kami 4th: Knuckles 5th: Edge That's not to say you can't vote for other folk, etc, but that's the current breakdown from the facebook groups. #ChampnotChumps #SmokedMeat
  14. RTBailey

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Good to know! Even if it's just Boiler, I think the full set spoiler comes in about a fortnight anyhow, so not long to wait!
  15. RTBailey

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    That's fair! Honestly, I like 'em both, so as long as it's between one of those two, I don't mind!