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  1. lordherpie

    Missing Dice

    well... you beat me to it...6 months later... still no connectors...
  2. lordherpie

    Missing Dice

    no, the netherlands But thanks anyway...
  3. lordherpie

    Missing Dice

    i know how you feel. In my case i am missing a completely insignificant piece. My boardgame is missing a connector-piece for boss health dials. just 1 male and female connector. Of course this is not vital to be able to play, but i wouldnt think this is a component that would be hard to replace (just like a dice, how hard can that be?) My first email to their customer service is from Juli 2017. Havent received a replacement to date, and their response is always the same (parts will be send to you). If they can't replace a simple thing like that... then there must be something seriously wrong at the departments handling these requests.
  4. lordherpie

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    ive played 5 solo-playtroughs so far, 1 with each class (2 with the knight) (not counting my first runs to grasp most of the rules) for me the assasin and herald attempt were the easiest. the warrior the worst (could not kill miniboss) and the first attempt with the knight (still playing wrong because of not understanding all the rules yet) was also pretty horrible, but i have a strong feeling that this was not due to character imbalance as much as it was due to good treasure RNG on good runs. the most fun run i had was the knight on the second run, which felt like the game was intended. died once in a medium encounter, twice at the boss before killing it. i could really 'feel' the difference between a boss encounter from simply applying a single weapon upgrade. The game is probably pretty well balanced, but like many (video) games also requires good luck. luck in games is not always a bad thing, random loot is a part of many videogames for example (not a big factor in Dark Souls though) and it can feel satisfying to get that piece of shiny armor that you really needed. but on other nights you keep drawing that piece of titanite without drawing that weapon you can actually attach it to XD. Its not keeping me from having fun with it anyways, as i dont know how much fun the game would be if i beat every encounter flawlessly , looking forward to start playing with more (which will be soon :D) and seeing how this will affect the balance.
  5. lordherpie

    various questions

    that was really helpful, thanks and again, if i was asking about things already stated elsewhere on the forum, i am sorry for the inconvenience. doing my best reading up on everything, which has already resulted in me finding most answers to questions i had. these questions i ask above are mostly stuff i wasnt sure about if i understood correctly. thanks for taking the time to clear them up for me.
  6. lordherpie

    various questions

    Thanks, I am now a few games in. some successful, some not as much I am pretty clear on most rules now, but still have had a couple of instances where boss (or enemy) movement had me confused. I see most questions here are related to that, so I don't feel to silly about it (:p) but even after reading around on this forum I still am not entirely sure about movement and pushing. is there a simple way of summarizing how movement, attacking and pushing should be resolved? for example: an enemy moves for 2 spaces with push (which has +1 attack), and than attacks for 1 with push effect also on the attack 1) first resolve push, pushing any players from his node 2) then move towards the target 1 node 3) resolve second push if anyone is on the node, and resolve the damage 4) 2nd node movement towards the target 5) resolve push again, including another instant of damage 6) resolve the attack if the target is in range 7) resolve the push again. is this the correct order of resolving the actions? Another thing that confuses me is the way the player is pushed. normal enemy pushing seems simple enough, you can just roll to any adjacent node correct? but boss pushing means you have to roll to any node within the arc that he is approaching you from (or hitting you from), correct? ive seen a couple of youtube videos but it seems to me that they didn't all handle it the same way, so some might have implemented boss movement wrong or just made a mistake resulting in my confusion. also, the moment that the boss faces his target, when is this implemented in the cascade of actions to be resolved (so where in my example above with step 1 to 7, would boss facing be resolved). every time he starts movement, or every time he activates, or every node he moves? Sorry for asking questions that are probably already answered here on the forum, I'm just a bit confused by all the information I'm getting (also English isn't my native language which might have added to my misunderstanding of the game mechanics here and there).
  7. lordherpie

    various questions

    thanks for clearing that up. not at home at the moment to check the bossbehaviour card but that would make sense. ill check when i get home
  8. Hi, I have a few questions about the dark souls board game rules. I am not very experienced with this type of games and some questions might be perceived as silly, but i just want to make sure i get all these correctly. 1) Assassin heroic ability states that you can attack for 0 stamina after a dodge. does this mean any attack? can i choose his strongest (and most stamina-expensive) attack and perform it for 0 stamina? 2) Lightning-gem states that magical damage is added to the weapon - does this this mean that all the damage the weapon does from now on is magic damage? and what if the weapon its attached to already has a magic component to it? 3) poison damage - is it resisted by enemy block/resistance values?, also if multiple poison attacks are made in a single turn against a single enemy; can it have multiple poision counters on it? 4) character movement - as i understood you can either move and than attack OR attack and than move. so you cannot move-attack-move again right? 5) i encountered a boss-behaviour card (i think it was the winged knight) that has an Arced attack on it which only shows a weak-arc and 3 normal arcs, no green attack arcs. where does this hit? i thought the green arcs were the only arcs that the attack would land, this seems to be incorrect(?) and if this is incorrect, what is the difference between a normal (black) Arc and an attack (green) arc?