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  1. I was able to buy the game from a backer who found that he didn't like the game as much as expected. He's going to forward me the 2nd wave shipment, too. However, he never made any of the additional purchases, and I love for games to be as complete as possible - meaning I would like to get all the dragons and other mega bosses. Now the current survey implies that it will be made possible to purchase them again to be included in wave 2. My question: is there a way for the original backer to give over his pledge to me so that I can step in and directly purchase the add-ons myself?
  2. When a boss wins and the characters rest at the bonfire, does the boss reset as do encounter cards? Does he heal, does he return to the start node? Or is he frozen until the characters return?
  3. Bitpicker

    Hi from Germany

    Hi, I'm Robin from Germany. Not a computer player so I never plaid the original Dark Souls game myself, though I did see my son playing it. Going to paint the minis soon. I joined the forum mainly for rules clarification, as the rulebook isn't exactly well organized.