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  1. Osl Ratcatchers

    Little guide to my Candlelight Osl Ratcatchera
  2. Falconers Vs Blacksmiths match report

    I was playing against the lead developer of the game, I went with his rulings. Things may have changed since the game was recorded I used the studio models and tokens, they made me give them back though
  3. Complete list of all GB podcasts

    Tales of the the free Cities https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/tales-of-the-free-cities/id1342810570?mt=2&i=1000402015749 The firm https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-firm-another-guild-ball-podcast/id1380865329?mt=2
  4. For Beard Minis

    Gosh, thank you very much. Very touching, was having a bit of a low day so that’s wonderfully timed. Greatly appreciated, thank you.
  5. Something I’ve always wondered and can’t find clarification on. Do Auras require line of sight?
  6. Tales of The Free Cities

    Booo can't insert html code into posts, booooooo! Have a boring old link then http://www.buzzsprout.com/152310
  7. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I make no apologies for washing regularly
  8. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Ooh look, my hands
  9. Scourge Review Video

    100% this 100% this
  10. Scourge Review Video

    Absolutely, totally how it should be. Good point. Yay baby casket time
  11. I’m trying to find more North London Guild ballers, those I have found play either outside of London or in South London. I travel 90 minutes and pay £12 rail fare for each game. Trying to seeing if there is a better solution. (Apologies if wrong sub forum, couldn’t see a more appropriate location but please move if appropriate)
  12. Pelage Preview

    Hot takes! Get your red hot hot takes! https://youtu.be/2XZWlYI7dUk
  13. Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year to one and all. Here is the Don’t Touch The Beard Christmas spectacular and Yuletide Hearth give away! https://youtu.be/OdP6dpFLZ9w Loxam bless us, everyone.
  14. Guild Ball in North London

    Ok I’ve found a flgs in the kind of area and am chatting to them about a demo evening. I’ll let folk know if I get anywhere.
  15. Guild Ball in North London

  16. Guild Ball in North London

    Thanks for coming back to mebut this is hopefully what I’m trying to avoid. I travel an hour and a half already within London for my closest store and whilst I’ve heard great things about your community, travelling further doesn’t help (although I’ll be sure to get out there for tournaments). Ideally looking for something within the North Circular. I’m trying to find one but sadly best I’ve found so far has £10 table fees or the store has no interest in miniatures games. Will keep you informed If I do find a solution however!
  17. What about a "Creator" sub?

    Traffic from Steamforged used to equate for 70% of my discovery traffic. These changes have had a damaging impact.
  18. Holy Steamcon YouTube crossover match reports Batman! It’s a Steamcon YouTube crossover match report! One point of damage! It’s only one point of damage. One point of daaaaaaaaaamage, it’s only 1 point of daaaaaammaaaaaaage. Complete with #Perkinswatch cameo. *......pianopianopianopiano..........FURIOUS!*
  19. Beardy blacksmith promise

    Hidden away at the end (which the link takes you directly to) a quick promise to the Blacksmith Community. It’s been a delight to bring you preview videos, of which have been watched for a total 1,700 minutes and have been recorded over 14,600 miles apart. I hope they’ve been useful, Beard out. https://youtu.be/0H-38cdoTXw?t=30m12s
  20. It’s Steamcon week, so have an early release DTTB! My Corsair Vs Jason from Singled Outs notblackheart.
  21. Don’t Touch The Beard 15: Corsair Vs Rage

    Thank you for watching!
  22. Cast Preview

    I was going to have a break to prepare for Steamcon. and then.......