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  1. Intergalactic Slacks

    oddity in Seasoned Spigot model?

    I was prepping some models for painting and something looked funny to me with sSpigot's right foot. Then I realized the heel was curved the same way as the one on the ground, he's wearing two left boots!
  2. Intergalactic Slacks

    Beginner Questions

    Yes, attacks with Death from Above still cost 1 influence. The benefit is the +4 TAC and being up to 6" away. Yes, differently named effects stack even if they do similar things. So if Devana is attacking a target that Frelsi is engaging, after Frelsi has been damaged that turn, it's a +3 (+1 for a normal gang-up, +1 for assist, +1 for loved creature) Yes, like Death from Above a Hotshot attack still costs 1 influence.
  3. As it says, I'm enjoying playing Rats from time-to-time and would like to fill out the roster. Anyone looking to sell the launch kit models? [edit: found 'em]
  4. Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Here's an attempt at taking some better pictures with a homemade lightbox. I need more and brighter lights on it I think.
  5. Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Things got a little weird, but I had a lot of fun working on this big boy
  6. Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Thanks, that's amazing to hear coming from such a great painter. I'm amazed by the smoothness you get in your color transitions.
  7. Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Getting started on my next project
  8. Intergalactic Slacks

    Resin Hunters

    Obviously both Hearnes, Ulfr and Seenah are involved in some sort of heavyweight dance off.
  9. Intergalactic Slacks

    Updraft Duration

    There's already a discussion about the ordering of the jog vs gaining the flight trait. So far the ruling is that as simultaneous effects, the order is of the active players choice.
  10. Intergalactic Slacks

    Wanna try Hunters...

    Egret doesn't have any sustained effect plays that need tokens to track them (or once-per-turn out-of-activation traits like Zarola's unpredictable movement). Neither does Seenah.
  11. Intergalactic Slacks

    Wanna try Hunters...

    You can try these for the Season 2 models, I haven't seen any made up for the Skatha box. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c47085fhtgb1wfb/Unofficial_S2_Hunters_PaperDolls_200.pdf The biggest issue I have with paper doll proxying is not having tokens, I used these for my Hunters until I got a real set http://redsam.xyz/guildball/tokens/ The best information we have now is that SFG is releasing the minor guilds in pre-assembled PVC over the next two years, and phasing out the metals for the existing major guilds and replacing them with un-assembled resins in new sculpts as the "legacy collection." The resins will replace metal for each guild when their corresponding minor guild releases. So resin Hunters should be up for order when the Falconers release on June 15.
  12. Intergalactic Slacks

    Model distribution needs to change

    4 model alt-sculpt crossover boxes? So no matter if you're only interested in the major or minor, you can pick up your 2 crossover players and 2 alts for your guild. And for completionists, 4 alts! Not that I really have an issue with the minor guild situation. I may not be collecting everything (yet!); but seeing them as an extension of the playstyle of the majors, if I care enough to want the crossover models I'll probably want the whole box.
  13. Intergalactic Slacks

    New Ratcatcher Condition Tokens are Confusing

    That looks super confusing. I just looked at the cardboard tokens I have, and I've got 4 of the green skulls from Kick Off for Friday's dirty knives poison, and two green drops from the Blacksmiths for Alloy's dirty knives poison. Or so I thought, I figured green was poison. Why would they change the tokens? Then it looks like Muse On Minis did little rat skulls for diseased, and Frozen Forge did bacteria?