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  1. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    Tried something a little different, not sure I'm going to be able to carry this through the rest of the Hunters but I'm liking it here.
  2. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    I found a little time to paint tonight, and I'm feeling really good about this face on Seenah.
  3. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Looking good! Glad you shared some pictures. Your terrain looks great, that's a whole other thing I haven't started thinking about yet. I see you've got some additional goal markers, more guilds in the works?
  4. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    So while everyone else is coming to terms with the new plastics, I'm going backwards and moving beyond the Kick Off set with the older metals (for now, 'Smiths and maybe Farmers will probably happen in time). I thought the mystery box might be a good way to expand my collection, which of course means I'm working with the Hunters. No paint yet, just glue and green-stuff, and coming to terms with these things. Guild Ball has taught me that I like painting, and now that I do not like fitting models together nearly as much. Going to get all 9 (season II + a young Theron) assembled, then think about basing, and eventually get around to paint. I did manage a quick paint job on an Easter Fangtooth to keep me from going mad with all the assembly
  5. Mystery box!

    I just had two boxes delivered, and they're not exactly the same so that's positive. Masons + Hunters, and Brewers + Hunters. Was looking to expand beyond the teams I got with Kick Off, so I guess I've added Hunters and have stuff to trade now.
  6. I don't expect that to happen too quickly, the move to packaging in boxes of 6 is a lot easier than machining all new molds to move everything to plastic at once. More likely the mystery boxes will reduce back stock of 3 model starters and blister packs, rather than pay to repackage them all as the new boxes of 6. The new 6 model team boxes aren't even all shipping yet, I don't think they're being dumped for plastic already. It will happen over time. With Masons and Brewers only in the webstore with the Kick Off box right now, I'd guess that they might be the first to fully convert with Hammer and Esters plastic boxes in the works.
  7. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    Good progress this week on the Brewers I think. Working them as a group, which means nothing is done but everybody creeps along. So far Spigot's been nothing but trouble, while Stave has been this most fun to paint.
  8. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    Ended my Masons with Marbles, so I figured I'd start the Brewers with Scum today. Will need a bit of touch up still.
  9. Is primer required and/or recommended on plastic figures

    Yes, acrylic paints won't cling to the plastic. The first few I primed with a spray can that had a bad cap, so I left a lot of gaps rather than end up with too thick of a primer coat. The difference between where the primer was and wasn't was extremely noticeable. I tried a general Krylon (not specifically for plastics) and then a Rust-Oleum (that was labeled as OK for plastics too). Both worked well when applied correctly. I've also heard that Krylon fusion paints that bond to plastics can be used as a spray primer and base coat, and that the ultra matte camouflage colors work well for that.
  10. Masons / Brewers reboxing?

    I'd like to see boxes with the other half of the lineups for these at least. Looks like some teams are getting those in September.
  11. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    Finished team shot, not the best focus. Even took them out to play last night.
  12. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    I knew something wasn't right with the way the Krylon primer I had was spraying, but went ahead and did these three anyway. I just primed the rest of the team with a new can of Rust-Oleum, and they look so much better.
  13. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    Mallet and Flint. I miss Brick's big ham hands. Photos really show off the mistakes, but I think they'll look good on the table. Planing on finishing with dullcote, but I fear for the shiny.
  14. new painter, starting with the Kick Off! teams

    Thanks. What I have going for me is I'm good at following directions, and patient. So I watched a bunch of YouTube videos before feeling up to this, and then spent 3 nights just working on this one mini. Planning to keep going slow and see how thing progress with the rest of the bunch.
  15. I just finished painting my first mini, Brick from the Kick Off box. I'm pretty OK with it, I'll get to the base once I've got more of his teammates ready.