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  1. hi, i'm researching about the second starter of blacksmith or farmers, lucky and skull ( le goal keeper of morticians) shipping in belgium I can to change hunter ( 12 minis) with tokens of AOW and chibi card s3
  2. Enguerrand

    Morti vs fish

    Little game, corsait vs obulus Big big brawl in the center of the field, great game where finish with the clock out, 12-10 i think 4 kills and one goal for me 2 goal and one kill for him ^^
  3. Enguerrand

    Morti VS God

    Little game on this past week-end ! Butcher vs morticians for me : fillet meathook boiler princess vet ox and vet brisket for him : obulus vet graves (yes yes) vilswarm ghast casket and B&M I charge with fillet in his team and i kill vilswarm and graves in the same team, others mini just move. for him its the same. after the rest of the game is just close in the middle and we finish 12- 11 for me ^^
  4. hi ! today i play with my friend, i wanted to try my farmers and my bro wanted to try his fish ( loool die ) turn one : big move in the middle, windle hit salt and do one dmg aha shark move and tater have a counter attack because harrow put a harvest token on the floor because i have grang in the 4 ps and for the rest, there is nothing turn two : big melee in the center, windle and grange hit on greyscale and i taken out him ! with snack break i have 3VP his angel try to take my ball at Peck but after 4 attachs he has the ball but Angel has not influence ! tater go hit jac and KD with PB, shark jac and windle are KD, after to hit 3 times jac and i wake up with MP windle ! turn three : i have the first, i eject jac with tater and i hit shark and he is very hurt ! with angel he tries to do a goal with 5 dices but not ! nothing he fails his shoot but the balls come back on angel ad she tries a second shoot and she wins... ...but ! i put the ball in the direction of grange ( with 6 inf) and i have luck and the ball come near of grange , after i take this ball and i put a goal ! after windle try to eject shark but i fail with my dice ... farmes : 9PV fish : 4PV turn Four not chance, i have zero mp and him 2, he does a 2 on his dice and i do a 5, i play in first ! the past turn, i have do the legendary of grange, with that windle take a big breakfast and hit shark with 5 points life , i taken out this one with snack break , 3PV i win for BUTCHER !!!!! 12 VP Farmers 4 fVP fish Gutter for butcher !!!!
  5. Enguerrand

    want : morticians guild

    hi ! i research a full team of morticians , starter s1 + S2/S3 shipping in belgium it's better if it is not painted with tokens it's againt better 8
  6. Enguerrand

    [W] union - fish - engineers-butcher [Belgium]

    New asking guys ^^
  7. Enguerrand

    [W] union - fish - engineers-butcher [Belgium]

    Hi, thx for you deal, my friend find all reference but he wants shark limited ^^
  8. Enguerrand

    [W] union - fish - engineers-butcher [Belgium]

    My friend want to know if you have all fisherman of my list or you speak about all fishermans of the guild ?
  9. Enguerrand

    [W] union - fish - engineers-butcher [Belgium]

    I speak with my friends and come back at you
  10. Hello, i want to buy some unions and engineers ( because îm a student it's difficult for'money ^^ i want : union : Fanghtoof hemlock grace and benediction brisket snakeskin engineers : mother For a friend fish : shark edition limited Hunter : all for shipping, it's in Belgium ^^
  11. Enguerrand

    Enguerrand Belgium

    Hi ! I begin guild ball and i like this game, i play mason and i buy some engineers and now im waitting for a thirty guild a next time ^^ sorry for my english, it s not a habit for me ^^