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  1. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    I used to read the Kickstarter comments a lot, as they were the only place to really get any information regards the state of shipping for far longer than should have been the case. These days, though, I prefer hanging out here. The Kickstarter comments section is often a bit to vitriolic for my tastes. I much more prefer the reasoned discussion we have around these parts. I'm actually rather proud of how pleasant the SFG community is and it makes me more interested in trying other SFG products. A good community acts as a company's ambassadors and this community (occasional missteps aside) certainly fulfils that role. As for the pose comments, I don't have anything substantial to add, outside my comment on the Artorias thread.
  2. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    This relates back to the Ironclad, Alonne and even the Dancer pose complaints. My thoughts then remain the same as they are now. I am personally fine with whatever pose SFG decides to go with. So long as the pose makes the model look good and reflects the character depicted I don't have a complaint. Having Artorias in his iconic pose meets all of these requirements. He is instantly recognisable and the pose captures the defeated glory that *is* Artorias the man. A more dynamic or active pose would risk diluting how Artorias is communicated to the onlooker. Good pose design tells a story. In a miniatures board game it is one of the primary ways in which the character, the miniature represents, is communicated. This is why having Alonne static, while the Ironclad charges, is such a sticking point. In both cases the pose miss communicates the character. Alonne is a brilliant warrior, with beautiful flowing attacks; the Ironclad are lumbering behemoths, stoically plodding ever onwards. Both Artorias and Solaire are represented well by their poses. Artorias is broken and corrupted, his pose sees him slouched forward, with one arm limp. Anyone seeing that pose can instantly recognise that. Solaire is campy and flamboyant, just like the man. Sif, stands atop her rocky pedestal, bringing to mind the lone wolf that she is. The Dancer is desperate for the loo... So long as the poses chosen reflect the character assigned for them, we are better off spending our energies elsewhere than focusing on individual points like this. Sometimes good enough is good enough.
  3. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    I'm in agreement with what seems to be the common consensus: the Ironclad is too dynamic while Alonne is too static. In neither case is it a deal breaker for me personally and if its already at tooling/post tooling then I expect nothing can be done about it anyways - so its a moot point. This does however highlight what might actually be a bit of a missed trick, on SFG's part. Namely that there could be a lot of value in reaching out to the community at an earlier stage to see what opinions exist towards one idea or another. Especially in cases where opinion is more unified among the player base. That said, god knows the community can get its' knickers in a twist over the most insignificant things sometimes. Plus, what we think we want isn't always what we want.
  4. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Could well be, or perhaps one that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the existing set for those who own both. A bit like what Wizards of the Coast did with their dungeon crawl series (<3) a while back and their miniatures skirmish game sets.
  5. Fixing bendy miniatures permanently

    And this is officially the best thread on the forum xD
  6. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1934771 Update 113 is live and I think I have worked out what the teasers are for: a Dark Souls board game along similar lines to the Lord of the Rings board game. Where the players must travel linear paths across the board accomplishing tasks and beating challenges. The Abyss Watchers symbol is a set encounter space while the other two are different routes the party can take to reach the encounter. Route A has them face a Easy (1 sword) and Medium (2 swords) encounter, which while having easier encounters than Route B's Difficult (3 swords) encounter, it also takes longer - perhaps the players are competing, or racing a clock? This would explain teaser 1 featuring Anor Londo; teaser 2 showing both the Abyss Watchers (possibly Artorias) and referencing the Rat Authority; and today's teaser which is very clearly some kind of node tracker.
  7. Game Finder

    Helsinki, Finland this end
  8. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1933483 Update 112 is up.
  9. Life Point Counter

    While Word is definitely not the best tool for the job you can solve your rotation issue by using Word Art formatting. You'll need to google search, based on your version of Windows, but you will very easily be able to bend lines on a curve with Word Art.
  10. Expansion Question

    @DrojmanSpeaking of the Bloodborne Card game, is it actually any good? I didn't grab it on release as I had my fill of card games back in the early 2000s, with extensive Magic the Gathering. I've been growing more curious recently, though and have considered nabbing myself a copy.
  11. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Very glad to hear it! As an unashamed souls fanboy I would very willingly put my money where my mouth is for that sort of post-support content. And as an amature games designer, if SFG doesn't make something, I sure as hell will. :3
  12. Expansion Question

    Just to back @larsup, that was precisely my understanding of the situation too. The only difference being the retailer exclusives (Manus, Chariot and Giant) who we cannot buy through the backerkit as normal addons, but will need to hunt down after release. I personally plan to order them from Steamforged as living in Finland I expect them to be a massive pain to track down, otherwise.
  13. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    It would certainly allow for an expansion of content without the need to physically produce said content. New items, encounters, etc. More interesting boss mechanics, perhaps. Personally, I'm against the overuse of such an app as it draws away from the board game. I don't buy board games to spend my time staring at a mobile app. However, I can certainly see an app which handles character boards being a huge use. Most people have smart phones these days and going **optionally** digital for the character boards would save a lot of table space. Plus, if you could save boards then it'd help a lot with campaign tracking. That said, if there are bosses or monsters that they have no interest in producing physically, I would definitely buy them digitally so that I could at least convert them into a physical version. I wouldn't be surprised to see 3D printed versions of the neglected bosses turning up somewhere, given how popular Dark Souls is. Heck, I'd be fully on board for a item deck, and/or encounter expansion of some form. After all, when the mega bosses come along we're going to want Very Hard difficulty encounter cards and if @Steamforgeddoes go the digital app route, then selling a deck of blank item & encounter cards would allow us to easily integrate missing items and further expand our games once official support has ended. Edit: the other reason I wouldn't like to see a digital deck app, is that it would make implementing certain house rules a massive ballache (such as a tiered item deck, something I do hope we see officially adopted in the Core Game Expansion).
  14. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    An app version of the board game, maybe? I mean, I highly doubt that is the case as I'd imagine it would impact board game sales. I'm really struggling to work out what it could be, given that its clearly Dark Souls but not for the board game. As mentioned by @Chud_Munson it looks to be something related to the Rat Authority, but the picture makes me think of the Undead Legion from Dark Souls 3.
  15. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Actually you're pretty close. You're thinking of Eingyi the pyromancer servant to the 'Fair Lady', Quelaag's (boss spider witch) sister (dying spider witch).