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    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    >>>Raises hand. Ran Esters, Scum, Friday, vSpigot, Stoker, and Lucky. Went 2-1 in a 3 round tournament and managed to score 8 goals in total. This is pretty much the line up I would run in S3 and honestly I like the changes to Esters. Free heroics and handing out Tooled Up and speed buffs to multiple players for multiple turns, I think, is turning out more handy than Empowering Voice despite costing influence. Hell, she even got 2 goals herself against Hunters when Theron and Chaska deftly took out Friday twice with ranged plays and locked Spigot down with kick stat subtractions. She hustled up field with a teamwork dodge, earned a fat stack of momentum from slapping around Hearne and belted out a goal, then stayed close enough to catch a pass from Stoker after a turnover tackle to do it again at the top of the next round. Sounds like you have a good plan with Deci and Mash. Just my style to prefer Stoker and Lucky.
  2. Dr. Z

    Brewers Player Summaries

    Esters – Atypical captain, works best as a low influence goaltender. Stay back, , mess with the field, support the team, and let them work with more influence. Her Legendary can turn the game completely around. Make Friday or Spigot faster, Hooper or Pint Pot hit harder, turn herself or Stoker into brick walls, etc. Tapper - Lead from the front. Send him in to start the scrum, prove he's the boss, knock down targets, set up Spigot and Hooper to kick them when they're down and shove the boot in. Then hand out more influence. Scum – best mascot in game, otters be damned. He does it all, hard to chase, decent at moving the ball, long reach with a charge, can do a load of damage with easy playbook wraps, easily able to trade in his stack of influence for an equal stack of momentum every turn. Good lord, Tool him up and launch the ScumMissile into the Commanding Aura, shred them right up! Quaff – Never played him but I've read you can set him up for a mighty push and maybe body check them right off the pitch. Friday – In my mind best striker in the game, part of that is because the rest of her team is great at making her better at what she is already good at. Esters can bump up her movement, Tapper improves her playbook results, Spigot ups her defense and kicking stats. She will make the crazy shots and is brilliant at snap shots once positioned. Hooper – Follows Tapper like a conjoined twin. Can kick/pass if he needs to but he is there to rack up the takedowns and generally ignore any pain dealt his way. Lucky – Nearly as flexible as Spigot, perhaps a bit tougher. Mash – Great ball killer and excellent Snap Shot turret. Unpredictable Movement makes him tough to pin down and Howzat low in his playbook makes his counter attack almost always worth taking. Pintpot – One man army. Able to hold his own and do his job without support. If you are throwing more effort into a scoring game with your Drunks bring PP along as your enforcer to take some heat off Friday/Spigot/Mash/Lucky. Spigot – Bit of a glass jaw but this guy makes the team 'the team'. Buffs others for running/scoring/hitting and takes advantage of what his team is innately good at, knocked down fools! Stave – "Special Teams", keep him in your lineup for certain emergencies but most of the time he'll be drinking on the sideline. Lob Barrel is amazing at board control, especially in spreading apart lineups that need to stay close together for buffs. Otherwise, beware that if the opposition isn't lying on the ground and getting beaten to a pulp by the rest of your team at all times he will be an easy source of momentum generation for the bad guys. If you do run him keep him as far from your goal as you can; strikers will bounce off him on their way to the goal with momentous dodges every time. Stoker – Damned impossible to kill, ranged condition damage, a playbook perfect for counter attacks, can kick/pass if he has to. Needs Times Called or Empowered Voice to get upfield fast enough to help out early. vSpigot – "I am score" -Evgeni Malkin His ONLY downside is that his non-vet version is nearly as perfect at being a flexible piece as this one is at being a dedicated striker. Pair him up with Friday and go for the three goal wins.
  3. Dr. Z

    Is a 'pure' footballing team viable?

    Because the Brewers do it after a few pints! I've run Esters, Scum, Stoker, Friday, V-Spigot, and Pint Pot to good effect. Esters hangs back and acts like a goalie while blasting the upfield and singing her team's praises. With the right combination of buffs, passes, dodges, and terrain arrangement Friday can go goal line to goal line for a shot, Spigot is good for holding the ball with Close Control and his +1 defense heroic and he can hang near the edge for the free counter attack. Stoker is handy at everything; solid attacker with a fairly easy tackle, ranged control, condition damage, a decent passer, and one of the toughest pieces to put down. The Scum-Missile momentum mill doesn't need much explanation Pint Pot is there because having a goon that can stand on his own helps to keep your strikers and passers free. If you drop anyone to go full ballgame, drop him for Mash or Lucky. With that I've gotten three goals against Masons and Engineers and at least two goals against everyone else I've played.
  4. Dr. Z

    Esters lineup advice

    I feel I'm a little late to the thread but I've done fairly well in my short coaching career with Esters leading the drunks so I'll chime in. (4-2 in two tournaments) With Esters I play more of a footballing squad with Friday and vSpigot being my star scorers, Esters and Stoker as pitch control, scrum support, and goaltending, Pint Pot as the goon, and Scum as the playbook wrapping momentum mill. The crowd goes bananas when the cat-missile is launched; just get him some bonuses and charge him at their weakest defense piece and enjoy generating a stack of momentum off one attack (a tower of momentum if you load him up with influence and happen to get the 'free mascot charge' plot card). I've found Hooper lacking if he isn't paired with Tapper and oSpigot for the Commanding Aura and Tooled Up bonuses so I'd recommend Pint Pot for that role. Otherwise Pint Pot is the most replaceable member. Keep Staves on your 10 in case you are up against a team that needs to stay close packed to get their bonuses (like Blacksmiths), and Mash if you want to play the passing shell game with your other kickers to keep the ball away from the Fishermen or you want to keep your goal scoring potential from being blocked by a melee heavy opponent (assuming Butchers, I've not played against them yet).
  5. The Hunter's new captain Skatha (freshly painted, finally!) was looking to make her mark against the Union thugs and hired one of their own to help with the job. Skatha, her pet wolf Snow, the peg legged though no less nimble Hearne, Chaska, Jaecar, and Hemlocke were prepared to 'Go To Ground' against Captain Rage, his walking bank vault for his 'Pirate's Ransom' Strongbox, Snakeskin, Mist, "The Hat" himself, and the pair you have to love to hate and hate to love, Mr. Avarisse and Mr. Greede. The Union was off to swift start racking up points on the scoreboard with Mist making the kick off far to Hemlocke's left; she retrieved it and bumped it over to Jaecar but Mist was still running forward and made a surefooted tackle, cartwheeling away from Jaecar and tapped it in for an early lead before bounding away to find cover (4-0, Union, see fig. A). Hearne got the ball and sauntered forward with a pass to Skatha who kept pace with him. The Hat marched up field and lobbed a Molotov and the pair in addition to some sharp verbal barbs at the wild and skinny hunter (hit with Goad, try making a goal run now!). With a stiff upper lip and furrowed brow Skatha jogged right up to the Hat and thumbed her disrespect at him by bumping the brim of his headgear (double dodge!). Then out of nowhere she pulled out a snowball and longbombed it to Hearne who caught the pass and held it, drawing the Union's attention away from Skatha as she kept moving with the real ball. Backpedaling while making smart gestures at the Hat, she was just close enough to send the ball straight down the center at the Union goal to tie it up at 4 each (see fig. B). The ball was thrown back into play right in front of Rage but he didn't come to play ball, he came for blood and it was all he could see after Skatha's end to end run. He charged her and called on some help from Mr. Avarisse to put a hurting on the Hunter's captain. Chaska tried to help his captain out by shooting Rage with his boombox with three thunderous blasts (one from spending momentum thanks to Hearne's character play). Snakeskin wound up slinking away with the ball and took a path that Harry was keeping open. She wasn't quite prepared to make such a run this early in the game but she left the ball loose just a few feet away from Mist to gear him up for another goal attempt. As soon as he could that is exactly what he did (first activation of second round) bouncing off of Jaecar again with the momentum for another easy tap-in shot (8-4 Union). The ball was thrown out to Hemlocke who found her feet and the path to keep the score even, blinding the Hat as she ran right past him to roll off the shell of the tortoise Strongbox for a clean shot (tied at 8) (See fig. C). Mr. Greede hopped off of his hook on Mr. Avarisse's chest and the two of them went olde school on poor Skatha while Rage stood beside them smiling (10-8 Union). Skatha made it back onto the pitch after being patched up but she wasn't able to do anything more to bring her team closer to victory as she watched Chaska get mercilessly pummeled by an angry and wounded Rage and Avarisse who was waiting to earn his bloody coin payday. Union in 3, 12-8.
  6. Sunday night, the Hunters had the Masons on the edge but Hammer was able to snatch victory from the jaws of da-bear. Granite started the kick off, getting a little extra leg out of her usual slow jog. Free agent Hemlocke retrieved the ball and passed it to Jaecar hoping to make a good impression for her prospective employers; however wound up feeling sheepishly nervous as she overshot the pass, though Jaecar was able to recover the ball easily enough. Fans could tell that both teams were hesitant to commit to the middle of the field as both Hammer and Seenah waited until until Jaecar took the ball up side of the pitch and was challenged by Flint for possession. As it was the armadillo got in the bear's way first and despite it's tough shell it got squeezed with a bear hug (it wrapped pretty good, total of 6 damage plus Bleed damage that killed it in maintenance phase). Hammer answered back on behalf of their mascot with a pair of hammer swings into the bear's right flank. (see Fig. A for the scene near the end of round 1) The rest of the match was quite furious with Jaecar and Flint trading possession of the ball, with some help from Hemlocke and Mallet respectively, until a bleeding and blinded Flint managed to limp close enough to the Hunter's goal to put them on the board before he fell to his open wounds (4-3 Masons leading). After that goal the kick went to Jaecar who ran up left field but was stopped up by Wrecker, who managed to roll back onto the field. Wrecker got the tackle on a counter attack but couldn't do anything with it. Theron pelted the poor beast with arrows until it dropped to the pitch once again (tied at 4) and the ball scattered right towards the bow man who snapped the ball as he ran past unopposed straight for the Mason's goal, taking his time with an easy tap-in. (8-4 Hunters). Chaska and the bear traded blows with Hammer and Granite putting on a big show for the crowd right in center circle. Hammer got the better of Chaska, (8-6 Hunters) but Seenah got the big old bear hug on Granite with just enough extra damage because she was knocked down and snared to make it a 3 pointer (11-6 Hunters almost there). A patched up Flint and Granite returned to the pitch and Hammer stepped back from the bear to run behind Theron and catch the goal kick and pass it to Mallet for safe keeping. Chaska also walked back on right next to the Hunter's goalpost. Mallet took a salvo from Chaska's weapon and Hemlocke was there after he stopped rolling to steal the ball back with a tackle (see Fig. B). She stepped away from Mallet, confident she could dodge his retaliation as she left his swing range and passed the ball to Jaecar. However Jaecar lost the ball to a tackle from Hammer who also managed to push him back far enough to free himself up for a goal run (3 successful attacks with knockback and follow up, third attack got an extra push on Jaecar). Top of the next round, Hammer gained encouragement from Granite (took 2 influence off of her to increase his move and kick stats) and he charged straight for Chaska and in two attacks pounded him into the dirt (11-8 Hunters). With his only remaining bit of energy he toed the ball up into the air and hammered it home for the last ditch heroic effort (see fig. 3) to take the win 12-11! After the game Hammer felt his team could have done more to keep it from being such a close score. The armadillo was more hindrance than help and Harmony was practically useless, all she did was yell at Granite and himself to stand up a few times. Flint got cut up pretty bad, he might be sidelined for a while. If he has to carry the team all by himself he'll shoulder the burden. Theron knows Seenah is a big crowd pleaser and was happy to see the beast do it's job against such implacable and stalwart opponents. At least no one died this time. He admitted that he was impressed by Hemlocke's confidence in tackling Mallet and striding away risking a parting blow from such a legend to make the play. Though he chuckled as he said she probably should have tossed the ball back behind their own goal where it would have been safe from Hammer. With a little practice, she'd be a fine addition to have permanently in his line up regardless.
  7. Fresh off of the 'Winter Training' practice pitch we have the Hunters meeting the Brewers ready for 'Another Round' this Sunday night. Mash starts off the match launching the ball deep into Hunter territory landing the ball right against an impassable rock formation. Jaecar ran out to retrieve it and shuffled back to the center just in front of his team's starting line and passed the ball easily enough off to Egret. She held the ball while the brewers made their way up field, waiting for just the right moment to pass the ball off to the wildman Ulfr. Esters, Spigot, and Quaff had Mash all primed up with extra bonuses in anticipation of getting the ball but while he was taking practice swings with his bat Ulfr found his opening. Egret passed him the ball, he dodged up and on his activation was able to run to right of Staves, do 1 damage to get his kick bonus going and dodged another 4" with Where Did He Go? to shuffle right past Spigot, putting him just in range to get the shot on the Brewer's goal and put the Hunters up 4-0. (you can see his path in Fig. A) Brewers fans must have put the ball in a beer cannon to throw it back onto the field because it wound up right at Spigot's feet but he had to hold onto it so his teammates could rustle up a few more plays before making a rush upfield. Mash sauntered up few paces to shout a few choice words at Theron who got his attention earlier with an arrow. Theron tried the same trick again on Mash as soon as he could nock another arrow but it didn't make much difference with Spigot's plans. The old drunk bumped the ball along to Mash who then hopped right through Theron's travelling forest and as soon as he could muster the momentum he wound up a Screamer of a bat swing to bounce the ball of the Hunter's goal post tieing the game at 4 each (you can see his clear shot at the goal in Fig. B, with kick bonuses from his character play and Spigot's Football Legend aura). With Mash being a slippery fellow to get close to, Jaecar held onto the ball after the goal kick and Chaska and Theron went to work on Mash over the rest of the turn into the next to get him carried off the field on a stretcher (Hunters 6-4) Theron spent his extra momentum clearing the flames from himself and Egret that Stoker sprayed them with last round. Thinking the Brewer's goal threat was effectively neutralized for a while Jaecar got sloppy and ignored Spigot, who though poisoned from a flurry of arrows from Egret earlier in the match was able to slip in and tackle the ball and get a solid shot on goal while still engaged (8-6 Brewers). Spigot jumped away to gain cover by the rock formation after his goal and the kick came right back to Jaecar. Now woken up he was full intent on getting their score back up so he runs up and bounces off of Stave's bulky form and gets a pass to Ulfr who was waiting near the Brewers goal for just such a pass. However waiting so long he was lacking the forward motion to carry through with a one timer and instead was set upon by Esters tending the goal. She promptly tackled the ball right back and put him on the ground. Ulfr was back on his feet quick enough but his attacks could not negotiate Esters' defensive acumen; her size concealing her athleticism (Gluttonous Mass followed up by a crap attack roll means no tackle or chance to get a shot even if he did, so out of three attacks all he got were some momentous dodges). It was about that time Mash made it back onto the field at the side of the pitch his wife was heading. She knocked Ulfr down again and hummed a tune to help move her own feet more quickly and got an easy leading pass to her husband who was making a head of steam for the Hunter's goalpost. Chaska had Spigot cornered and ready to blast with his boombox and Spigot was anticipating a trip to the physician's guild tent but Chaska sensed a sour change in the wind and rumble in the dirt. He saw Mash coming on and knew the game would be over if he got close enough for a shot on goal so he left Spigot a bear trap at his feet and ran across the pitch to knock Mash back a few paces with a shotgun blast. Mash, his forward progression stymied lobbed the ball over to Stoker. Stoker was other wise busy putting the hurt on Theron with the help of Staves, but if he could get close enough he could get a pass off to Spigot who might yet put the game away for the Brewers. Sure enough, with some momentous dodge results he was able to hop just those few inches closer and with a rare display of Composure (thank you Guild Plots!) made a solid pass right past Theron and Staves, soaring past Quaff and Jaecar, looking like it was going over the old man's head. Drunken acrobatics win the day though as Spigot saw the ball flying high and did a flip mid-air for a bicycle kick, slamming the ball off the Hunter's post with authority. The crowd went bananas and a day later Spigot doesn't even remember what happened. Brewers beat the Hunters 12-6 with three goals. (Relish in Spigot's glory with Fig. C). In a post game interview coach Hearne lamented that they really could have used Hemlocke on the field that day; perhaps they wouldn't have had to spend so much energy putting out Stoker's flames or she could have crippled the old drunk who got two of their goals.
  8. Dr. Z

    Let's talk about Stoker

    Fun Stoker related success story here. So playing a footballing game against Masons and Harmony has to make a goal run but needs to generate a momentum to get the shot. I have Esters and Stoker within charging distance about 5 to 6 inches in front of my goal spaced about 4 or 5 inches apart from each other. Mason's player weighs the pros and cons of attacking Esters or Stoker. Ester's Gluttonous Mass would ignore his first attack entirely and Harmony only has enough influence for one attack if she hopes to get a shot so he charges her up on Stoker. I spend a momentum to declare a counter attack and he rolls garbage, only two successful hits which are negated by Stoker's 2 ARM. On the counter attack Stoker lands his tackle! Brilliant! With nothing left to do with Harmony's last influence but attack he again rolls garbage and can't crack the 2 ARM. On Stoker's activation he lands an attack on Harmony and gets his momentous double push to shove her away and into Esters. He then makes a quick pass up to Veteran Spigot who subsequently makes a goal run to put the game away. For the first part of the match he was having fun Flame Blasting figures that Esters already had burning from Blasted Earth.
  9. Hunters kicked off against Blackheart's Union team this past Wednesday with a real back and forth nail biter of a game. For the Hunters; Theron, Hearne(o), Chaska, Jaecar, Snow, and free-agent Hemlocke played a passive/aggressive control and take-out game looking to 'Bait The Trap' against Blackheart, Rage, Decimate, Mist, Strongbox, and everyone's favorite Harry "The Hat" Hallahan who were ready to 'Raise the Stakes'. Stymied by pinning arrows, skewering spears, and snaring foot traps Mist was unable to score the first round and was caught in a precarious position close to the Hunter's defense and took some scraping for it. Chaska loaded his boombox and put the finishing double tap on Mist and let Snow chase the ball across the front of their goal (2-0 Hunters). Snow should have been paying more attention because her frolicking put her in striking distance of Decimate who, despite being snared, had enough footwork to charge in, tackle the ball from the white wolf, and put the Union up on the scoreboard with a goal (4-2 Union). Meanwhile Theron, Hearne, and Hemlocke were keeping Harry and Rage busy with snares, surprise forests, and a cloud of poison. Though they stood right in the center of the pitch they didn't control it, the Hunters had them stuck right where they wanted them. Mist returned to the pitch, but only briefly as Hearne was able to skewer him, Theron pinned him, and a poison cloud from Hemlocke put him back in the care of the sawbones (Tied at 4). Blackheart came running up the field to fill in where Mist fell and found himself underestimating Chaska's aim. Two solid hits from the boombox put Blackheart's foot just over the line at the edge of the pitch (6-4 Hunters). Jaecar wound up with a foot on the ball and an opening just to the side of center-pitch. He sprinted right past Harry and thought he had a clear shot on goal but suddenly the ball seemed to hit a big rock just lying right in middle of the pitch and stopped. Except it wasn't a rock, it was Strongbox with a successful tackle on the counter attack. This triggered Raise the Stakes so the turtle passed to the only available target in 4 inches, Rage. Unfortunately, possession of the ball is a strange concept for Rage and Hearne was easily able to wrest it from his control later on, lobbing the ball out in front of the Union goalpost so Jaecar could easily saunter up and tap it in. (10-4 Hunters). At losing the ball, Rage loses his mind slams Hearne for all he had left (10-6 Hunters). Blackheart knows that the best revenge in Guild Ball is written on the scoreboard. In one solid march (with a full stack of influence) he barrels past the officials at the side of the pitch, snaps the ball as it comes his direction after Jaecar's goal, shoulders his way past Chaska (1 damage, momentous dodge) towards the only thing he can see; Harry's big red hat. He is able to dodge to get in range of Harry and touch Decimate's base. He makes an easy pass to Decimate, getting a free Give n'Go teamwork thanks to Harry's inspiring presence. He instantly turns around and shouts back to Decimate to return the pass On My Mark allowing him to receive the Pass and Move to within tap-in range for free, again Harry needs a raise. Blackheart makes an easy goal to tie it up at 10. Since Mist decided to stay off the field and in the physician's guild care that round the Hunters didn't have any easy marks to pick from. Harry had the lowest health remaining so Chaska stepped up and took a knee to steady his boom box aim, getting Harry's attention with a few pellets from his first shot however his second shot failed (double 1s!), Blackheart must have gotten some mud in his bang powder. Harry only had 3 health left and was set upon by Hemlocke. She had planned to unleash all manner of magical witchery (full stack of 4 influence) but found the old tried and true string of melee attacks more reliable as she pinged the last three health off of Harry in 3 attacks to get the game horn to sound ending in a 12-10 victory for the Hunters.
  10. Dr. Z

    Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Anytime I've had trouble playing Brewers it came down to not having enough momentum to give Friday some extra kick distance in a pinch to get a goal. This is pretty huge. I might even get an opportunity to use vSpigot's heroic too!
  11. Dr. Z

    Regale me with your cool stories!

    I had a very successful but very tight round against the Engineers recently. I prefer to play my Drunks as a footballing squad, seems to throw folks off. Anyways, Friday got a Hat Trick with her first two goals in the same round. Velocity and Vet Spigot were hashing it out over some obstructing terrain mid field, just right of center. Esters managed to get Friday the ball, used her Empowering Voice to sing her a song to make her faster. Next activation, I spent my 1 Momentum on Friday's Heroic play, revealed my Heroic Landing plot card that lets you get a momentum for using a Heroic play, and ran her up field; Shadowlike, +2 move from Esters and +2 kick distance from her heroic made for a long reach. She ran right past Velocity, not caring about the parting blow thanks to her defense bonus against exactly that provided by her heroic and an additional +1 with her proximity to Spigot. Velocity couldn't touch her. Got within 10" and scored the goal. Later in the same round, Pint Pot loaded me up with Momentum after giving Colossus several concussions. Ballista wound up passing the ball to Velocity, hoping to make a goal run. My next activation was Spigot, so he attacks Velocity and gets Balls Gone! Immediately passes the ball to Friday who, still benefiting from her heroic play gets the Snap Shot kick at 10" and nails it with a pair of 4s! The last goal was a mad scramble after my timeclock ran out, she had to shadowlike a little closer to the goal while engaged with Ballista, on a turn where I seemed starved for momentum, I missed all my passes and she only had the ball by snapping it when it landed close. She was lucky enough to get a momentous push on her attack and had all she needed for the game winning shot. 12-11 victory, and three of those points for the Cogs was from my overtime penalty. I need to learn to think (drink?) faster.
  12. Dr. Z

    Regale me with your cool stories!

    Had my first tournament a few weeks ago. Played Brewer's and did admirably well, finishing 4th with a 2-1 record. I was going for more of a goal scoring line up so I ran Esters, Scum, Hooper, Stoker, Friday, and VSpigot. Spigot and Friday were my goal scorers of course, Friday getting 5 and Spigot getting 2 overall. Stoker was a take-out and board control machine, getting take outs on Vitriol and Jaecar, and doing the bulk of the damage on Seenah. Scum got a few scratches on the bear too. Hooper surprisingly under performed. Only did a few points of damage all day with him. His knock down and momentous push results wound up being more useful than dealing damage. It's like he felt lost without Tapper. Might have done better choosing Pint Pot who can work more independently. In my last game I got three goals for the win against the Masons. Esters and Stoker kept the center field on fire so Brick and Marbles were stuck doing not much of anything. Masons got the first goal but Friday quickly answered back and the return kick landed right in front of Harmony who came down the field the next round to get a shot on goal but needed Momentum to do it. He had two choices for attacks to gain some, either Esters who would ignore the attack totally with Gluttonous Mass or Stoker with his 2 ARM, both within 6 inches of the goal. She went for Stoker but the dice were not in her favor, only 2 hits cancelled out by his ARM! Stoker had declared a Counterattack and rolled just enough hits to get the tackle. The only activations my opponent had left were too far away or engaged with Hooper, Friday, and Scum so I could take my time setting up a goal. Esters jogged up and sang a song for Spigot to put an extra spring in his step, Stoker made an easy pass to him and he sprinted right up the pitch, over fast ground even (that's a 14 inch sprint!) and scored a Screamer on the tap-in! The goal kick wound up near Brick and Friday. He snapped the ball to Brick and Friday attacked him with my last activation, getting the tackle of course, and passing the ball to Spigot, still in tap-in range, who nailed the snap shot for the win! The old man can still leg it when he needs to! The dice and the situation could not have been more perfect.