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  1. You're right.. Missed this part. Thx
  2. Don't think so : "you may pick one of the highest-cost attacks " You have to decide which one you want to decrease the cost.
  3. Don't think so : it is specifically specified for the bleed damage, in the condition rules section. As it is not specified for the poison condition, I don't see why you would have to remove the token.
  4. Not totally sure about that. 1st attack applies the bleed if target is damaged. 2nd attack triggers the bleed if target is damaged (+2 damage). Bleed can't be re-applied since only one bleed token can be applied to a target (see Conditions rules). Remove bleed token after the bleed damage has been applied (+2 damage). 3rd attack applies the bleed it target is damaged This is the way I and my group understand the bleed rule.