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  1. H: KS captains, LE Kraken, LE Boiler W: $$$

    Unassembled. $9 + $2 shipped to USA.
  2. H: KS captains, LE Kraken, LE Boiler W: $$$

    Brand new in box complete Hunters with Seenah and Chaska Resin KS Ox Resin KS Obulus Brewers Engineers Masons Alchemists Retail Siren Retail Shark Retail Ox Retail Tapper Retail Honour Retail Minx in package
  3. H: KS captains, LE Kraken, LE Boiler W: $$$

    Yes, he is. It's a pretty decent paint job but I wouldn't be offended if you wanted him stripped.
  4. I have metal KS Shark ($40) and Resin KS Ox ($45) painted to a decent standard. Resin KS Obulus ($50) and Resin KS Honour ($40) assembled and zenithal primed. Also have painted LE Kraken 2015 ($40) and LE Boiler 2014 ($25). PM if interested.
  5. If the ball scatters behind friendly goal from KD caused by enemy playbook result or CP, that should not stop momentum generation as far as I know. It didn't feel right when I read it then just checked rulebook. Is there a clarification somewhere I'm not aware of? Rulebook: A team will not generate Momentum while a friendly model in possession of the ball-marker is within the area behind their own goal-line. Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line and the free-ball is there as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by the Controlling Player.
  6. Midas into Hunters

    Boom Box, Gut & String, Singled Out, Skewered, Midnight Offering. There's almost too much to choose.
  7. vs Brewer

    Clone does not work with Parting Blows.
  8. Smoke lists

    Best thing to do with Hemlocke is kill her early and hope your opponent is dumb enough to bring her back with just one sponge. Then you pop Legendary and kill her again in one shot.
  9. Glorious Achievement

    Jamie P says you choose order. I would think this applies to Katalyst as it was a general statement:
  10. Glorious Achievement

    Update: this ruling is heartening for us
  11. Glorious Achievement

    Edited for clarity and accuracy: In another thread, LG member answered one way. Answer now edited to say checking so looks like no official answer yet.
  12. Veteran Katalyst and new Mascot

    Hypnosis only matters if you're buying a play. If I'm engaging him, I'll just give zero inf that turn if I want to take a parting blow. Also, no KD threat. Seriously, 2" reach does not matter all that much. Naja could have been much more. 2" melee with poison aura for starters would have been great, but instead what we have is pretty lackluster. In every situation I'm taking Flask. Because the second you see a bunched up conditioned up group, you charge in to proc Intensify possibly 3 times for 3 momentum, more if you have gang up or Vengeance. I just played a game recently and wrapped enough times to proc it five times. Sorry, digging my heels in on this one. With 10 roster slots total, it's not worth bringing two mascots and Flask has more utility in nearly any situation I can think of, especially if there's even a chance Mercury is being played.
  13. Veteran Katalyst and new Mascot

    Flask is better hands down. Naja is imo very mediocre. If it was the same assist that boiler has with princess I'd maybe think otherwise but my Mascot does not need another tac or dmg because I am likely giving it zero inf this turn. Make a player better instead and we'll talk.
  14. What am I doing wrong?

    Yes, the Fish *matchup* needs Compound is how I should have phrased it. Make them stay out of range and also force them to allocate extra INF to shooters so you know who to set on fire/take out.
  15. Tournament Coming Up on May 1st in BC

    Heavy Burden + fire nullifies the Mallet Missile.