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  1. Schadows

    Armor Sets

    From the latest kickstarter update : We have spoken to Bandai Namco over the armour set. Listening to the community is just as important to Bandai Namco as it is to ourselves here at SFG. Although we can't update everyone fully yet, the news is good. Once we are able to tell you more, we will - as always
  2. Schadows

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    I'm not so sure, skipping aggro while resting would be such a great help that it would be a balance breaker. As I said earlier, all ennemies except archers use the nearest heroes as a target, so skipping aggro would be of much help. As for the archers, you can prevent being attack by them this way, but that also mean someone has to take the hit from them twice in a row (since the aggro token is still on the previous player). I think that it is a nice trade-off.
  3. Schadows

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    Not really. While playing coop, and staying behind, the ennemies usually don't come looking for you in the original video game. In the board game, most enemies are targeting the closest players, so it wouldn't change things for these, but archers are targetting the player with aggro, and in that case it could let the other player act as a tank, when you have low health.
  4. Schadows

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    Does resting also prevent you from getting the aggro token ? (its kind of strange to get it when you do nothing).
  5. Schadows

    Armor Sets

    SFG mention the armor sets in the latest update : Finally, last update we put a photo up of the Armour Set Expansion. We have had some mixed feedback relating to the armour sets not having weapons - some people liking the fact they have the in-game emotes...while others don't. We always listen to the community and will of course always assess what we can/cannot do within practical realms. We are already in discussion with Bandai to see if this is even an option. We will keep you updated - but please understand that although we cannot always act, we do always listen.
  6. Schadows

    Souls for tile?

    Personally I upgrade my stats based on the item I plan to equip. There is no use to upgrade your stats if you don't have anything to equip, and you might end up upgrading a stats you don't need. So I buy an item fist, check who can equip it in my party, and if not possible, check if it is useful enough to warrant spending souls to upgrade stats. But the game is, in my opinion, flawed. By using the original rules, your treasure deck contains both low level and high level equipment. Meaning, if you're unlucky, you will draw only high level item at the beginning, requiring too many upgrades to equip, and if you manage to advance far enough, will end up with only low level items in the deck, or at least lower than what you already have. For that reason, I use some kind of custom rules, inspired by the Tiered treasure deck rules someone came up with, but only dividing the deck into 2 tier (one for the mini boss, the other for the main boss), and not dividing the deck between magic, chest and André. That way, the play rely less on luck.
  7. Schadows

    Armor Sets

    I saw these photos yesterday and ... I must say I'm really disappointed by the armor set. I don't really get all that "nazi" complaints in the kickstarter comments, I mean, it's obviously the emote from the game, but that doesn't change the fact that : - Too many similar poses. - emote poses aren't suited for exploring a dungeon, with encounters, and such. Lack a "fighting" atmosphere. - They really should have weapon, like the basic weapon coming with each set, since there is no risk to mistake them with ennemies or summons due to the different color. Unfortunately, I don't think SFG will restart from scratch on these, so I will probably not use them at all, and probably try to sell them as soon as I receive it. By the way, someone made up a poll about that : http://www.strawpoll.me/13830505
  8. I used Ultra Pro - Pro fit - Standard sleeves fo the large cards and it fit perfectly as it name suggest. I bought 100 for 3€ at a local board game store, I I also bought a deck box fitting this format. I also bought the 41x63mm Ultra Pro sleeves (subtitled as being for "mini american gaming cards") but unlike the larges cards, there is still room on the side and the top of the sleeve (maybe 2mm each). I bought 4 x 50 sleeves for 3€ each (12€ in all), but I must admit I'm not that satisfied. Unfortunately, all the other mini cards sleeves I've seen are bigger.
  9. Schadows

    Do bosses reset?

    Indeed, now that I look at it, it can be understand like that too (and probably should be). Personally, I understood it as that's how you set up the boss encounter ... once and for all, as soon as you enter the fog gate for the 1st time, and to be honest, I won't redraw and reshuffle the boss deck each time I enter the boss tile, because it is not very "dark souls" to have a enemy change it's pattern each new "life".
  10. Schadows

    updated rules

    Frankly, I tend to agree with the OP. The fact that the treasure deck is composed of every card the game has to offer make the playthrough too random. Tried 3 times with the original rules, but each time I purchased items from the deck, they were way to high level for me too equip (needing serveral stats at tier2 or 3). Then I tried with the house rule, where the deck is divided into mid-boss deck and boss-deck, leaving high level equipment only in the boss deck. That was a game changer, with way more things to equip, and ultimately, the behavior you described, with a difficult start, and at some point, everything becoming easier, which was the moment we decided to tackle the mid-boss. But then came the boss (Ornstein & Smough), with harder encounters, and difficulty came back. In the end, we ended up battling only once with the boss(es) due to lack of sparks.
  11. There is nothing in the rules that prevents you from doing so (like there is nothing in the video game that prevent you from farming endlessly even when you don't have a need for it), but it would take a considerable amount of time, with surely boring encounter at some point.
  12. Schadows

    Smough and Ornstein use

    I think the question was misunderstood. He was asking for the number of encounter card to use during the dungeon exploration. Both, Ornstrein and Smough data cards says: 0 x level 1 encounter card 1 x level 2 encounter card 3 x level 3 encounter cards In that case, I don't think you should add-up those number, because that would mean 8 exploration tiles, and the core game only contain 6 of those. As for how to handle the bosses deck, although I find pertinent the way @fabsl use them, it's not really what the rule book says. The only "special rule" described on both data cards is the amount of HP restored when the other boss is defeated, and there is nothing about switching completely the deck. In respect to that, the previously used deck (where you will only execute the remaining boss move) should gain only one of the heat up card from the remaining boss, for a 6 behavior card deck, which will be shuffled before starting the heat up phase. Otherwise, with only 5 behavior cards for O/S, Ornstein alone, and Smough alone, the deck would be made of always the same cards.
  13. Schadows

    Do bosses reset?

    I'm sorry if I missed that, but where is it said in the rulebook that the Boss deck is redrawn and shuffled again after the player is resting at the bonfire?
  14. Indeed, that can be tricky. Since it is a weapon upgrade, unlike armor upgrade, it cannot be removed (which would have void any link between the gem and a specific attack). Should we pick only one of the attack the gems will permanently stick to? Or should it apply to every highest cost attack, but you still have to pick one of the attack when using that hand (cannot attack several times with the same hand)?
  15. Schadows

    Size comparrison request

    It would have been better if at least one core game boss was in the photo from the last update ... just to have a better grasp of what size we should expect for these add-ons.