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  1. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Nearly missed this one. We just decided it was a happy medium between giving people an interesting choice to make without drowning people in new information.
  2. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'd argue that the definition of a 'control style' is just that, being in control of a game in a number of different aspects (possession of the ball, the state of a melee etc). Controlling the pace of a game is a factor of playing a control style, but not the only one. Don't get me wrong, I've played hundreds of games with Morticians myself and they are still one of my favourite Guilds to play (control freak yo). In short, they are being thought of a lot
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    We have discussed the VP scoring cards at length over the last week. I would expect them to see a number of changes across the board. While true, the speed of a game of Guild Ball is not the only aim. GICs are intended as a method of correcting game balance and teams like the Brewers are more than happy to receive a benefit such as better Heal Rates.
  4. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I think you make an interesting point about player choices in Guild Ball. Binary/Linear. However, don't a number of these choices already effectively exist in the game in 'ignore first X' abilities? For example, If a [1"] melee zone player wants to Tackle the ball from Iron, when Iron has Momentum and Close Control still up - you could effectively say that option isn't there (because Iron will ignore the first Tackle and in all likelihood make a Counter Attack to push the enemy player away). That said, Heal Rates are not an 'ignore first' ability. At the same time, when players on all sides are looking at lower average heal rates it can have the effect of making everyone play a more aggressive game rather than matches of long drawn out attrition. More fun for everyone don't you think? This brings me onto my next point, and the reason I quoted you. You've muddied the water in your point between Heal Rates and damage output. Yes, we have lowered average Heal Rates and not lowered damage output. This will, as you point out, lead to more damage being caused over the course of most games. But this is exactly what we are looking for and I return to my earlier question - when everyone has a legitimate tactical reason to play more aggressively, does this not make for a more fun game than people playing cagey? much love, the Devil's Advocate xx
  5. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Model, Rule, and Game complexity are things that we spend quite a lot of time considering and talking about in the Development office. To me its fascinating how there are so many different types of complexity within the context of even a single game. As you say, an individual rule has a 'complexity rating' so something like Light Footed would have a very low rating where as something like Big Game Traps would have a much higher rating. But on top of that you have the sheer amount of rules and/or text on a single model to consider. You also have how those rules interact with each other as a level of complexity and you ALSO have to consider that on a team-wide level. Complexity is, ironically, a very complex issue. But the longer I work in this industry the more fascinating I find it. Anyhow, sorry for side-tracking but you raised something I find very interesting to talk about.
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Just to draw a line under the slightly sideways track this theory thread seems to have gone. While the proposed idea for GICs to interact with Dodge movements is an interesting one. As a few people have noted, it adds a further level of complexity that is probably pushing it a little too far for newer players. So while we thank you a lot for the suggestion, this is idea is outside the scope of this preview.
  7. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Hey folks, some excellent discussion going on here, particularly the stuff on the additional VP scoring Identities. I've seen a couple of people being unsure on the overall purpose of Guild Identities. The last blog that we posted about GICs included information on just that! Its worth a look for anyone that missed it: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-identity-cards
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I lied, its today. To the Steamforged blog whoop whoop! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-identity-cards
  9. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Just an update for everyone folks. I can confirm the remaining Guild Identities will be released to you all on Saturday 9th of September around UK Lunch-Time. Spread the word!
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Maintaining the balance between scoring goals and inflicting take-outs is and always will be one of our highest priorities when developing Guild Ball. Unfortunately, there will be times when this balance tips one way or the other because of new models entering the game or as a result of changes that we make, whether intentional or not. That said, whenever the balance it tipped we always put plans in place to redress it as quickly and effectively as possible.
  11. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    What MechMage said basically. We have to be careful with bonus ARM abilities, particularly with the Blacksmiths. Once you go above [3] the dice-math really starts to fall down and models start becoming untouchable. Counter play is important for this GIC. Additionally, in terms of 'costing' each aspect of a card, Heal Rate [4] is probably the biggest draw to use this particular GIC.
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I will reiterate that my earlier points are important, testing the wider implications of lower Heal Rates. However, it is likely that we will advance the release of the remaining cards to this Friday (8th), rather than next Friday (15th). Never tell me I don't do anything nice for you
  13. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Indeed it does which is why we need to be careful about it. I would add that Fishermen aren't a prime target for this point. However, we don't also want to end up with Fishermen being the only goal scoring team and then we have everyone else being a variation on all-rounders. Variety, identity, fun & compelling play styles are all just as important factors as something like power level.
  14. GIC General Theory Thread 

    You're welcome to do either, although the Pitch Formations preview has ended. That said I'm still happy to see reports on it I wish it was as simple as that. GICs are attempting to do a number of things and the Heal Rate adjustment, even though important, is only one aspect.
  15. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    I almost thought this one was a leak at first!! You're 'warm', but not quite right.