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  1. winnebagel

    Mist Assembly

    This is similar to what I thought about doing. Was gonna extend the staff just to give a second point of contact. My problem is the metal bar on mine came bent, and already feels ready to snap. Will probably try this, I think a second point of contact should add a little extra stability.
  2. winnebagel

    Mist Assembly

    Just got Mist in the other day, and trying to figure out how to stabilize this model on its base. It's heavier than I expected, and feels like one drop or being a little too rough will snap him off his base. Anyone share how you mounted Mist on the base, or if you didn't do anything special, how your model is holding up?
  3. winnebagel

    Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    I had some problems when I first fielded A&G too, but I found a lot of times I was overthinking it. Most questions I had I was able to answer by just really examining the text on the card. Make sure to leave Greede on the field if you want his influence, and start base to base if you want Avarisse to pick him up. Don't forget he can use Avarisse's influence as long as he's within 6", so he'll need his own if you plan on running him out. A popular play is when they have the ball, give Avarisse 3 inf and Greede 1; Avarisse picks up Greede, sprints 7", and drops Greede in front of him. Greede then uses one of Avarisse's influence to sprint 6". Since he's just at 6" away, he uses Avarisse's last influence to do "Where'd They Go?" to get a 4" dodge. Then, the plan is to be close enough for a shot on goal. With Greede's kick range, that makes them a 23-24" threat range for a shot on goal. For me, once I understood this play and how it all worked, it cleared up most questions I had about the duo.
  4. winnebagel

    Fangtooth in Season 3

    I didn't think of Snakeskin and her Shadowlike, that could kill the ball hard being around Fangtooth. And Fangtooth Unleashed+Bloody Coin+Red Fury would be insane. Fangtooth looks really good on paper, I just don't see a lot of people put him on their lists. But I could also see how misplaying him could hurt your own team pretty bad.
  5. winnebagel

    Fangtooth in Season 3

    Hey everybody- So wanted to hear some input on how people run Fangtooth. Looking to pick him up maybe next month, mainly because I love his model, and he has some pretty cool effects on his card. I'm just having trouble figuring out when you would field him. I can see how he runs well with oRage by him as a beater duo, just wondering if anyone's had any success with him on a vRage team, and what kind of setup you generally look for with him. Right now I've been running- vRage Strongbox A&G Harry Gutter Minx/Decimate Also own Blackheart, and have sBrisket, Mist, Grace and Benediction due in the mail soon. Thanks!