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  1. Kilion


    Thanks guys. I’m going to start trying her out more
  2. Kilion

    Blacksmith dice paint alter

    Sorry man, couldnt get the pic to download, but i painted mine and i am please. I did white then red-orange-yellow then a small bit of white.
  3. Kilion


    Ok....How do I use her? I see people saying to kick off with her but what does that get me? If i kick off with her then she gets too far from bolt. I feel that i’m Missing the boat with her so give me some help people!
  4. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    Thanks for the warning! They look really good man!
  5. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

  6. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    SATS-did you base those trays yourself? Those look awesome! Thanks for all the advice guys! I look at Guild Ball like golf; I might not do well, but I’m going to look damn good while I’m playing!!!
  7. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    That is awesome! Thanks man!
  8. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    No idea if this is the right place for this topic, but I'm looking for a good tournament/game tray. Any suggestions???
  9. Kilion

    Escalation league

    So we started our league tonight, and I took Ferrite/Iron/Hearth, and it worked very nicely! Ferrite scored twice in the first game to win, and second game was a Ferrite goal, and Iron and Hearth taking out the Eng. Captain.
  10. Kilion

    Minx-Where to buy her!

    Anybody selling Minx? Can’t find her anywhere!
  11. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    oh i get it, i get it. i mean a 3/6 kick or a 2/8 kick would have been soooo much better, and oh....what about, I don't know, maybe a KD somewhere on her plays? Not throwing stones mind you, just lamenting....
  12. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    I really like Zarola for the Midnight thing and the Fahad dbl movement. Watching people's faces when your Cat scores a goal is priceless!!
  13. Kilion

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    OOOOHHHHH! Ok..Thanks!
  14. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    Nice! i love Skatha and that line up, it puts so much pressure on the opposition to choose its poison!
  15. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    So with the new Erratta, what do ya'll think? I was thinking Theron/Fahad/Jaecar/OHearne/Chaska/Zarola. It gives me some range, and a lot of mobility, but no a real striker. What ya'll think?