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  1. I'm sure it's in here, but I can't find it. Can you activate your heroic and then move out of the aura or do you have to activate and stay in the aura to not have to spend momentum?
  2. Makes sense...Ikaros your first turn goal?
  3. Thoughts??? I’m leaning towards kicking... We get the starting momentum, we decided where the ball is, and we get to go last which means Harriers can be used to their fullest effect. I was think V. Hearn to kick or maybe Mataggi.. What do ya’ll think?
  4. Kilion

    Let's start taking tactics

    Who else would you use that lineup into? Masons? Brewers??
  5. Do both the passer and the receiver have to be within Hearth's "Match Experience" to utilize it?
  6. Does Burnish's Reinforced Armor work against Smoke's Chemical Breeze? I guess it matters on the definition of "hit"...
  7. Kilion


    How's this sound... KICKING: Burnish-Cast/Hearth-O Cinder/Anvil-Sledge: i'm thinking kick with O Cinder for her to do a tackle/goal run early. you have to keep Burnish till last so he can clear as many tokens as possible. Cast can score a goal also, and let Anvil and Sledge just kill whatever gets too close?
  8. Kilion


    Ok, fellow Blacksmiths....what is the line up we take when facing the smoke Alchey's???? Please give me some advice!
  9. Kilion


    Thanks guys. I’m going to start trying her out more
  10. Kilion

    Blacksmith dice paint alter

    Sorry man, couldnt get the pic to download, but i painted mine and i am please. I did white then red-orange-yellow then a small bit of white.
  11. Kilion


    Ok....How do I use her? I see people saying to kick off with her but what does that get me? If i kick off with her then she gets too far from bolt. I feel that i’m Missing the boat with her so give me some help people!
  12. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    Thanks for the warning! They look really good man!
  13. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

  14. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    SATS-did you base those trays yourself? Those look awesome! Thanks for all the advice guys! I look at Guild Ball like golf; I might not do well, but I’m going to look damn good while I’m playing!!!
  15. Kilion

    Tournament Trays

    That is awesome! Thanks man!