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  1. Kilion

    Escalation league

    So we started our league tonight, and I took Ferrite/Iron/Hearth, and it worked very nicely! Ferrite scored twice in the first game to win, and second game was a Ferrite goal, and Iron and Hearth taking out the Eng. Captain.
  2. Kilion

    Minx-Where to buy her!

    Anybody selling Minx? Can’t find her anywhere!
  3. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    oh i get it, i get it. i mean a 3/6 kick or a 2/8 kick would have been soooo much better, and oh....what about, I don't know, maybe a KD somewhere on her plays? Not throwing stones mind you, just lamenting....
  4. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    I really like Zarola for the Midnight thing and the Fahad dbl movement. Watching people's faces when your Cat scores a goal is priceless!!
  5. Kilion

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    OOOOHHHHH! Ok..Thanks!
  6. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    Nice! i love Skatha and that line up, it puts so much pressure on the opposition to choose its poison!
  7. Kilion

    Hunters vs. The Laverne and Shirley's

    So with the new Erratta, what do ya'll think? I was thinking Theron/Fahad/Jaecar/OHearne/Chaska/Zarola. It gives me some range, and a lot of mobility, but no a real striker. What ya'll think?
  8. Kilion

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    New Blood-can you run through the Theron is a battery player after the first turn for me? You don't really load theron up after that first turn?
  9. For you young ones out there that is a term for Brewers! I need help with facing brewers. I would fighting range with range would be good since standing still lets you fight or do ranged character plays. So New and Improved Theron and Hearne or Skatha? Please give me some hints, thoughts, opinions, warning, or just rumination!!!
  10. Kilion

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    So if Theron places Sun Strike on Hearne, and Hearne uses "Singled Out" does it generate 2 Mom?
  11. Kilion

    Help againt Union

    Yeah, I would have gone for more goals; played a little more cat and mouse maybe. THAT Union team is geared to get into the mix and get ugly!
  12. Kilion


    I hear ya. It hurts my heart not to take that Bear, but it sure is nice to have 2 more influence and some options.
  13. Kilion


    So try and just score quick and get Seenah into some of the squishier ones with his 2" melee? i'm thinking skatha for template snaring and quick scoring.