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  1. For Beard Minis

    Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment @Philthy Lad. Charismatic, enthusiastic, witty and humourous. When I get 'over the pond' someday... I shall seek out @Beardminis and buy him a pint or two.
  2. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Finished up the Old Father's Harvest box. The straw hat and old dirty hanky crew, as I like to call them. I need to work on mold lines better. Some areas I feel improvement in, others not so much. I continue to be pleased with the overall progress made in the 8 months I have been painting and doing crafty bits. I think they look OK from 4' away... and that is cool with me! Cheers!
  3. Hey folks. Bear with me... I am new to all of this... and damn, your fine work on display here is rather intimidating! I have, however, been encouraged to share... so I will start with mostly a few terrain pieces I have done... I feel they are a lot better than my initial model painting adventures (couple of far away shots of those so as to not embarrass myself too much ) I have a wonderful friend with a 3D printer who has graciously been providing some things available on https://www.thingiverse.com/ for my experimentation. The Morticians goal at the end I added a little casket that I made out of some wood bits. Our kitchen table is too narrow for the pitch... so I made a 4x4 game board, lined with felt, and added some 3/4" moulding to keep the dice from flying all over. Anyway... enough rambling... feel free to comment... on to the pictures.
  4. Farmer Goal Post

    What the heck does the hog in the tub have in his mouth?
  5. New Guild Ball Blog

    Good stuff @Tre
  6. Saskatchewan Provincials - July 7th

    I'm in! Looking forward to another adventure to Saskatoon!
  7. Compson's Painting...

    Damn! That is seriously fine!
  8. Being accused of cheating

    If I were to have an A.K.A.... it would be B.A. Rollings (Below Average) The search for magic dice continues so that I will rise above scrub level!!!
  9. The Shadow Cabinet

    Love it!
  10. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    I just play on 45min clock... all the time. If it is a very casual match then we may just ignore it when it clocks out and just keep going.... but I try and speed everything up if I am going over. Practice, practice, practice. I find that the tougher opponents will make me think waaaaaaayyyyy to long about things.... so I force myself to stop second guessing and just play... even if that turns out to be a mistake filled mess of a game. (I get better learning from mistakes more than anything) Influence allocaton is one that I have struggled with for sure.... but the more you play a particular team... the quicker you get at that for sure.
  11. My Union

    Very Nice!
  12. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    So...now that it is finally nice out... I ventured into priming by spraying...and pre-shading. Seemed like the next thing to progress into. Old Father's Harvest is on the table now. The Barrier is complete! (I know...I know... I just love me some terrain... LOL)
  13. Swissmade is painting Masons

    @Swissmade ... looking very nice!
  14. Morticans and mercenaries

    Very Nice!!!
  15. New to Guild Ball

    Welcome @axisandallies! Nice to hear Guild Ball is boomin in Texas!
  16. How to make 3D Card Alters

    Pretty neat!
  17. Guild Ball in Brussels?

  18. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Any and all advice given... on any and all guilds... is very welcome by players like me ... striving for mediocrity!! Always enjoy reading your take on things @ForestRambo.
  19. Season 4 Token pack?

    Muse on Minis... Game Plan Deck Tokens confirmed. I handed out a bunch at a tournament over the weekend...and they were well received.
  20. I love the painting and the crafting side of things... I'm still just learning but it is extremely enjoyable... to me. Having said that, as a TO I would rather have 24 players rolling dice, laughing, and learning and having a grand old time...with unpainted/semi-painted models... than 8 players with the most beautifuly creations ever crafted by man. I truly believe Growing the Game > Growing the Hobby. Get them in, get them hooked... then gift them a paintbrush and offer advice and help if they would like.... but at the end of the day... I just want to PLAY!
  21. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Holy smokes! Amazing.
  22. Hello from sweden

    Welcome to the forums!!!