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    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    This is latest information from FB pages and the organizing Pundits. Schedule For Canadian Nationals 8/17 - Friday evening we will be setting up the venue, there will be room for fun games We will not announce set times for this but the club is open until midnight 8/18 - Day 1 Registration - 10AM. Tickets will need to be provided and we will ensure every paid entrant is added to the longshanks event at this time. Round one pairings will be announced and tables will be assigned. Please ensure you have your local opponents setup in your longshanks profile to avoid placing against someone from your local meta if you so choose. Round 1 Start - 1030AM -- Rounds will be 110 minutes long. Chess clocks set to 45 minutes a side. 5 minutes for setup and 15 min of clock out time. Lunch - 1220-120PM. Lots of local food options. Ask one of the local Calgary players if you aren’t sure what to get or where to go. Round 2 Start - 125PM Round 3 Start - 315PM Round 4 Start - 510PM Day 1 wrap up at the end of round 4. The best sportsman, best painted and door prize drawings will be done at this time. There will also be a selection of smaller prizes given away at this time. We will probably be meeting somewhere for dinner and drinks after this if people are wanting to hang around for a while 8/19 - Day 2 10AM setup. Round 5 / Fun Round 1- 1020AM -- Our fun day 2 event will also start at this point. Anyone who has dropped that still wants to play or isn’t still competing for the grand prize is welcome to this event. It will be run with an alternate format but still on clocks so we can finish the event with reasonable time. It will run 3 rounds at most. Round 6 / Fun Round 2 - 1210 This round will only be necessary if we have 33+ people and if no one drops. Fun round 3 - 2pm Depending on attendance/when the final round actually wraps up we will give away the remainder of the prizes/ grand prize. There is separate prizing for the fun event and there are no entry fees for it. The event organizers are donating prizes as a bonus for people who want to stick around. Feel free to post any questions here if you have concerns about the schedule. As stated in another post, the only way it won't be split into 2 days if if we don't have the attendance to warrant it. Hopefully this isn't the case though. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Buy Your Ticket / Register Here: https://www.guildballevents.com/ then.... Sign Up on Longshanks Here: https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=984
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    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    @Breaking_Play... don't panic! I'll send you the itinerary/schedule they sent out today via FB. After Day 1 Party you'll still be good for!!!!
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    @ForestRambo I too would prefer them on the clock... as would my opponents... because I am old AND slow!!!
  4. Malritch

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    BUMP! =P I want to meet everyone and offer a chosen few almost certain victory over an old, one-legged, pundit! Come One, Come All! This one is going to be awesome! Guaranteed to not be snowing and -30C..... almost!
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    My Fish

    Crisp and clean.... I need to work toward this style VERY NICE!
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    My Union :)

    I think she lends herself well to your unique style @Kueller. Nice stuff.
  7. Hey folks. Bear with me... I am new to all of this... and damn, your fine work on display here is rather intimidating! I have, however, been encouraged to share... so I will start with mostly a few terrain pieces I have done... I feel they are a lot better than my initial model painting adventures (couple of far away shots of those so as to not embarrass myself too much ) I have a wonderful friend with a 3D printer who has graciously been providing some things available on https://www.thingiverse.com/ for my experimentation. The Morticians goal at the end I added a little casket that I made out of some wood bits. Our kitchen table is too narrow for the pitch... so I made a 4x4 game board, lined with felt, and added some 3/4" moulding to keep the dice from flying all over. Anyway... enough rambling... feel free to comment... on to the pictures.
  8. To all of the American Guild Ballers celebrating the 4th of July today... Y'all have fun...and be safe!
  9. Malritch

    Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Well... Facebook reminded me that it has now been a full year since I took up the hobby portion of the game. Here's some crappy pictures of what I got done in the month of June. (vGutter, vDecimate, and the GB Terrain Box...which is delightful to paint)
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    My initial thought was that, other than the first card taken by each, if you were paying close attention... you would each know each others hands entirely...which may not be a desirable thing from the intention of the designers.
  11. Malritch

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    I glued the tip of the blade to the base as well. My shodding gluing then is covered by some static grass / tuft during the basing.
  12. Malritch

    The Goal Post Thread

    Love it!
  13. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian Guild Ball enthusiasts from coast to coast across this incredibly large... and incredibly cool country. You know what is on my bucket list? To meet you all... and play an event in every province! 2 down... lots more to go... hope to see a bunch of you at West Canadian Nationals in Calgary Aug 18/19! Cheers
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    My Brewers - first ever painted minis

    You've a knack for it! Nice job!
  15. Malritch

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Perhaps because in casual matches you can still use the GiC's and Plot cards if desired.
  16. Seems proper to me as well.
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    My Guilds

  18. Malritch

    Terrain base size

    I stand corrected. Use of the Longshanks Pitch Planner is now standard for me.
  19. "Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that! I can’t to go to that "XYZ" tournament until I’m better." I hear it quite often, perhaps you do as well. Newcomers don't think they should come to local ones, Locals don't think they should go to Regional ones, or National ones... or whatever. (Opinion) I am unconvinced....I call Bull&*$#. You can…and you should. Get out of the basement…and come hang with us! Plain and simple, you don’t get better unless you challenge yourself and get playing others… even if they kick the crap out of you. You will learn things if you are paying attention and, if you approach it correctly, you will laugh and make a pile of new friends. Isn’t this sort of the point? To enjoy yourself socially? I’ve been playing outside of my kitchen table for roughly 9 months now … was nervous as can be to begin… but threw caution to the wind…and you know what? No one has laughed at my mistakes or obvious lack of experience. I have been shut out and shut down but never, pardon my language, shit on. Not once. Not even a little bit. If you have… then that guy/gal… doesn’t even deserve to be playing this great game of Guild Ball with the rest of us. In my limited experience I think it is definitely the FEAR of possibly coming across one of “those” players that holds players back from joining us on the tournament tables. SO…on that note… Open arms, warmth, and creating a positive personal experience for the player across the table from you, in my opinion, should be your number one priority any time you get to the table to play. Yes, even if they are a salty, crusty, you-know-what. Don't go down to their level. Why? Simple. It’s going to grow the game and guarantee you have people to play with tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. “Hey there you Old, Grey Haired, One-Legged, Canadian, preachy Pundit… I’m here to win at all costs!” Well good for you! Chances are nobody is going to enjoy playing with you, or being in your company. Hold the ego in check. Let other people tell you how great you are… and they most likely will do just that if you truly are an amazing player… a veritable gift from the Guild Ball Gods. Narcissism really has no place here, or anywhere, it just makes you look like a jackass to the rest of us. Hardest challenge as a Pundit? Inspiring the players to have the confidence in themselves to compete and have fun doing it. Respect yourself. Respect your opponent. Respect the game. I am lucky enough to be off on holiday for the next couple of weeks… not sure how much I will be able to check on things… until then… GAME ON!
  20. Malritch

    The Goal Post Thread

    @Barbercat ...boy I like this Hunter Goal... a lot! Well done!
  21. Malritch

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    @Wolfchild I am sure you will get past all that. The real win for you, I think, regardless of the actual outcome of any game, is going to be when you are more at ease with those guys who you hardly know now. A few games with them and they aren't strangers anymore... just friends you haven't really met yet. Like @DanB said...ease yourself into it...small steps help broaden the comfort zone... small tourney at the local hang out once you've integrated yourself my not be that far away!
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    My Guilds

    Looking good!
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    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    Veteran Decimate definitely strengthens the Brewers. In the hands of a skilled player all guilds can perform well... in my hands all guilds can, and probably will, be crushed miserably. Win or Lose... we take the booze! Laughs and Learning with old friends, new friends, and friends we've yet to play.