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  1. Just a simple wish to all who are going to make the big show this weekend.... to have the best time ever! Luck, Learning, and Laughter to you all...I'll be following along from afar as best I can. So jealous! Cheers
  2. Malritch


    Welcome to the game, and to the forums!
  3. You may be correct I'm sure a lawyer will be along shortly to clarify things. Cheers mate! Edit: (Rules discussion on Discord seems to think that yes the MP's would be generated as the Aura is still active)
  4. Malritch


    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Malritch

    Brick's blind spot

    Nothing has changed that I am aware of... bases of similar size do not block LoS in GB.
  6. I don't believe that condition damage in the end phase would generates MP's if the model is taken out by Coup de GrĂ¢ce . This from the Collected Rules Clarifications thread in this forum: Taken Out by Conditions in the End Phase:- VP are awarded as normal, but as not taken out by an action no MP is awarded.
  7. .... following this one. Interested to know as well. I was going to say that the player with the initiative, for the turn that is in the end phase, would resolve conditions the conditions that he/she had placed on the oppenents model first... but not sure what SFG intended in this case.
  8. In that case, Yes... that too would trigger it...as I see it.
  9. On a parting blow I believe "Old Ways" would trigger. Not sure how whirling chains would cause a take out... isn't it just a 4" push directly toward vOx
  10. Malritch

    Floored Bolt and Swift Strikes

    I don't think the Kick Scatter needs to be immediate from the knock down... but even if it does... you choose the order of the result resolution ... so you could do the damage which then triggers the ability to do the dodge... and then you could apply the knockdown and do the scatter. That's how I read it ...but hey I've been wrong before..
  11. Malritch

    Gameplan cards?

    They may not have wording updated, but they do have the same functionality. You may wish to review the Errata document on the Resource pages as well for any clarification on what wording as changed.
  12. Not sure that revealing the discarded cards would be good... if the intention is to have any type of secrecy to the Game Plan Deck choices of the players.
  13. Malritch

    Water: obstacle, barrier, or rough ground?

    Call it what you want... as long as you and your opponent agree to what it is... everything is just peachy! Carry on wayward sons! (Oh ya, just make sure it's not bigger than the dimensional restriction for whatever you want to use it for.)
  14. Malritch

    Print-friendly S4 rulebook...

    Thanks @Spinsane...awesome!
  15. Malritch

    S4 Team Changes

    Thanks @EpicChris...for the info and the effort sir.
  16. Malritch

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Wow! Pretty amazing stuff for sure!
  17. Malritch

    Rookie Player

    Welcome to your new obsession! I hope you enjoy it here, and on the pitches of the UK! Cheers
  18. Hey all... it's not a tourney... just a day to chill and bask in the glory of Guild Ball S4. Questions? Please ask.
  19. Malritch

    Season 4 Launch Party & Player Appreciation Day

    Bump! If you are in the neighbourhood please stop by and say hello! I've managed to convince a really excellent painter from the Calgary area to come display his magical talents at the painting table for the afternoon...very much looking forward to having Justin Clarke from Pirate Painting YYC being a part of our celebration.
  20. Malritch

    New player in the forum

    Welcome indeed! Glad to hear you are enjoying the game!
  21. Malritch

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Excited for new Boiler for sure.
  22. Malritch

    The Goal Post Thread

    That looks really awesome!!!
  23. OK, found it. Really weird it isn't mentioned anywhere else on the site. https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/guild-ball-4ynl3 Does anyone else on the forums know anything about this event at all?