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  1. Studio Jolly Roger workshop

    So very very nice... I love the colours in the Masons team!
  2. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Totally legit thing to do at work @Furnace
  3. @Jedianakinsolo ... Wonderful stuff... keep it up... it's much appreciated!
  4. Where are you from, and is there a Pundit in your area? They would probably be an excellent resource to draw on for advise on getting your day set up. Clap on the back for stepping up and trying to grow the game! If you can manage each of those widgets it would be ideal... but if you have to choose 2... go for the 3x2x1 and the 1x8 ... I mostly used those ones when starting out for sure! Keep it lighthearted and fun for the newcomers and good luck!! Maybe a couple of Kick Off started sets as prizing of some sort to get a couple of the newcomers set up to continue playing... just a thought!
  5. Damn... all the really good painters crawled out of the snow drifts for this!!! I just want to say this, on the eve of the contest close, it has been a great pleasure to see all the entries here... and other places you fine folks have posted. You have, and continue to inspire me in my rookie painting journey! Cheers to you all!
  6. Red Deer Guild Ball Ice Breaker


    Thanks @Mako ...much appreciated.
  7. Building a bigger base

    Thank you very much for sharing that... very very good!
  8. Winter Painting Contest

    @S_A_T_S ... sleep is overrated.
  9. The Goal Post Thread

    Looking good!!! What did you use for the chain on the butchers one?
  10. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Apparently my company blocks the site that these are hosted on... except during lunch time! Whoo Hoo! Nice work man!
  11. @Charlie Wow... just... wow!
  12. Latest Vassal Module?

    Hey Vassal users... where do you get the latest Guild Ball Module? Last time I checked the one at Vassal itself was from before the errata last year.
  13. Kicking over knocked-down players

    @Redtiger7 Nonsense! We often see bears with tusks strapped to their massive skulls rampaging through the Canadian Rocky Mountains out west here ...handing out friendly bear hugs!
  14. Hello from the frozen North!

    I hadn't thought to "google" Schulich ...and never having been east of Manitoba (yet)...and an old guy with questionable brain function at times (HA!)... I had not made the connection! At any rate... always good to see another Canadian!!! Welcome again!
  15. Hello from the frozen North!

    Welcome to the forums! Where exactly are you?
  16. Red Deer Guild Ball is extremely pleased to announce it's first event of 2018...which serves as a wrap up tournament for our participants of our soon to begin Winter League as well as an opportunity for a few more players to join us as well. We'd love to see you! Red Deer Guild Ball ICE BREAKER Tournament Saturday March 17th, 2018 Venue: The Gaming Vault - 130, 100 Kent St, Red Deer, AB Registration/Sign-In @ 10:00AM / First Round begins @ 10:30AM Entry Fee: $20.00 (All Money Used for Prizing) Max 16 player (8 spots initially reserved for participants of our Winter League) Regional Cup Organised Play Rules will be in effect. Tournament Organiser: Ritch Paterson @Malritch (Feel free to contact me for more details email: nickelle@shaw.ca ) Longshanks Event 737 Also...if there is anyone on these boards lurking from Central Alberta area...and you may be interested in the Winter League... message me!
  17. Hello!

    @Jennyjen that is awesome... welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy!
  18. Agreed, not my favourite model to work with either. Good for you with the conversion!
  19. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    @Furnace and @Mako ...thanks for your kind words!
  20. Hey folks. Bear with me... I am new to all of this... and damn, your fine work on display here is rather intimidating! I have, however, been encouraged to share... so I will start with mostly a few terrain pieces I have done... I feel they are a lot better than my initial model painting adventures (couple of far away shots of those so as to not embarrass myself too much ) I have a wonderful friend with a 3D printer who has graciously been providing some things available on https://www.thingiverse.com/ for my experimentation. The Morticians goal at the end I added a little casket that I made out of some wood bits. Our kitchen table is too narrow for the pitch... so I made a 4x4 game board, lined with felt, and added some 3/4" moulding to keep the dice from flying all over. Anyway... enough rambling... feel free to comment... on to the pictures.
  21. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    I think you may not have to use an influence on Fahad to accomplish that (correct me if I am wrong). Fahad has a free charge...so if the markers line up... you could just target, charge in the straight line, eat markers, and then the charge/turn just ends if you never actually make it to your intended target...but mission accompished. Of course that has to be straight line... so if you need to zigzag to eat the intended markers... then yes, 1 influence to sprint through them is good.
  22. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    @The Hieb thanks much!!
  23. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Here's some less than stellar shots of some Hunter's I finished up recently. (Egret is my entry into the Winter Painting Exhibit so you may have seen here before)
  24. New Player Advice

    I still think the Kick Off set is the best bang for your buck if you are coming in new. You get all the things you need for 2 players to set up and learn the basics for a small investment... that you don't even have to worry about painting. If, after a few games you become addicted like me...then you can just start buying it all and learning to paint...and trying to remember what your loved ones actually look like.