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  1. Beautiful and paying costs.

    Beautiful, as a trait, would seem to me to be always in play, so I don't think Siren would then be a legal target of Dirty Knives (RNG of 6") unless the opposing player was within 1" of Siren. Sorry @MilitaryCoo ...didn't see you checking... or that someone else had said basically what I just posted. Never mind the man behind the curtain... carry on... nothing to see here... nothing to see.
  2. Greetings from Austin, TX

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy yourself as much as I have. Cheers!
  3. Need tactical help for 6th player vs. Fish

    ...and that's why the Captain/Mascots reveal simultaneously! So if you are sitting across the table from a Fisherman coach that also has access to both Shark and Corsair... Luck be on your side good sir!
  4. Here is a picture of Hemlocke naked... to spur you on to victory!
  5. Morticans and mercenaries

    Oh so very nice!!!!
  6. Paint 'em up! You only get better with practice is what they've been telling me... and slowly I progress a little at a time. I agree though... lots of good painters here... if you haven't looked in the "Display Cabinet" portion of the message boards you should find lots of inspiration there too!
  7. Think mine are pretty traditional.... did manage a bit of inspiration on Tenderiser's base...
  8. Welcome, and hang in there! I've been hanging around here for 4-5 months I still lose the vast majority of games I play... but Guild Ball is amazing fun!
  9. Favour is No Favour

    Favour is No Favour! Welcome all patrons of the pitch! This evenings match between the Butcher’s and the Farmer’s has a bit of a twist. The Hunter’s Guild, vying with the Mortician’s, for the hand of Hemlocke has called in past favours from the earthen harvesters. Tonight Grange and his rag tag band of ranch hands will dedicate their performance to the Hunters quest. The coin is tossed and the Farmer’s elect to receive. Fillet is chosen to kick off… she jogs her way up, and rockets the ball all the way into the plucky clutches of the Farmer’s mascot Peck…and the game is truly underway. Peck chooses to be immediately rid of this round projectile and passes to Jackstaw…who then passes it Grange. Things are going well in the beginning as the Farmers move slightly up the pitch…catching Fillet without the rest of her murderous gang near enough to provide assistance. Grange saws her down to size and the Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hanky squad Is ahead! 2-0 Things rapidly begin to fall apart for our Farmer friends however, and Harrow is the games next casualty and the score evens as he is taken out by the wily veteran Ox after an epic scrum with Meathook, Tenderizer, Windle and Peck in the mix as well. Truffles, a little ways off with Boar, rooting around for nothing in particular catches Granges scent. He has moved away from the middle ground fray… and Truffles instinctively charges to the Farmer captain. The attack is short lived as Grange makes short work, and chops, out of the Butcher mascot. Farmers regain the lead… 3-2! Butcher’s regroup and begin to dominate as Boar dispatches Jackstraw and makes it 4-3. Farmers respond by sending Peck and Bushel, who is now in possession of the ball, wide of the mayhem in the center of the pitch…but veteran Ox has seen this type of move before and immediately, at the beginning of the new turn rushes over, steals the ball away, and makes a quick pass to Meathook who then dodges out of harms way. Our bloody blonde butcher sprints up field and her kick is true! Butchers up 8-3. The Farmers fans then throw the ball back up the field and it again finds Peck. Meantime Boar continues his massacre as he downs Windle in a battle of the big men, advancing the score to a lopsided 10-3. Farmers attempt to close the gap… Peck moves the ball up field, Bushel moves quickly into range and calls for the pass!!! Peck, not known for passing prowess, bonus times, and …. MISSES the pass… which rolls right by the Farmer’s daughter…and into the clutches of Truffles who is just returning to the field. There will be no comeback mounted, there will be no honour earned this night…. THERE WILL BE CHICKEN FOR DINNER! Boar scores the final victory blow and points wiping the pitch with Harrow once more to end the match. Final Score 12-3 Butchers. Top 3 Stars of the Match: Boar with 3 Take Downs, Ox with a Takedown and a Take Away, Meathook with a Goal! Final Game Note: My first time playing Farmers extends my current match losing streak to 9 or 10 games. UGH! A mediocre player at best….still it would be nice to stop running into opponents with hot dice… while mine remain stone dead cold . Win or Lose…I LOVE THIS GAME. FOR HEMLOCKE!!!
  10. Post errata Theron match reports?

    @EpicChris Sorry!!! I just remembered watching... and knew it was up online!
  11. Post errata Theron match reports?

    British Nationals had a round match streamed... available here at YouTube.... the fella ran a Theron team
  12. First Theron list

    Unfortunately the Canadian Nationals were not streamed and I don't think they are on YouTube or anything.
  13. Ever Wonder Why No Referees in Guild Ball? Tenderiser...that is all.
  14. My Hunters pack traveled to the Alchemists home pitch at the Gaming Vault in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada twice over the past week and while the opposing coach is always treated with the utmost respect and kindness... not so much for the opposing team! @Serkesul brewed up some seriously potent poisons, fires, and smoke... winning both matches handily! (Only have pictures from the one match... sorry!) Vitriol put the home team up by 4 in the second turn of the first game. Katalyst, Harry, and Naja beat Theron then lay a beating down on captain Theron to make it 6-0 Egret managed to make her up the field only to be blocked by Midas and Compound who then quickly recovered the ball, passed over to Old Gold Finger himself who then dodges up the field into scoring range and blasts another goal. The merry band of chemical addicts are now ahead 10 to Nil. (Seriously... are there no doping restrictions? Never going to be an Olympic event ) Hunters final get on the board as Vitriol is taken out by Jaecar and Fahad! Jaecar then proceeds to move up the field and totally screws up a pass to Hearne...but with some luck.... the ball lands within range and he gets it anyways! Even manages to score a goal! (I have to make more sacrifices to the dice gods apparently) Hunters Fans, in their wild exuberance, toss the ball back onto the pitch but it gets snapped up by sneaky snake and Naja manages to get it over to Golden Boy Midas who then fires home the winning goal. Final outcome 14-6 for the Alchemists! Outcome notwithstanding... a wonderfully fun match! ! If you are ever in the Red Deer, Alberta, Canada area.... come find myself, a few others, and my good friend @Serkesul at his game shop... the Gaming Vault. We are just getting going with this whole Guild Ball thing....and enjoying it immensely!!!