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  1. New Guild Ball Blog

    Good stuff @Tre
  2. Farmer Goal Post

    What the heck does the hog in the tub have in his mouth?
  3. Saskatchewan Provincials - July 7th

    I'm in! Looking forward to another adventure to Saskatoon!
  4. Compson's Painting...

    Damn! That is seriously fine!
  5. Being accused of cheating

    If I were to have an A.K.A.... it would be B.A. Rollings (Below Average) The search for magic dice continues so that I will rise above scrub level!!!
  6. The Shadow Cabinet

    Love it!
  7. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    I just play on 45min clock... all the time. If it is a very casual match then we may just ignore it when it clocks out and just keep going.... but I try and speed everything up if I am going over. Practice, practice, practice. I find that the tougher opponents will make me think waaaaaaayyyyy to long about things.... so I force myself to stop second guessing and just play... even if that turns out to be a mistake filled mess of a game. (I get better learning from mistakes more than anything) Influence allocaton is one that I have struggled with for sure.... but the more you play a particular team... the quicker you get at that for sure.
  8. My Union

    Very Nice!
  9. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    So...now that it is finally nice out... I ventured into priming by spraying...and pre-shading. Seemed like the next thing to progress into. Old Father's Harvest is on the table now. The Barrier is complete! (I know...I know... I just love me some terrain... LOL)
  10. Swissmade is painting Masons

    @Swissmade ... looking very nice!
  11. Morticans and mercenaries

    Very Nice!!!
  12. New to Guild Ball

    Welcome @axisandallies! Nice to hear Guild Ball is boomin in Texas!
  13. How to make 3D Card Alters

    Pretty neat!