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  1. Malritch

    Sweeping Charge and Tough Hide

    Yes. The trigger in this case is selection of a Playbook Damage Result, and not application of damage....to the best of my knowledge
  2. THANKS! @malladin.ben
  3. Malritch

    Hello from Australia.

    Welcome to the forums @Whiplack.
  4. Malritch

    A simple wish.

    As we quickly approach the end of the year, and the majority of us are celebrating some holiday or another, I wanted to just post a simple wish for all the Guild Ball bretheren around the globe. No matter what you may be celebrating, I wish for you all Peace and Love, Family and Friends, Warmth and Serenity, and Success and Great Gaming.... not just during the holiday season... but into 2019 and well beyond. The Guild Ball Community, and the wonderful folks at SFG have been a pretty big shining light for me this past year... and I look forward to all our adventures together in the new year. Cheers!
  5. @malladin.ben ...talk to me... how do I use the big fella most effectively? I am going to a tourney on the 30th... and would like some suggestions on who I drop to fit him in... and what teams to make that switch into. I am pretty new to Butchers in S4.
  6. Malritch

    New to Steamforged

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy!
  7. Malritch

    Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Haven't posted in a very long time...finally got back to the paint table in the past few weeks. Here be FISH!
  8. Malritch

    GB Manager

    Pretty sure that is the latest.
  9. Malritch

    At Home Ball Episode 2 - Navigators vs Morticians

    Enjoyed your presentation! Well done.
  10. Malritch

    Glad to be here!

    Welcome! Welcome! @Jathom where you at now?
  11. Malritch

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Nice! Thanks much @HenrytheSecond!
  12. Malritch

    Season 4 Paper Dolls

    Printable tokens and proxies are available over at Longshanks.org courtest of @RedSam. https://www.longshanks.org/tools/
  13. Morning, With the Alternative Sculpt Roast being ruled legal for Tournament play, at the discretion of the TO's, following it's availability on the Black Friday Sale... how does that impact the Union choices for Butchers if one of the minor guild models is now considered available? If the TO's allow the inclusion of Roast from the minor guild does it then negate the Union option?