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  1. I don't believe there is enough data being submitted out of Canada at this point... only seems to be a very few locations utilizing the Longshanks site at this time. Hopefully the game is still growing across our nation... but for now I believe we are represented by the "North American" stats.
  2. Jacc's Hunter's Guild

    I think you and I are in similar situations with this being our first miniature game...and first go at painting. They tell me time, patience, and practice is the key to getting better...so there is that. I also think we are our own worst critics... I think you have done a great job with your first project!!!
  3. What's next for Guild Ball?

    What's next for GB? We all need to recruit more folks to play it... that's what we really need to do.
  4. You know... the numbers could be fixed.... you just take all the really good players just play against a scrub like me... have them play with the teams that are perceived as weaker... and I'll play the teams that are perceived as stronger. The really good players are still gonna to crush me unmercifully into the pitch... and then it all evens out. Now don't get me wrong... all games can use a tweak here and there and constantly battle for balance....but it seems to me like the best players like to win... and therefore gravitate toward the "better" teams... and that puts a slant on statistics that needs to be considered. Which brings me to a question... how good are the opponents where you play locally. Are you the best player of your bunch? I struggle to determine my own strength as a player... many times doubting myself... but am I better than I seem to be because I am simply playing better players than I. I feel that is the case and that I get better because of strong matches with very good players... but is that just me trying to stay positive while never quite getting to the victory column? Such an amazingly good game.
  5. What's next for Guild Ball?

    I thought we were the coaches ...'cause I know I bring another layer of strategy..... lousy strategy, but strategy nontheless!!!!
  6. Hello from the New Forest

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. Hello from the Notts Yorkshire Border

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  8. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    So... I only really started playing Hunters for the Union in Chains event. Picked up and painted by the wife and I, for her to use....mainly 'cause there was "A BEAR!". I put in 20 games with them thus far and have a staggeringly horrible record of 3-17. It's been close in many of the games...but I can emphathize with the original poster's sentiments... a lot actually. Now I know I am a newish player with only 5 months under my belt... but I was at least a 50/50 player, before I tackled these guys, and was just kicking around with the Kick Off Masons and Brewers 1/2 teams... I definitely want to love the Hunters and be passionate about them... I just don't find that an easy thing if I am to be honest and objective about it. You are not alone @JacctheInsomniac. I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on another guild... or maybe just fleshing out the starter teams and giving them some pitch time!
  9. Hello from France

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. My searchfu was not strong on this one... Jaecar & Chaska: Do they trigger their own traps or may they safely pass within the 1" radius without them poping them? I had just assumed, since they put them down, they would remember they were there! (I do know that if an opponent takes control of them that they would trigger them.)
  11. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    I think I like fiddling around with terrain the best. Did this bit this morning over a nice relaxing couple cups of coffee.
  12. Brewers

    You folks who can do tartans... are just waaaaayyyy too talented.
  13. Vassal Updates?

    That would be cool.