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  1. Butcher player, new to forums.

    Hello! Whereabouts in Idaho are you? Welcome to the forums!
  2. Kdogs completed stuff

    ...and winter is neverending where I am it would seem...
  3. Kdogs completed stuff

    Nice deep rich colours!!!
  4. Parting Blow

    Depends on what you are uncorking during the resolution process... =P
  5. Starting out

    @kempokid Kick Off Box = Everything needed to get you and a friend playing. It's got a mat, sharable widgets and dice, and 2 teams of 6 (Masons and Brewers) that are playable even at a tournament level and don't do to badly! Download one of the Apps for the game that are out... (I recommend GB Scrum)... it has all the updated cards that have seen erratas (the season 3 card pack has a bunch of outdated stuff now). You probably wont' want to invest in the Season 3 Guild Plot Cards either... as they have just now been replaced with the Game Plan Decks... which should be available to purchase shortly. In the meantime... make yourself familiar with http://steamforged.com/resources/ ...you will find all the updated stuff there..rules, printable cards, paper dolls if you want to try other guilds, etc. Enjoy your new obsession! I hope you have as much enjoyment as I have found over the past 6 - 8 months!!
  6. A New Morticians Player Says Hello

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself immensely!
  7. Simply depends on the people playing. I gladly play competitively across a tournament table against far superior and serious players. I also play casually across a kitchen table with family and friends. Both are possible. I find the competitve more rewarding at times. I find the casual far more entertaining at times. It is less the game, and more the players attitude toward it, that determines whether GB is best suited for casual or competitve.
  8. There is an EARLY BIRD Registration prize of some nice gift cards if you get a paid registration for our Guild Ball tourney in at www.grotscon.com. There is also a Grotscon Early Bird prize to drawn for anyone registered by March 24th! Can't wait to see everyone! Cheers!
  9. Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    Very very nice!!
  10. Hunters.. done!

    @Henry...these are lovely!
  11. Game plan deck

    Thanks for that!
  12. All of my Blacksmiths

    Well done good sir!
  13. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Those are dandy! Nice stuff!