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  1. I agree with @Toqtamish wholeheartedly! Having said that... I can't seem to find Guild Ball on the list of events at the LVO. Where did you see it listed @Zerachial?
  2. Malritch

    New player, Looking for Opponents

    Welcome to Guild Ball! I am not sure exactly how active your area is... I would however recommend joining Pacific Northwest Guild Ball Face Book group. Owen and/or Jacob may be able to steer you to a better answer. There are a few in the Seattle-Tacoma area for sure. Hopefully you will be able to spur on others to join your community!
  3. Malritch

    Kicking with Falcons

    Hmmmm... anyone tried kicking with Frelsi to start :p ... I mean if you can get it just over the half pitch line... they have to come a long way to get that sucker... and pretty much in range of all the Falconer line up. I've pretty much used Rundaas for kick off to this point...and have only played a handful of games.
  4. Malritch

    Stave - Great Player or GREATEST Player?

    @TheREALFlyDog without a doubt the most glorious thing ever witnessed. The stuff of legends!
  5. Malritch

    New to Alchemists

    Really nice stuff... and welcome to the game!
  6. Malritch

    A simple wish....

    A simple wish... to all who are attending the WTC this weekend. Safe journey and Best of Luck! Hope you all have a great time. Cheers
  7. Hey all... it's not a tourney... just a day to chill and bask in the glory of Guild Ball S4. Questions? Please ask.
  8. Malritch


    Message me if you have questions... it's not a tourney... just a relaxing day of companionship and basking in the glory of Guild Ball S4.
  9. Malritch

    Guild ball is life!!!!

    Welcome to the forums!!
  10. Malritch

    Tunapoot’s Minis

    Looking good over at Imgur!!!
  11. Malritch

    Will start to play !

    Welcome to the forums! Falconers are definitely easier than Blacksmiths I think!! Have Fun!!!
  12. Malritch

    My Guild Ball Terrain :)

    "I can see!", said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw. As usual, nice work!!!
  13. Malritch

    World Map Wallpaper

    Not that I am aware of... but what a wonderful idea!!!
  14. Malritch

    My Guild Ball Terrain :)

    I also cannot see the image, the link seems broken. =(