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  1. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Pretty much done this one...some varnish and basing to be done...but probably the best yet for me... a bit of progress... always encouraging. (Something I could at least take an ok close up on... )
  2. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Well that is interesting...may have to experiment!! Thanks!
  3. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Thanks for that @Anphiarus... I'll try that out for sure. The particular piece I was trying to work out couldn't be placed prior to working it... so I was just trying to do it on my work bench... but then it would stick to the work bench... or my hands ... and distort beyond recognition of what it was supposed to be. HA! A bit of both is going to be the trick I think!
  4. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Thanks @Mako and @Skalde !!
  5. So I had my first adventure with using Kneadatite Blue/Yellow epoxy putty (Green Stuff) over the weekend. I made some pieces of meat for my Butcher's goal. That stuff is sticky...to the point of being hard to get it shaped and do what I wanted it to do. So... what's the trick to sculpting with that stuff... does simply wetting your fingers/tools make it more manageable? Any other tips and tricks with this stuff for my future creative attempts?
  6. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    @ZiggyQubert ... Love GB Scrum... thanks for the quick updates...always! Cheers!
  7. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    I watched a bunch of it streaming. Looked like a great time... enjoyed spectating!
  8. Friendly Model Pushed onto Trap

    If something has caused Jaecar to become "friendly" to the other team (ie: being Puppet Mastered)... I believe he would set off his own trap if moving within an inch of it...I think.
  9. Hello from Belgium !

  10. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Appreciate your kinds words! @Skalde
  11. Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

  12. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Masons would be a good bet I think... do a bit of everything... see what style you like best... go from there! Welcome to the fold... GAME ON!
  13. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    So I finished up a Butcher's Goal Post for my son. It is like the others...but with some added bits and pieces. I made the table from scratch..and the meat on the table is my first stab working with 'green stuff'. Fishing hook worked well to hoist it up on I think. Won't lie... feel good when I do something different that somewhat works out the way I envisioned it.
  14. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Crazy good. =)