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  1. Redtiger7

    Seasoned Spigot

    Man, I was interested in the Clergy Guild before, but now I really want to get them.
  2. Redtiger7

    Comparisons to RL Nations

    Check out the season 1 fluff in the resources section and they give a break down of the nations. Too me it kinda sounds like a lot are a mixture of a couple real life nations, rather than being a direct copy.
  3. When taking a shot on teh goal, the path/distance is measured from frontmost point on the model to frontmost point on the goal post (base). If an opposing player is standing directly in front of that point on the goal post, they are automaticly an intervening model. But what if the shooter is standing behind the post? The ball will hit the post before crossing the intervening model, so would that penalty still apply?
  4. Redtiger7

    Terrain base size

    OK: so I want to put a rough ground piece on, and a barrier. That means I have to put down at least 2 obstructions, 0-1 of which can be a forest?
  5. Redtiger7

    Help rookie Chisel get a game on this week

    So if Chisel gets changed during the season 4 rebalancing, wonder if they'll change the rookie card as well?
  6. Redtiger7

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    Union are on top, but that's a little misleading because that guild is so variable. How many were laying an all beaty Rage team? A Brisket/Mist scoring malestrom?
  7. Redtiger7

    Terrain base size

    Gah! Math problems! So if you have only 1 barrier, you can have only 1 obstruction? But if you have a forest and a barrier, you can have 2? No, wait, a forest is an obstruction, so you can't have any more? ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH! How many turnip crates am I allowed to put on the board?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
  8. Redtiger7

    Broken Toad - Brisket model

    Kinda looks like the aborted PVC sculpt?
  9. Redtiger7

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    Am I going to have to face off against my little pony proxy mascots?
  10. Wait. Does a model using a character play suffer from crowding out? I thought that was only with attacks.
  11. Redtiger7

    Didn't Get LE Pride, Am I Stuck Buying the Box?

    Yeah, guess if you don't get Pride somehow, you'll never be able to use SBrisket in season 4. Bummer
  12. Redtiger7

    Season 4 Playtesting Event

    I'd love too, but need a ride. Anyone passing by Canada on thier way.
  13. Redtiger7

    Butchers minor confirmed as next after navvies

    Well, Engineers are a reddish brown....
  14. Redtiger7

    Kickoff Stolen

    Did the postal carrier just leave it on your door step?
  15. Redtiger7

    Being accused of cheating

    Well.... there are good rolling dice and bad rolling dice. Unless you get an expensive set of high precision dice. Mass produced dice are made by pouring plastic into a mold. Sometimes the plastic will settle a little more on one side or the other, causing them to roll some numbers more often. No way you can figure out what a die is like though without doing some practice rolls before you buy.