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  1. Redtiger7

    FS: Vet Sanaka

    Have a new in bag Veteran Sanaka for sale. $15 + shipping
  2. Redtiger7

    Scatter and clock suggestion

    How about a "shot clock", where that action has to be performed within a certain period of time? Stop the game clock, but they have to perform the scatter within 20 seconds.
  3. Redtiger7

    H: Vet Sakana W: Granite

    Give me a week to see if I get any bites on Granite. Then I'll get in touch with you.
  4. Redtiger7

    H: Vet Sakana W: Granite

    Have a new in bag Veteran Sakana. Interested in getting Granite.
  5. Redtiger7


    They said in Momday's story that he killed a master blacksmith and took his place. That's why the Smiths are so ticked off at him.
  6. Redtiger7


    Or no one likes him and they're glad to be rid of him. LOL
  7. Redtiger7

    Kick scatter discussion

    To answer your question: I'm ok with it. Yeah, sometimes the ball goes in a wild direction, but that happens in real life too (somebody knocks the kickers foot, gets a toe on a ball to redirect it, etc...) Poop happens.
  8. Redtiger7

    Kick scatter discussion

  9. Redtiger7

    Big League S4

    Organizing a league is pretty straight forward. Get a group of people, play x number of games (like each person has to play each other person once or twice, and no more.) Keep track of how many wins each player has. Form a tie breaker procedure. I think the big league had the most VPs as first tie breaker, with biggest VP differencial (VP for minus VP against) as the second. Eitehr declare the player with the best record as the champion, or do a playoff tournament where the best 4, 6, 8 teams (depending on how big your group is) enter into an elimination tournament. (Winners in the first round advance to play each other in the second, etc, until only one is left standing) From my observations in the big league cards, it seemed that the over all goal of the cards was to award a little boost to teams, with weaker teams getting a bigger boost that's needed. These would have been a card you could play once that gives you +1 kick for the turn. Something like that. Perhaps going along the same lines with tokens you can cash in. Not sure. I've had thoughts about it but never really bothered developed anything.
  10. Redtiger7

    Big League S4

    Not a big fan of the big league. They gave up game plot cards because people could never remember to use them. The Big League adds more game plot cards, some of which are even worse for remembering than the standard game plots. I think the idea of having a big league is great, but just that it needs a major overhaul for season 4, a bigger than the one it already got.
  11. Redtiger7

    How do we use Colossus

    Hmmm, so maybe he's best used as a defender...?
  12. Redtiger7

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    They probbaly have hundreds and hundreds of orders from the sale. Been hard and time consuming to go through teh list matching up a single persons orders. That'd delay shipping even more.
  13. Redtiger7

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    My understanding, from what SFG has said, the moulds to make the metals have worn out/ reached the end of their shelf life. Resin and plastic moulds have a longer shelf life, so it's more feasible for them to make the switch. With no more metal models, I'm going to guess that they'll be speeding up the release schedule of the resin major guilds. I'm sure the production problems set them back more than they had hoped. I highly doubt that we'll never see the major guild models again.
  14. Redtiger7

    How do we use Colossus

    He's definatly a model that's all show and no go, IMO. With close control you think he'd make a good ball carrier, but he's way too easy to just knock down, which seems wierd for a giant spider cyborg. He doesn't have the range to be a reliable striker. Loosing his ability to grab a free ball from 2" away hurts him as a ball retriever. His low TAC and spread out play book hurts his beater role. I think he's still hanging on to the original concept of being the big guy who clears a lane for teh striker to run through, but I don't know if anybody ever used that tactic. I think what he needs is a higher TAC, and ditch close control, stoic and tough hide for resilience. That would make him more of teh monster the model is calling out for him to be.
  15. Redtiger7

    Black Friday Hay Bales

    It as in the email newsletter. And also reposted up on Facebook