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  1. Falconers pics

    I guess this applies to Dirge as well, but when Frelsi or Flying man get the ball, are they carrying it through the air as they fly? Is that legal?
  2. Harrow (MOV 5/7) sprints his full distance. When he reaches the 6" mark, he is within 1" of trap and gets snared, giving him -2"/2" MOV. Can he still move that last inch?
  3. Game Plan deck discussion

    This is a big issue with me. With a pure striker like Flint or Angel, TAC 4 and no suitable momentum until you get 2+ hits, getting that momentum is really hard. First time I used the game plan Flint had the ball deep in enemy territory, and the only card I had left to play was Lone stirker. +7 int meant I was definatly going first, but -1 TAC and the only target having DEF 4 ARM 1 meant is was nearly immpossible for him to get that momentum. Can't score and can't get away. It sure wasn't an advantage for me.
  4. Organized Play Update

    If there's a free trip to England on the line, I'd be tempted...
  5. The Rookies are here!

    From the Blog: "The players currently available to play in a Rookie League are..." Does that mean we'll be seeing other rookie players in the future....?
  6. Parting Blow

    2.1"? 2.05"? 2.000001"? I know, impossible to answer, but you know someone's out there going to complain about it.
  7. Parting Blow

    Which is a whole other question in this game of measurements: How far do you move them when they get knocked down?
  8. Salute 2018 offers/sales?

    I doubt it. This was more for fun than anything. (I mean, look at Fangtooth)
  9. Parting Blow

    When a model leaves an opposing melee zone, when do you make the attack roll: before the model is moved, when they just leave the melee zone (and you have to stop their movement) or when they finish moving (and rewind if they get KD'd)? Just curious what people do.
  10. GIC for Hunters weak?

    They have 2 others?
  11. Game plan deck revealed

    So Blacksmiths will have an advantage with some of these cards, as they'll have 5 squadies instead of 4.
  12. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Having a promoted apprentice would screw things up as to field them thier master wouldn't have a corresponding apprentice, making one of their character traits useless. I'm guessing the Smiths will be the last getting a minor guild. Partly because they're the newest major, and partly to give SFG time to figure out how to work with the master/apprentice dynamic.
  13. W Cheap Tater or Millstone H$

    Already got them. Thanks
  14. If Hearne were to attack Fangtooth, and get a momentus (Skewered) does he still get momentum for selecting the charcater play, or does glutenous mass negating the play also negate the momentum?
  15. Themed terrain and goals

    Yep, works fine now