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  1. Redtiger7

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    This. I'm waiting caustiously to see what Layne, an alleged super striker, is going to bring to the Butchers, a team that SFG decided to tone down in the goal scoring department. Not saying that's a bad call, but it creates a conflict between the design team and the players. I understand that you want certain teams to have certain play styles, and not all become homogenious. But not everyone gets that. I have to wonder if our majors aren't already at the point of saturation. How many more dodgey scorers can the Fish have?
  2. Redtiger7

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Rookie Seena will be on sale on the SF store Nov 23rd for 9 pounds
  3. Redtiger7

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Noveember 23rd
  4. Redtiger7

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Yep. You can no longer use Seasoned Brisket in the Union. I get it. They want to make things even between the Union and other guilds. But it's still not the best customer friendly move. Same with Seasoned Spigot and Vet Fangtooth.
  5. Redtiger7

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Steam Con. Or secondary market.
  6. Redtiger7

    Brick's blind spot

    Can't find this in the S4 rule book, so I'm guessing that no longer applies.
  7. Redtiger7

    Print-friendly S4 rulebook...

    For binding I drilled 4 tiny holes into the center, then strightened out 2 paper clips, bending the ends back up to look like a giant staple. Both ends were put through two of the holes and bent in, then pounded down with a mallet. (An actual hammer, not the Masons figure)
  8. Redtiger7

    Spending MP

    I realize that, but might want to change that wording next time you do the rule book.
  9. Redtiger7

    Spending MP

    Just finished reading the new rules. I'm assuming the section on spending MP is mis-written. It kinda sounds like for Pass and Move, Defensive Stance and Run The Length you can spend multiple MP to use it multiple times in one go. Like I can spend 4 MP to get a 16" dodege after recieving a pass, or get a +4 defence from a charge. The rules say you can use any number of abilities that you can afford, but these three (as well as Scoring a Goal, Snap Shot and Gliding) don't say they can only be used once like Rest does.
  10. On both Flurry and External Combustion, a target model is hit, and models within a area recieve damage or burn. But in both cases the card doesn't say that the initialy targeted model recieves those as well. That seems odd.
  11. Redtiger7

    Brick's blind spot

    Even the old Brick would've been blocked by that set up. Harmony's blocking his LOS to Decimate
  12. Redtiger7

    Water: obstacle, barrier, or rough ground?

    LOL. STupid logic. Mine looks like slippery mud. I always assume when you hit teh slippery you just slide through it, speeding it up. Maybe?
  13. Redtiger7

    Water: obstacle, barrier, or rough ground?

    How would shallow water speed you up?
  14. Can Seenah make her charge for free, or is that just for a regular attack?
  15. Dave Millington has been doing some great work getting double sided cards posted up soon after they're revealed. You can find them all here at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_6-lJF6sv8PwqoIv4X_S8v3CNPcRUiZ0