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  1. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Butchers vs Morticians. Butcher's used take it to 'em. The ability was used a couple times and came in handy for an influence depleted team, especially to counter Ghast's Fear. Healing was used maybe once, but not really needed as Morticians had trouble all game. Morticians used Near Death EXperience and it was a lot of help delaying the slaughter. Facing Filett and Meathook, being able to heal AND remove conditions really helped. (Well, they got slaughtered, so the help was minimal in the overall scheme of things)
  2. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Dude, the sculpt of him is jumping in the air. LOL
  3. Starting Painter

    Now if I use black for shadows, and then use a dip, would that create too much shadow?
  4. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Really good job on the Butchers
  5. Starting Painter

    I'm just getting into the painting side of things and wondering what color primer everyone would recommend. I've heard black to make any spots you missed llok liek shadows, white to brighten the mini, flesh so you don't have to paint in the flesh later.
  6. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Hey, you stole my idea. Thanks guys.
  7. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Union is probably the hardest to create GIC's for, because all 3 captains are sooo different in playstyles
  8. Drag vs Harpoon

    Or Chain Grab, hwich is the same thing except for some reson you can't spend INF on it for some reason.
  9. Season Four Solthecian Player

    Yeesh. Try saying that 5 times fast
  10. Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    If it's not against board policy, here's teh distributor page for teh terrain pack coming out in November, as well as Balcksmiths and dice and teh farmer's second set launch http://www.phdgames.com/guild-ball-november-releases/
  11. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

  12. Gluttonous Mass says ..."except when making an advance" When who makes an advance, the attacker, or the model with GM?
  13. Health bubbles on cards

    That would get annoying I think. Especially with your clock still running
  14. Blacksmiths (:

    Yeah, those bases are pretty cool