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  1. I dunno. I think it's wierd that bankers would be a MINOR guild. Bankers are pretty major players in society.
  2. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    I meant to comment on that. I'm assuming that the minor guild will also consist of master/apprentice players, and with 2 cross over players, that would make 7 available of each. Hmm... what other type of guild would have masters and apprentices?
  3. Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    So if you roll all 1s, you CAN'T use Vengence, or you CAN?
  4. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    I know you CAN, but only because people have mentioned it on the forums. What do you think is more likely, a new player looks at the OPD, or scours thousnads of posts to see it being mentioned? I bring this up because when I first got into the game several months ago, I thought you needed 10 models to enter a tourney based on what the official rules said. WOuldn't it be a bit prudent just to shove a few extra words into the document to avoid any confusion?
  5. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Except I don't see anything in there that says you can show up with just 6 models. I can defiatly see people staying away from a tourney thinking they don't have enough models to particiapte.
  6. Downside of that is people not buying the Fisherman set because they want a different guild. For me, If I have to scrape together $100 to buy a guild, Butchers are going to be my choice. Later on down the road, if I'm able to get another guild, Fish are probably on my list, but I'm not buying them now. So you could end up actually loosing sales doing it this way.
  7. Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    So Vengence tokens, if you choose to use them, are automatic hits?
  8. Limited Edition Model List

    There's a trading section on this forum.
  9. Make an awesome goal keeper though.
  10. Game too Swingy?

    Yeah, I wish teh goal kick was better too, just not sure what the solution is. The game may seem insurmountable when you get down, but it's not that bad. Beaty teams will fall behind because their method of scoring (take outs) take time to whittle down your opponent's HP. Yes, Scoring teams can score early, but then the ball is thrown into the other end and their scorer is miles away from it. There is also a learning curve, as you get used to your guild and the others, learning what they can do and how you can overcome that. And yes, Fish can have a bit of learning curve in how to time your scoring. Too early and you're out of position. Too late and you give the other team a chance to take the ball from you.
  11. Whalers? Wouldn't that fall under Fishermen's guild? And would they be based out of Hartford? (That's a hockey joke for the North Americans)
  12. A&G both have contract which states that they are activated simultaneously. If one is taken out before they activate, can teh remaining one still activate?
  13. I am. Well I did start with Mage Knight (original) and Heroscape, but they weren't as complex. I've never touched GW as I was put off by the price. I was hesitant to try out Guild Ball, but when I noticed you could get the game for free, it made it really easy. Now I want the cool looking models, but don't have tons of money to spend. Which brings up another good point. Guy picks up Kick Off. For $75 he gets 12 models, a ball, a board, tokens, measuring tools, dice, etc, etc.... Wants to expand teh game. $100 gets him 12 models, a goal post and terrain...The "expansions" arenn't looking as such a bargain that Kick Off was. (And how would you get teh rest of Brewers/Masons?) I'm guessing the unknown caused by Brexit is the reason why.
  14. Are we all plastic now?

    Eagerly awaiting the plastics as I want to get those characters that have been so hyped up in teh forums and fluff, but am inept at putting metal models together. I think 2 6 man boxes would be better, making it easier, more appealing for a new comer to get into the game. I can't see too many people willing to pay $100 to get in, as opposed to $50, no matter how much you get. (That said I can see just as many people complaining about having to buy a whole $50 box to get only one or two models that they want. But if single models is not doable, 6 man boxes would be best)