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  1. Redtiger7

    Traps mechanics changing.

    With them all being 30mm, what does this mean for the Jaecar trap marker?
  2. Redtiger7

    Starter set sales

    It's wierd, I haven't seen any of the old 3 model starter sets being marked down. You would thnk they would be worthless now with the 6 man boxes, but I still still stores selling them at full price.
  3. Redtiger7

    The Free Cities Draft

    So what happens if the Fish pick a bruiser type player? SFG has said that one of the reasons for the S4 rebalancing has been to put guilds back in line with their intended playstyle. SO what happens if the players muck this up with a draft pick?
  4. Redtiger7

    Rookie Draft Info (NOT ABOUT WHO WE SHOULD PICK)

    Then you turn to the next guild and ask who they're picking, and pick that rookie, just to be a %^&#$!#^%. 😄 (This actually happened in the NHL)
  5. Redtiger7

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I like your thinking on Kami. We'll have to wait and see what the other rookies are looking like though.
  6. Redtiger7

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    But what else can he bring to the table? While Brisket isn't the best killer out there, she can still contribute to the beaty game when she doesn't have the ball. Will Layne be able to, or is he a one trick pony (albeit one very good trick) like Flint?
  7. Redtiger7

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I'd like to get some more footballing tech. It really confuses players when you start scoring goals with Butchers.
  8. Redtiger7

    The Free Cities Draft

    So if two people work together on the battle report, can we each post it for our respective guilds?
  9. If a S3 card has no changes to it in S4, save for an ability that has changed it's name (but still does exactly the same thing as teh old ability) will the S3 card be legal to play?
  10. Redtiger7

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    So if you're Hooked, and then get Dirty knifed, or knocked down, you can't go to -2 DEF?
  11. From what I've seen of SFG, I can't imagine they're tone deaf to the problem. They probably are looking for a solution, but finding one that works for everyone, customer, FLGS and SFG, isn't going to be easy.
  12. Redtiger7

    Season 4 Salvo

    Not on the first turn. Only after that.
  13. Redtiger7

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    Crowd outs, Commanding Aura, and Quaffers don't affect character plays. She wouldn't be able to throw anything. If you're talking about selecting it on the playbook, you're much better off selecting the 2 damage result, because a target can't be affected by the same named ability twice.
  14. Redtiger7

    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    Are you saying vHonour is.... Lame? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. Different screen sizes maybe. Toqtamish, don't you use an iPhone? I have Android. Toqtamish