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  1. New Guild ball masons player

    I've learned a lot of handy tricks, like the mallet missle, and 1st turn Flint shenanigans, and of course the ever imposing brick and marbles wrecking crew. They've especially netted me extra time in the game, by forcing my opponent to play around them. I've got tower on the way now so I can't wait to get him running. I took the time to get them painted up and everything. I've really come to enjoy guildball a lot. It feels super fresh and fun to me, and the fluff is fun to read. Especially the ridiculous season one Flint goal. I've come to learn that on the alpha strike the team is very strong, and going first a lot seems to give the masons an advantage in my opinion. I'm really glad I got to play them as my demo team, they just clicked and became so much fun for me. I just wish my community was a bit bigger because as of now it's about 4 consistent players including me. So my experience has been kind of limited.
  2. New Guild ball masons player

    As an update to my other games! So I played a brewers team next, I managed to floor them as a Masons player as well. Turn one I receive and Flint gets the ball, I can't it him behind a forest in the center of the pitch and end my activation, I follow this up with honour giving flint superior strategy, he ends up having a dirty knives on him, and stave tries to move up and lob barrels. I ended up moving flint through the forest, punching stave, getting the momentous push dodge result and dodging up to score a goal on the third activation, I then dodged back into the forest and as everyone moved into flint, I moved everyone towards him as protection. With the exception of mallet who went on the wing to get closer to spigot who had the ball. Turn two I go first again luckily, and mallet runs charges spigot and gets a couple hits in, knocking him down and sending the ball towards the back of the brewers pitch, tapper then comes in and proceeds to wreck shop on poor flint, and forcing me to move back at 1 hp, at this point Friday does another dirty knives and flint bites the dust. I then use the sisters to move in on Friday and generate momentum, doing a few points of damage and getting closer to tapper and stave. Stave then goes and throws more barrels sticking next to tapper for that aura, hits harmony but not honour pushing her back into the forest and dealing two damage. So I then move brick up to be imposing, hooper moves up to attempt a swing on brick and I charge in with marbles, to get him in range of tapper and stave. With my last activation, I move the monkey up into tapper and stave sticking in hoppers range. I win the momentum race, and start the third turn, load up honour mallet and harmony, top out and things get nasty, I walk in with honor and start swinging on stave hitting 6 damage with her 4 result and a 2 momentous 3 times in a row and getting knockdown to prevent his counter, I then kill kill him with the same result and a double dodge into tapper, i smack tapper twice and run in with harmony leaving tapper now at 3 health and in a pool of problems. Hooper comes in to try and help out, and pushes a few people away but I'm at 7 momentum and run in mallet and finish off tapper. The field now looks like the nasty beater four in the center, with Friday, hooper, and the cat there, flint is after the ball and brick is still being brick. With hooper already gone and me up 8 momentum my opponent conceded, because hooper was next on the chopping block and I was just going to pick people off bit by bit. The engineers I played against has been less one sided now, I still manage to win, I have won 12-8 each time, however it's all been due to the sister wombs combo scoring goals and wrecking models. Though the problem I've had in this matchup is I feel like flint has been alone, without him having the ball a lot he hasn't been able to do much. Due to him not being super tough I haven't been too aggressive and haven't moved him around, how I have had him in position for snapshots, but honestly the sisters mainly score goals.Flint is a super star at scoring but sometimes I wonder if he could be substituted for Tower, in favor of a more ridiculous honour fest? Everyone I haven played seems to have a lot of trouble with the sisters and don't know how to handle them. However I have yet to beat the hunters player, my last game 8-12 I fogot chaska could shoot a player 4 inches off the map and Flint got wrecked. And the ball went with him and the hunters were up 6-0 in no time. Brick seems to get stifled a lot by them, and the traps mess with me a lot too. And I'm still only working with the starting 6. I feel like I'm doing better but the matchup still feels quite challenging in my opinion. Any thoughts? I almost lost one of the engineer games but I killed ballista twice, after velocity kicked two goals on me I got the ball back on a kick in and forced my opponent to move and take all activations before honour who had the ball, allowing me to gain positions and momentum, which I then took honour who had the ball, scored it, and made a 4" dodge towards they're models and closer to velocity. Velocity got the ball, however being up 2 momentum caused me to go first and load up the sisters again and strip the ball, get momentum and score another goal. The Engineers player also chooses ballista over pin vice because he has a hard time playing her correctly.
  3. Bricks counter charge

    Thank you!
  4. For bricks counter charge, it say when a model ends in the 6" range, once per turn, he may counter charge. If you move in this range and brick elects not to charge you, does he lose his counter charge for the rest of the turn since the effect is triggered?
  5. New Guild ball masons player

    Hey guys, I really appreciate your advice on the topic, I went to the shop today to play a timed game and actually went 12-0 against the engineer team I was having trouble with! i still have the starting 6, but I used them a lot more like you guys said. Turn one the main play for the engineers was to get the ball to velocity, and run her towards my goal. He went up the side, I superior strategied mallet, engaged her and pushed her. I won the momentum and roll that turn and went first. turn two I pushed velocity off the side of the pitch with mallet placing the ball in the middle which scattered to colossus, and then had marbles on ballista, and tag teamed him with the sisters. I once again win the momentum race. Turn 3 I went first again, and killed ballista with honour, and had harmony then engage colossus and kept her within four inches of brick, I took the ball and kicked it to flint who ran off on his own. I once again win the momentum race. I go first again on turn four and use the sisters and brick to kill colossus, and pump my momentum up yet again, keeping a lot of people together and had mallet returning to the pitch, and I used brick to engage ratchet and knock him down. He moved up ballista a little far that turn which set me up for an easy sisters kill. The final turn the sisters finished off ballista again and flint ran in and scored a goal on compound by staying in Melee range to not trigger rush keeper, and I used a bonus time die. All in all the guy felt kinda shocked and surprised, it felt really good to play the masons so fluidly! Next is the hunters guy so I'll see how I do but I really appreciate all the help from everyone! Also, it was my first times game and I managed to do it under time. So that was pretty cool.
  6. New Brewers player

    Hey guys, I recently bought the Kickoff starter box in the past month and have been playing with the masons. However, recently I was having a rough time against hunters so I figured I'd try out the Brewer's against them, and man were they just a ton of fun. There's Knock downs for everyone, and a lot of fun shenanigans that go along with it. So I've learned a lot about the Masons on here and now I'd love to learn more about the brewers. Strategies, which models are the best to pick up next and all that fun stuff. I still haven't managed to win a game with the brewers but I typically tend to get 10 points or so with them. So I'd like to finish out How to close out a game. A lot of times I seem to get a lot of take outs but not so many goals. Any advice would be great!
  7. New Guild ball masons player

    Who is does tower typically replace as in line up in that case? I guess it would be brick since harmony and honour have a lot of chemistry together. That makes sense to me, I could see why mallet could be favored, especially with his reach and forceful blow ability.
  8. New Guild ball masons player

    It makes me sad that chisel is bad, she seemed really cool. I actually wanted to order tower and hammer from the shop, but they're supplier was out of him, so I think next I may order tower and minx or mist based on your guys advice. Im glad to have a new perspective on marbles though, I've mainly used him as a charge threat with brick!
  9. New Guild ball masons player

    That's one thing I need to make more use of is marbles and honour going in together. I get wary of putting marbles in contact with other models because of his low health pool. Tower will be who I order next then! I'm guessing tower is used a lot then in most games? Who are typically the masons core starting figures?
  10. New Guild ball masons player

    Hey guys, some guys at my local game store convinced me to get guild ball, and I've really enjoyed it so far. I got the kick off set and really liked the masons, so I've played a handful of games with them. While I don't necessarily do bad, I've struggled with hunter and engineers, and seem to usually come up short in games by about 2-3 vp. I was just wondering if you guys had any advice on tactics, and which models I should order next. Currently I have the starting 6, hammer, and chisel. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!