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  1. number2648

    Game balancing the butchers

    This sounds interesting and I'll give it a go, much of which will be agreeing with the above. Fillet: I like swapping Quick Foot for Quick Time. Ox: I like the idea of switching Tough Skin with Stand Firm(Sturdy). Princess: Either Hobble or Follow Up to harry models. Truffles: Make Hog Wild a character trait. Boar: Seems fine, so the 2KD on the sixth column sounds good. Boiler: Possibly too much, but Get Over Here[Princess]. Brisket: A reliable dodge, probably 1< on first column. vBrisket: I rarely find myself using it on other models so changing to Acrobatic sounds good. vGutter: I have yet to put her on the table, but Grapple Hook being able to target friendly or enemy models seems much more interesting. Meathook: Seems fine to me, possibly lose Sanguine Pool? vOx: I've never been able to get much if any work out of him so I'll leave this to others. Shank: I know the game states only one change per player, but I could see him becoming better at ball handling or fighting. If ball handling, change KICK to 2/8"(not any more accurate, but better at getting the ball where it needs to go). If fighting, a trait to go after returning players such as "And Stay Down: This model gains [+1] damage to Playbook damage results against players at or below their Icy Sponge level". Tenderiser: Definitely feels like he needs a rework. For a different idea give him Poised while within 4" of the friendly goal-post. It still won't stop a lot of strikers getting goals, but does make it a bit more tricky to bounce off of.
  2. number2648

    Butchers Player Summaries

    I only started playing late last year so I'm no expert but I can give my take on the mascots to keep the ball rolling. Princess (M) – The more popular and good all around mascot, she can usually be found hanging out with Boiler to turn him into a murder machine. When not helping out Boiler she is effective at blocking charge lanes and tying up models since most players won't want to trigger Loved Creature to give your team an even higher TAC. Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Truffles (M) – A bit on the slow side, Truffles can be fairly good at getting in the way. With better survivability than most squaddies opposing players won't want to bother damaging him and with a reasonable chance to hit a knockdown they may not want to risk a parting blow or counter attack unless they have steady. Good into: Fighting teams(Butchers, Brewers, Farmers) // Risky into: Mobile teams (Alchemists, Fishermen), non-human teams(Engineers)