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  1. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    well yes, hearth is obviously easy to be Kd, but got Sturdy to avoid it at first attempt and then kd / push by herself. That's why i considered her Anyway , sledge is not making into my lineups, at least for now, so Cinder and Iron will be the choices, depending on situation (And the presence of cinder too, while iron seem to me quite attractive in many lineups i find Cinder more Furnace + Cast related)
  2. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    So you don't consider hearth for this purpose? If i load Piledriver previously, let's say during sledge activation, can i apply its effect during a counterattack? It is sustained so i assume yes The problem is that he's susceptible to kd (so that is why i loved hearth) Assuming Hearth is probably my most liked player in blacksmith and so, assuming i have "use this" at my disposal, you think cinder and iron are the best option for this use?
  3. Hi guys New player here, will have soon all the 12 smith models My question is : who is your favourite ball handler? If you can't or want not to score and want to wait a bit, who do you give the ball? I am thinking at hearth due to her kd on first result and 2" reach that can be pushed to 3 and sturdy Furnace is my other option due to his better defence, tackle on one, push and kd, plus a longer kick for his next activation Your thoughts?
  4. Hi everybody from italy

    Ciao!! Da che parte dell'Italia? / Hi!! What part of Italy ?
  5. Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm still pretty sure that even when thresher will be available to everybody Grange will be the choice in many matches
  6. First light of Solthecius

    And Grace is done too :
  7. Grange list?

    Thinking about a Grange, Jack, Harrow, Windle, Peck , Benediction with Benny as the ball killer
  8. Fallow?!

    Thanks I will wait for an official message for the pre release of the new farmers In that case i will offer some profit to anyone who is willing to buy a box for me !
  9. Fallow?!

    when and where the Steamcon wil be?
  10. [W] tater and lucky

    thanks, Pm!
  11. Painting this guys for my Farmer's lineup Starting fron the easy one, Benny! Comment and critics are welcome!!
  12. Benediction + Bushel = question Time

    Ok thank you so much, haven't read that source yet Thanks again!
  13. Benediction + Bushel = question Time

    Ok, so this means that the recipient of the pass is bushel and not benny My biggest doubt was that, as it is written, benny became the source of the play, so the pass would be directed to him
  14. Hi guys, i need to understand clearly how the "impart wisdom" from Benediction works referred to Bushel's "I'm open" I have added a simple scheme here to help In that example, if i Activate Bushel and use "I'm open" with impart wisdom can i target Jackstraw even if he's outside the 6" range of the play? If so, what is jack going to do? a ) Is He going to pass to bushel at a 10" max range (grange for the family aura) b ) is he going to pass it to Benny? (because under impart wisdom it is said that he's the origin of the play) c ) Am i Totally wrong and i missed something? I hope you can understand, I'm trying to learn everything about farmers but i'm still quite new to the game Thanks guys!
  15. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Great work on the farmers , but really love hunters too I think i'm going to copy this hunters palette on mine! My farmers got mold line problems too, jackstraw is the worst one, horrible on the left arm