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  1. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Wow, great again And really thanks for the bones tutorial!
  2. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    ok, where can i preorder a box?
  3. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Wow Man! i really can't decide between morticians and Hunters what is my favourite of your works i would like to ask you thousand of questions, but , will you be so kind to tell me your secret for painting bones? they look so smooth and perfectly white thanks!
  4. Mystery box!

    Omg, i want them! Can't wait for the mistery box to arrive!
  5. Mystery box!

    Sorry guys but..what are the chibi cards?
  6. my new shiny Fishermens

    Really thanks guys!
  7. Mystery box!

    Would like to know something more , anyway i've already bought one, hoping to skip fishermen
  8. my new shiny Fishermens

    Thanks mate!
  9. my new shiny Fishermens

    All the work now is done! wish to add a couple of links to two videos where i show my ....mess The Changing tide Pirate's Return and the full photo album . Comment and critics are really wellcome! photo album
  10. Noob asking for your help!

    Are you meaning the first or second one?
  11. Hi people I'm a new player from Italy As you can imagine i choose fish, bought all the 12models available and swiftly painted almost all of them (i'm 9/12 at the moment) Not going to buy union player atm, i think i have already enough to learn here(and i don't like the models, i'm a figurine painter before a gamer ) I'm struggling to decide what team to field in my first games I'm noob, so it's not about to find the strongest lineup against a team or another It's more like i need to understand who works better with who and why On my first game i choose : Corsair, tentacles, hag, sakana, kraken, v siren I played against kick off masons It's not about the result (we stopped while we were on a draw but late on time) the feeling was that i were unable to punch him and unable to score What are your suggestions? For the next game i was thinking something like : Corsair, salt, jac, greyscales, siren and sakana for a more aggressive lineup Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all I am new to guildball but i've decided to start a fish for the model look I bought all the 12 members and started to paint from the blisters before touching the changing tide box (I have noticed the release on september of a second box : pirate's return containing exactly this miniatures) A few generic pictures, but soon i will upload better ones with a decent camera