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  1. Bob Hambleton

    Wave 2 Thoughts

    I assume that none of you have actually looked closely at the mimic card then. The reward for killing it is the same as opening two chests, not one. So you get 4 loot cards. I don't agree with your assessment on the invader reward. I consider the three souls to be incidental to the invader loot drop which you get immediately so is not lost even if the rest of the encounter then kills you (and then you still get the extra three souls in your drop point to try and reclaim). I quite like that. You say that the old dragonslayer will be trivial if you turn up in heavy armour but he is a mini boss so rocking up in heavy armour on the initial loot availability is likely to leave you light on magic resistance and 40% of his attacks are magical. It may not be such a walkover. To be honest, once you've geared up to multiple blue/orange defence dice very little in the game poses a credible threat which is why I engraved my own with blank faces on. Because a 7 damage boss attack should be terrifying, not effectively a 4 damage attack you'll probably block all of. Dodge builds and light weapons are largely useless though. Also, hoping the typo on the Dragonslayer's Darkness Falls card gets sorted out. That attack shouldn't have an aggro targetting icon.
  2. Bob Hambleton

    Armor Sets

    Can't say I like the armour sculpt poses either but since there is no need to ever use them in gameplay I also don't really care that much. I may try to convert them with some weapons or else they'll go in a cupboard and join the pile of spare minis I see no need to paint. Going to end up with plenty of playable character minis anyway.
  3. Bob Hambleton

    Finally got Dark Souls painted

    Trying PostImage since Imgur's T&Cs seem to specifically prohibit hotlinking at their own discretion. Can anyone else see the repaired images now?
  4. Bob Hambleton

    Finally got Dark Souls painted

    They did work but then photobucket decided to kill all image hotlinking unless you pay for their premium service. So I may find an alternative image host for them or I may have to bin this thread.
  5. Each attack is resolved separately. So pick the first weapon to attack with, roll the dice, subtract the block or resist and apply the damage then move on to the next weapon.
  6. Bob Hambleton

    Chilling Thrust miss?

    The weak arc just shows where the boss is weak, not where you are safe. He still stabs you. You are only ever safe if you are out of range, or the attack has green arcs and you aren't in one.
  7. You get the extra black die on each attack, so each weapon gets the bonus die (including Cestus if you have that in your backpack) as each hand can make its own attack.
  8. Probably best if you look at Replect's step-by-step repost from the FAQ thread on boss movement here But it is worth noting that this "turn the boss directly facing the character if he is on the same node" will only ever apply if the boss movement behaviour doesn't include push (or if you are using the shield which cancels push). Otherwise you are pushed off the boss node before it decides where to turn.
  9. 1. Yes. All leap moves are supposed to also have the push icon and before any push movement behaviour starts anyone on the same node is pushed off it. Then when it lands on your head you will be pushed again (in any direction of choice since you are not in a boss arc when it lands on you). 5. If the boss has to move away from you and there is a node which is further away that it can move to it will turn and back up onto that node. If not it will not move but may still turn if doing so fulfils the 'turn to face a node closer to/farther from the target' condition. 6. Interesting question. I would say they still use the imaginary pattern if it means they can fulfil the turn even if they then cannot move due to the wall but would always prioritise turning to a node that actually allows the move to complete if one exists. Personally I think it would have been better if the 'back up' description in the rules had just said to turn the boss to face a closer node the same way as when moving towards the target then move straight back one since turning towards will always use a node on the actual tile, even against a wall.
  10. Bob Hambleton

    Fixing bendy miniatures permanently

    Boiling water is more successful at effecting permanent changes (and also more dangerous to you and your minis). If you're keeping the minis in the original vac-formed plastic you will find that this pushes Ormstein's spear tail out of shape again regardless though. Mine just didn't quite fit.
  11. Bob Hambleton

    various questions

    Number 4 has a caveat that some abilities (the Warrior's heroic Berserk Charge) and weapons with the shift icon allow movement which isn't part of the walk or run you can only do before or after attacking so with the right hero and/or weapon you can move both before and after an attack (or with a dual wielding warrior, berserk charge move - one hand attack - shift icon move + other hand attack - run away.).
  12. Bob Hambleton

    Game Finder

    In Ampthill but I game most weeks in MK at the Wargames Workshop at the Kingston Centre. Have run DS there in the past.
  13. Area attacks have the area icon on them (which is buried in the boss attacks example on pg 29). If there is no area icon it targets the aggro or nearest player according to the target icon as normal. Only green arcs are hit in area attacks but 'normal' attacks have no green arcs and so can hit through any arc though there is at least one card which has a green arc and no area icon which has caused some debate in this thread
  14. Bob Hambleton

    (Video) 3 Player Playthrough Winged Knight/Dancer

    Thanks for pointing out that my PDF rulebook was out of date. Bleed is way better in the current wording.
  15. Bob Hambleton

    (Video) 3 Player Playthrough Winged Knight/Dancer

    I attend! In my other identity as larvauk (or Larva uk since you seemed to have so much trouble with it )