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  1. Sirron

    Match Report - Hunters vs. Butchers

    Great match/battle report, a pity the butchers lose the game! Keep on doing them! And more yet with the butchers!
  2. Sirron

    The Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land

    very cheap, would say even unfair price with the other starter boxes, maybe because they are the "metal bawcses"!!! The miniatures are very beautiful, but as @Wildeybeast said, very static, but beatiful anyway!
  3. Sirron

    Facepalm Moments - Broken Fillet

    Some mistakes happens when you use a new model! But your adversarie should read your cards too, everytime I think some card or rule is broken, I pause the game to see if the rules are been readen correct!
  4. Sirron

    After the bloody master starter box

    I see a lot of people saying that Ox is better than Fillet against Farmers, why?
  5. Sirron

    After the bloody master starter box

    Thanks @MechMage and @Dracilic, think I will get the vet Brisket then, and in the future Meathook and a Fillet!
  6. Hello guys, I recently played the Kick Off starter box with a friend andloved the game. So I have just bought the new starter box for Butchers: the Bloody Master, and I would like to have some advice and insight about wich player should I buy after this box and maintaing the Ox captain! Thanks