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  1. Painting the core game

    Months pass, and I finally managed to finish the royal sentinels. That takes care of all the base models. Next up: The Gargoyle.
  2. Finally finished painting my set.

    Congrats! They look great!
  3. Painting the core game

    Thanks! I used Army painter battlefields: Tundra Tufts. The sentinels are progressing, but very, very, slowly.
  4. Painting the core game

    Back from vacation in the UK! I finished up the hollow crossbowmen. Next up.. either the Gargoyle of the Sentinels. Don't know yet.
  5. Update 110 on Kickstarter

  6. Painting the core game

    Got a bit slowed down with some real life. Here are the three hollow soldiers! Next up: The three hollow crossbowmen, and then the gargoyle.
  7. Painting the core game

    The Shadows of Brimstone miniatures are so much harder to paint, they don't hold detail very well. Here are links to a few shots from my photosteam. https://www.flickr.com/photos/theglok/30026553080/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/theglok/25342537779/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/theglok/30861627232/ Didn't have my photobox around to take pictures of these.
  8. Painting the core game

    Oh yeah the heat is KILLING me, honestly. Not a happy painter.
  9. Painting the core game

    And here are the two large hollows.
  10. Painting the core game

    Used a 000. Very small.
  11. Painting the core game

    Thanks! Here are the four player characters.
  12. So I started painting Dark Souls the boardgame as fast as I can.The miniatures are a lot more fun to paint then Shadows of Brimstone, the detail is nice. So I started my engines and am putting my painting time at the moment in Dark Souls models! I am painting the miniatures in the actual colorscheme from the game. The bases are just 'themed' around Dark Souls, desolate, kinda ... dead. Here are the 3 Silver Knights and the 3 Silver Knight Greatbowmen. Next up the 4 player characters! We already played a game and intend to run more. We want to run through the Dark Souls 1 'campaign' which means my paint order will be: 4 PCs, 3 Hollow Soldiers, 3 Hollow Crossbowmen, 3 Large Hollows, the Gargoyle, 2 Sentinels, the Titanite Demon and finally Ornstein & Smough. The other (mini-)bosses don't appear in that 'campaign', so they are up after all of this is done! Critique welcome. They are tabletop quality, I want them done, but I want them to look nifty.