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  1. Clocked out Against Farmers

    Took me a few games to figure out Siren and now I love her. I tend to keep Siren in the middle as she can get to either wing and hit someone if needed. Triggering Seduced off a charge on playbook to get a pass works even better as you get a momentum for the PB result, and one for a (successful) pass, and she has 1 more inf to do something with it. On a charge she can threaten hitting a model 11" away, and if you stack Seduced range on that you have a 17" threat range. If she's mid pitch she should be able to get to where she needs to be. Take a pass, make a teamwork action to dodge, and all of a sudden she can score from 19" (9+4+6) away from goal
  2. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    We played in person, but I used Vassal as an easy way of recreating board state. If you get onto the discord channel you'll find people willing to show you how vassal works. Or setup a solo game and try and move stuff around and just see how you get on
  3. For those who have been chatting to me on Discord, you'll know that I've been trying to unlock the Corsair mystery, without great success so far. This game was a particularly rough one and the more we discussed it after the more we think the Corsair game plan isn't working vs Masons. I'll post the game first, from my perspective as Corsair, and then discuss in the next post where I think things are going wrong. Would welcome your input on this as well. I've recreated the game from memory of last night, so the positioning on the board may be fairly rough, but enough to tell the story. Turn 1 ############################# Influence Corsair 6 Honour 5 Salt 1 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 4 Sakana 2 Harmony 1 Siren 0 Brick 1 Greede 1 Mallet 1 Avarisse 3 Salt jogs to the ball, retrieves and passes to Corsair. Masons move Brick forward. Corsair kicks a pass to Sakana but misses, failing to get the teamwork action neded to dodge and try to drag flint. Corsair sprints towards the ball, throws out sturdy on Hag and ends the turn with 3 inf left. Masons and Fish both position other models, with Honour putting superior strategy on Flint. Flint activates last, farms some momentum from A&G and ends up in the middle of the pitch. MOM: Masons 5, Fish 1 Turn 2 ############################## Corsair 6 Honour 6 Salt 0 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 4 Sakana 3 Harmony 0 Siren 0 Brick 0 Greede 0 Mallet 2 Avarisse 3 Flint activates first, charges Corsair (def stance) and gets the MOM push-dodge. Uses where'd they go to grab the ball and scores. Masons use Knee Slider, Fish use Who Are Ya? for a vengeance token. Goal kick places the ball onto Hag. After some respositioning, Sakana charges Mallet to also engage Marbles, hits >><< and a MOM < and drags Mallet back, then hits MOM 1dmg Weak Point. Mallet attacks back, getting a push to disengage and Sakana doesn't use Poised. Corsair bonus times a drag on Harmony but misses, attempts twice more and misses both, then jogs forward. Honour engages Sakana and rolls horribly but knocks him down to 6 health. MOM: Masons 4, Fish 0 Score: Masons 4, Fish 0 Turn 3 ############################## Influence Corsair 4 Honour 6 Salt 0 Marbles 0 Hag 2 Flint 0 Sakana 0 Harmony 3 Siren 2 Brick 1 Greede 0 Mallet 3 Avarisse 3 Honour activates first and finishes off Sakana (Sakana counters for 1 dmg Weak Point), then legendaries for +1inf. Harmony activates with linked and sprints to Hag, gets the MOM tackle, Hags counter hits only 1dmg, and Harmony scores. Goal kick kicks the ball out wide to the middle left of the pitch. Siren charges Brick, engaging Marbles, and gets the MOM Seduced, forcing Mallet to attack Harmony and singled out. Brick hits Siren and uses knockback, doing 2 damage. Avarisse drops Greede and kills Harmony, leaving Greede on the pitch. Marbles charges Siren with Sic'em, and gets a MOM 2, followed by a MOM > on the next attack. Hag activates and legendaries, then fishers reel's Corsair to move him 4in over towards Honour. Corsair makes 4 attacks on Honour, getting a KD, MOM 3>, MOM 3> and 1, and MOM 3>, leaving her on 6. Momentum at this point is something like 10-8 or 10-7 to Masons, so I elect to spend my MOM to heal Siren and Hag. Probably a mistake here as I forgot Masons were on 10 VP, thinking it was 8. MOM: Masons, 10, Fish 2 Turn 4 ############################## Influence Corsair 6 Honour 6 Salt 3 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 0 Sakana 0 Harmony 4 Siren 3 Brick 1 Greede 0 Mallet 3 Avarisse 0 Harmony jogs on the pitch. Masons activate first and Honour kills Siren. GG! Score Masons 12, Fish 2
  4. GB resolution for –18?

    Git gud
  5. Blacksmiths Kicking Set Play - "Name TBD"

    I've been on the verge of dropping Blacksmiths after a handful of games with box 1, but this nonsense makes me want to try them more. Roll on February I guess
  6. Foul odor - Casket

    I kick with Casket sometimes to get him out of the way, and he can drop a Ghostly Visage down to protect himself (and others) and play a more aggressive Morticians game. I also do the opposite to @Rom177 and sometimes run both Ghast and Casket. They end up being huge resource sinks for the other team, tying up players for 2 or 3 turns. In an Obulus list you can afford to take the influence hit a bit more.
  7. Best of the Season to You!

    An ideal Christmas. Take a moment of Silence in Memory for those that can't be with you, and be with your family in Harmony. Remember to Honour your Mother who worked to make Christmas dinner. Quaff some beers, roast some Taters with a pinch of Salt. Maybe some chocolate Coins for dessert if you're still Peckish. Head out into the Snow with your Sledge, if you're Lucky and the weather's not too Misty. Finally enjoy your time resting by the Hearth. And for those of you that find being with family a stressful time. Well....just try not to Rage and lose your Marbles Happy holidays
  8. Against Farmers, what team, what plan?

    I think I would take Ox, Princess, Boiler, Boar, vBrisket and Shank. vBrisket/Shank has the movement combos to get around Tater countercharges Ox/Boiler bring defensive debuffs Princess combos with Boiler but also sits nicely in range of a 'Dont fear the...' to get your Loved Creature off for the whole turn after Thresher has done his thing. Finally Boar snipes any of the remaining Farmers by taking advantage of the low Def high health pools. It's a theorycrafted list though. Could also see a Fillet list with Minx doing OK.
  9. When to Casket?

    By using it on a non-captain you're probably also denying an opponent 2inf for the next turn, which gives you a chance to pull ahead further that turn. Say you have a chance turn 2 for a Casket time (more often I find turn 3) and choose not to take it, that means you're choosing to use it next turn and hope it has an impact on the game the turn after that. As most games go 4-5 turns you're running out of opportunities not just to use it but also for it to have a meaningful impact on the game. Morticians are about ruining opponents plans to get the edge, I would take the edge of an extra 2inf immediately to try and snowball it into a win in later turns rather than waiting until later in the game. I casket time every time.
  10. I've not played with the second 6 so maybe he gets outshined later, but in the first box I found I was loading up Sledge with 3 every turn. He had help with crowdouts from Anvil and Cinder but was reliably doing 12 damage a turn, ignoring the time he got 3x 7dmg hits+piledriver wrap vs a knocked down and singled out tapper. Tutelage really helped him out. His final act was a long bomb out to Ferrite for a snapshot win. Anvil nearly always gets 2 for a knockdown and then singled out against a target, and it's so reliable (and momentous). I rarely want him to do anything else but 2 momentum and a free tutelage is efficient enough by my book. I understand the argument that anvil does beating almost as well. He needs more support without piledriver which seemed to put Sledge over the top, but Iron can also fill both roles. We'll see how my opinion changes with the second box
  11. Blacksmith's as a Tournament Choice

    Had my third game with them today and damn there is a lot going on. I feel like the Masons with analysis paralysis, and there is less of a clear line on what to do 'first' like with other teams. I feel it will reward practice so I'll churn out a few more before deciding, but probably going to take Fish to our January tournament. (Note: Only have Blacksmiths 1 atm)
  12. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I suppose I would say I plan to use it at least 3 times a game, and by use it I mean 'take a shot'. I am using it by choosing not to bonus time (and gaining 1 momentum). I would use Slippery Fishes ideally twice, as I want the game to be over by turn 2, but probably somewhere between 2-4/5 times in a game since it's OPT.
  13. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    We've not played with GICs yet but I love the look of Pay to Win. Not because it is a failsafe but it's actually a momentum saver, something I struggle to keep in balls to the wall Shark. Pay to Win means you never need to bonus time a shot. Alternatively it is like being able to bonus time up to 3 times. I suppose the big question is how much MOM is this saving in a game? I'd expect at 3 MOM that's 3 goals (a good result), less when you have to use it to reroll but then it has done it's job in a way bonus time can't. Am I missing something why people are down on this GIC?
  14. Edit: A better search would have shown me From the Brainpan and Memory ruling I understand that 'At the start of this/other model's activation' triggers can be resolved in any order (e.g. Brainpan can use Thought [Memory] to create the puppet and then have it make a 2" dodge immediately from Control Strings). How does this apply with Bolt's Stamina and Tutelage? For example, could Bolt use Stamina to jog to within 6" of Farris, and then use Tutelage since both are at the start of the activation? I suspect not due to the wording of Tutelage being different (if this model starts its activation...) but wanted to get confirmation.
  15. Blacksmith's as a Tournament Choice

    @EpicChris you capture my concerns well - auto-fold to some of the Character Play heavy teams, but also the setup of jank. The BS will reward knowing (and spotting) these situations well, even more than a Shark team, but it also relies on your opponent not spotting it. I've done well in my games so far in our meta, and I think it's down to having more retained knowledge, and therefore less mistakes being made. At a higher level of play I can't rely on my opponents making a mistake, or at least have to play as if they won't. This is pushing me towards a team that has a solid game plan/position to control the game (examples that spring to mind include Corsair, Farmers) as well as one that is more consistent (which means more of a 1-4 or 2-2 game)