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  1. Fisherman Player Summaries

    One of the things missed on Jac is that he enables a T1 goal with Salt relatively easily if receiving by use of Get Over Here, bringing Salts goal threat range on T1 from 17" to potentially 24". This makes a 'safer' T1 goal since you are possibly trading 4 points for 1 rather than 2.
  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I mentioned it as after the initial changeover I know you were aware of some performance issues and issues an update not long after. A full reinstall did seem to resolve the performance issues but they crept back in, perhaps in a later version update. It seems to be only the roster screen that has the performance issues and killing the app and restarting fixes performance until you enter the roster screen again. The only way I've been able to fix it is to remove all players from the roster via the individual guild selection pages (rather than roster page). I'll run it and check the memory usage next time I have a chance
  3. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Had some performance issues on a Kindle FIre HD8 since the initial changeover to text, specifically in the roster. Not only is performance a problem but the button to clear the roster becomes unresponsive. I did a full uninstall and reinstall which seemed to fix it temporarily, but the most recent update has seen the performance problems come back. Note I am using the Roster function to track both teams on a pitch (so 12+players)
  4. Had a rough game with Corsair vs Ballista, in part due to trying to take out Hoist (I know). Took Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, oSiren, Gutter and Greyscales. Toss up between Greyscales/Sakana for that last spot, with Sakana allowing better setup with weak point and Greyscales offering better ball holding ability, and in the end I went Greyscales. I was playing against Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Colossus. Colossus and Ballista (and Hoist) are pretty much no go targets now without A&G. That leaves only Veocity and Ratchet for TOs. I ended up losing Corsair to a Ballista TO but killing Velocity before she could do much. Greyscales scored a goal, managed to control the ball and eventually finish off Hoist. oSiren got a seduced off on a nimble Velocity and took the initiative to finish with a goal next turn. Having to pick your targets is very difficult now, as Ratchet is often well hidden by the engis, and you can sink an entire turn and more into trying to take out Hoist or Ballista.
  5. Game Plan deck discussion

    I've found that generally the higher the +MP the more likely it gets played. There is no ability on any of those cards that beats going first. Also though the abilities make more tactical sense at various times in a game, it is rare that the ability you want at that time also coincides with the +MP you need at that time, and so they become largely secondary to that number in the corner. I had a game last night where I was dealt a 2,4,5,6,6,7,7. Not only did I know I could probably go first each turn, it also meant I could freely spent momentum knowing my opponent had nothing better than a +5. Even if you ignore the abilities on the card, that pool of cards said to me "you have at least 2 free momentum to spend each turn" knowing I didn't need save it to hedge on the played cards.
  6. Salt ftw!

    Winner gets promoted to captain right?
  7. Mulligans during play.

    It could be open to abuse (i.e. to 'feel out' what the opponents plan is whether they take it or not) but I doubt that to be impactful enough to not allow changing a decision.
  8. Mulligans during play.

    For tournament play where do you stand on, for example: player announces tackle, you say close control, so player opts to take a different result
  9. How to Shark like a pro?

    Shark is never not chasing the ball except when waiting for an icy sponge
  10. How to Shark like a pro?

    My problem with Krakens damage to inf ratio is that that damage is worthless in Shark unless you plan to go 2-2. Also I see his inf cost for everything as being 1 higher, since he brings 1 less to the team than any other choice
  11. How to Shark like a pro?

    This! Very well said
  12. Customer service for miss packed order

    I had a Brainpan with 2 left arms a few months, so it looks like he is doing Thriller. SFG sent me a replacement through after a few weeks. I have an Avarisse with 2 right arms now, good luck eh :-/. Have sent a contact through the support form but it seems mails have been hugely backed up since Christmas so expecting a long wait. Also waiting to hear on the pundits application. I sent a message to the Facebook page which got a really snappy response, you might want to try there
  13. Clocked out Against Farmers

    Took me a few games to figure out Siren and now I love her. I tend to keep Siren in the middle as she can get to either wing and hit someone if needed. Triggering Seduced off a charge on playbook to get a pass works even better as you get a momentum for the PB result, and one for a (successful) pass, and she has 1 more inf to do something with it. On a charge she can threaten hitting a model 11" away, and if you stack Seduced range on that you have a 17" threat range. If she's mid pitch she should be able to get to where she needs to be. Take a pass, make a teamwork action to dodge, and all of a sudden she can score from 19" (9+4+6) away from goal
  14. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    We played in person, but I used Vassal as an easy way of recreating board state. If you get onto the discord channel you'll find people willing to show you how vassal works. Or setup a solo game and try and move stuff around and just see how you get on
  15. For those who have been chatting to me on Discord, you'll know that I've been trying to unlock the Corsair mystery, without great success so far. This game was a particularly rough one and the more we discussed it after the more we think the Corsair game plan isn't working vs Masons. I'll post the game first, from my perspective as Corsair, and then discuss in the next post where I think things are going wrong. Would welcome your input on this as well. I've recreated the game from memory of last night, so the positioning on the board may be fairly rough, but enough to tell the story. Turn 1 ############################# Influence Corsair 6 Honour 5 Salt 1 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 4 Sakana 2 Harmony 1 Siren 0 Brick 1 Greede 1 Mallet 1 Avarisse 3 Salt jogs to the ball, retrieves and passes to Corsair. Masons move Brick forward. Corsair kicks a pass to Sakana but misses, failing to get the teamwork action neded to dodge and try to drag flint. Corsair sprints towards the ball, throws out sturdy on Hag and ends the turn with 3 inf left. Masons and Fish both position other models, with Honour putting superior strategy on Flint. Flint activates last, farms some momentum from A&G and ends up in the middle of the pitch. MOM: Masons 5, Fish 1 Turn 2 ############################## Corsair 6 Honour 6 Salt 0 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 4 Sakana 3 Harmony 0 Siren 0 Brick 0 Greede 0 Mallet 2 Avarisse 3 Flint activates first, charges Corsair (def stance) and gets the MOM push-dodge. Uses where'd they go to grab the ball and scores. Masons use Knee Slider, Fish use Who Are Ya? for a vengeance token. Goal kick places the ball onto Hag. After some respositioning, Sakana charges Mallet to also engage Marbles, hits >><< and a MOM < and drags Mallet back, then hits MOM 1dmg Weak Point. Mallet attacks back, getting a push to disengage and Sakana doesn't use Poised. Corsair bonus times a drag on Harmony but misses, attempts twice more and misses both, then jogs forward. Honour engages Sakana and rolls horribly but knocks him down to 6 health. MOM: Masons 4, Fish 0 Score: Masons 4, Fish 0 Turn 3 ############################## Influence Corsair 4 Honour 6 Salt 0 Marbles 0 Hag 2 Flint 0 Sakana 0 Harmony 3 Siren 2 Brick 1 Greede 0 Mallet 3 Avarisse 3 Honour activates first and finishes off Sakana (Sakana counters for 1 dmg Weak Point), then legendaries for +1inf. Harmony activates with linked and sprints to Hag, gets the MOM tackle, Hags counter hits only 1dmg, and Harmony scores. Goal kick kicks the ball out wide to the middle left of the pitch. Siren charges Brick, engaging Marbles, and gets the MOM Seduced, forcing Mallet to attack Harmony and singled out. Brick hits Siren and uses knockback, doing 2 damage. Avarisse drops Greede and kills Harmony, leaving Greede on the pitch. Marbles charges Siren with Sic'em, and gets a MOM 2, followed by a MOM > on the next attack. Hag activates and legendaries, then fishers reel's Corsair to move him 4in over towards Honour. Corsair makes 4 attacks on Honour, getting a KD, MOM 3>, MOM 3> and 1, and MOM 3>, leaving her on 6. Momentum at this point is something like 10-8 or 10-7 to Masons, so I elect to spend my MOM to heal Siren and Hag. Probably a mistake here as I forgot Masons were on 10 VP, thinking it was 8. MOM: Masons, 10, Fish 2 Turn 4 ############################## Influence Corsair 6 Honour 6 Salt 3 Marbles 0 Hag 0 Flint 0 Sakana 0 Harmony 4 Siren 3 Brick 1 Greede 0 Mallet 3 Avarisse 0 Harmony jogs on the pitch. Masons activate first and Honour kills Siren. GG! Score Masons 12, Fish 2