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  1. Efficiency Butchers

    I got to try this out vs Hunters last night, with a 12-0 win. I ran Fillet, Truffles, Boar, vBrisket, vOx and Minx into Theron, Snow, Jaecar, Chaska, Seenah, and Hearne. Hearne came in early to try and push vBrisket into bear range, but she took a pass from Fillet to dodge back. vBrisket scored at the start of turn 2, and that extra 2 influence was frankly not that necessary. Boar got locked up by Jaecar early and relied on doing 2 attacks and not moving (pitfall nearby) to finish him over 2 turns. Fillet was a superstar as usual averaging 1.5 takeouts per activation. I expected the team to play very differently, but with 12 inf and a fully loaded fillet it plays kinda how you would play the team normally. One big issue I had was blocking my own charge lanes - positioning is so important.
  2. Efficiency Butchers

    Boiler I love and he is in nearly every list I play, but usually because I have Princess and Marked Target. With Minx and Truffles I don't think I will miss him so much ( giving Boar that 14" threat range...) vOx definitely fits with the efficiency plan but I find his damage often pretty underwhelming, and in your list I probably want another 'killer' like Meathook to help out Fillet and Boar. Then again, as a team list that relies on staying at range and getting the alpha strike, maybe having vOx to gum up the middle of the pitch allowing you to make full use of the rest of your Furious models isn't such a bad idea
  3. I like the idea of a terrain piece you can go inside haha. Might try and find a ruin style piece and just see how it affects the game (i.e. a U shaped barrier). Not OP legal I guess but bugger it, might be fun.
  4. Efficiency Butchers

    I like bringing vBrisket along with Boar (and also the Support from the Wing helps with the efficiency plan), and having Quick Foot form Fillet and Marked Target from Minx is a bonus. I really want to try this out. I didn't think there could be that much flexibility in building a 6 of 12 (ish) team but I guess I was wrong The list I will try is Fillet, Truffles, Minx, Boar, vBrisket and then either vOx/Tenderizer/Meathook depending on the matchup. Probably Meathook to really make the most out of a Fillet activation and provide some more damage
  5. Improving my Morts Game

    I started this game playing butchers for about 3 months, and have since picked up some Morticians which have presented more of a challenge. I am doing ok with Morts but my wins are a lot more of a struggle, and take a lot more complex thinking. I don't feel like I have really 'cracked' the Moriticians, and I am looking for some general advice here. My lineup is Obulus, Dirge, Bonesaw, Casket, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, Silence, Mist, with BP&M and Scalpel somewhere in the mail (and not yet played). I nearly always choose Ghast and Mist and with the other 2 being flex spots. I feel like BP&M are likely to be a permanent slot once I start playing with them. Here are some aspects which I've noticed about my playstyle so far, with thoughts about whether they are correct. As we are a small gaming group I'd be interested in your thoughts to see whether I've missed some aspect that could up my game. I seem to puppet master most turns. In some cases it works very well (jog a fully loaded Tapper out of range) but I am more often left wondering did it actually gain more than 4 influence worth of value out of that play. I rarely use Puppet Master to make an attack or pass (either mine or my opponents). I play far more cautiously, trying to slowly engineer a situation where I am in control. In games where I have one because my opponent clocked out I always felt that without the clock I would have lost that game. When playing against beater teams (Brewers, Butchers, some Union) I don't want to take fragile models like Cosset, so I take strikers like Mist and Bonesaw. As my other spot is usually Ghast that leaves one beater (Graves) to get the other 2 takeouts, and it feels like getting points 10-12 is more of a struggle. Playing a beatdown style of Morticians I feel just as fragile (moreso) than Butchers but with less damage output. What advantage do we have for that playstyle? Quick shout out to Misdirection when playing against Boar
  6. Tenderiser - How do you play him ?

    When bringing a 1inf model Boar seems to do a lot more work than Tenderizer with new Ox, and I can't see myself bringing both
  7. Paper Dolls for Practice

    Taken from the Blacksmiths Guild FB group and shared on my Google Drive (since I can't post a file over 40kb here). If you like them please join the Facebook group and thank the creator, I had nothing to do with these Blacksmith Paperdolls
  8. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    A fair point that 'git gud' isn't really a good answer to some concerns, so apologies as my post probably came across like that. As a personal playstyle I have always enjoyed trying to beat the flavour of the month or 'OP' deck/team/combo in games. Most things have a weakness it just isn't always that obvious, and requires you to play both as it and against it. One of the things I learnt is always to look at what you yourself could have done differently in a loss before being quick to blame the loss on the other player being luckier/better models... than you. We have a tendency to underestimate how good our favourite team is and overestimate how strong others are - I think it was Blizzard that said they are in a good balance spot when everyone is calling for all heroes to be nerfed/buffed about equally. So my response to posts like this will always be 'lets just wait and see'
  9. One of our gaming group got his lips stuck together after carelessly allowing the superglue to leak onto a pile of crisps he was eating. I've suggested he buy the new Farmers box for our upcoming league
  10. Using Spooks Again

    That and Blackmiths (and to some extent Farmers) seem to suffer when their setups are disrupted more than some other teams. Silence is going to have a lot more value outside of Brewers
  11. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    You can be outside his threat range. You can slow him down. You can sacrifice a more resource intensive (or distracting) model. There's no such thing as no solution, just maybe not a direct one. I'm not saying he's not OP, I'm saying we simply don't know yet until we have enough information some time after release and tournament data.
  12. I have a Feldherr foam trays model case/bag, but that doesn't make models invincible. One-piece plastic is far less prone to falling apart than many piece metal models (even with liquid green stuff to improve joint connections)
  13. Recap and Qualified for Nationals

    Also in a vOx vs Gutter scenario I like Lash Out as a way of softening up any models once the chain grab has done its job. All that extra damage counts in a butchers team
  14. Paper Dolls for Practice

    Could you repost here if found please?
  15. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    s/Thresher/Ferrite/g in November.In fact I expect this to be even worse with Blacksmiths because they have a lot of stuff that looks powerful but only if setup well. Call for cries of broken and nerf before we actually realise how to play against them and pick them apart. Everything is OP until you figure out how to stop it. Let's wait and see actual results after several months