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    Thanks, Paul! I've found the main groups on FB and Twitter - think I'll stick to them until I'm au fait with the basic game play Yeah, Bill I think Travelling Man has a tourney or two - had a dig around. Will be a looong time before I can try anything like that though
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    Yorkshire born and bred

    Hello, all! I'm Steven, born and bred in Leeds. I’m an anxiety-ridden, coffee-fuelled, horror writer by night and a mild mannered Civil Engineer/CAD Monkey during the week. Any spare time I have I can usually be found wedging myself into a cave or flinging myself down a river. I've been an outsider hungrily gazing into the world of D&D and gaming for as long as I can remember, but it's taking 32 years (and a shove from the missus) to enter the world. I remember watching my friend at high school working like a mad scientist on his Warhammer minis and always wanting to give it a go. Even in his early teens he was legendary for bastardising miniatures into beautiful new creations - and his painting skills left everybody envious. But I was so worried I'd ruin one of the figures, and the rules just left me a dribbling mess. Buuuut over the past year and a half I've been heavily playing games (with the guidance of other half and her hardcore gamer friends) and have even joined a D&D group. A few of us bobbed over to the UK Games Expo last weekend (holy hell, it's amazing - GO if you haven't!) and we stumbled across the Guild Ball stand. Now I've seen the GB minis before, had looooong sessions in Travelling Man flicking through them looking for a suitable Tiefling mini (little did I know), and I have to admit as soon as I found out it was a game revolving around football, I grimaced and walked away (tut tut). But at the Games Expo, one of the GB team offered us a demo game and showed us the basics. The more he explained the more I grinned like an idiot - it looks amazing! It's safe to say we were hooked from the start. Me and my other half grabbed the Kick Off Season 3 set, so did our friends, we argued over the best guilds, the words 'Guild Ball League' were thrown around a few times, and we went on our merry way with the last two Kick Off sets at the expo (phew!) Soooo, now the fun part begins - we have to learn it ALL from scratch. Me in particular as I've never really painted minis before and I really want to give it a go. At the moment, I've bagsied the Brewers and my OH has claimed the Masons..but when we recover from spending a small fortune at the expo we've pretty much decided Morticians for me and Engineers for her...although I'm sure that will change a few times in the near future as ALL the guilds look amazing. Seriously, I've never played anything where all the teams are tempting choices. YouTube is my best friend at the moment - with intros and demo games and match reports - but if anyone has any tips for a beginner, I'd be very grateful to hear them!