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    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Like DamtheMan mentioned, you're likely forgetting that you start with 16 souls in a solo game -- which definitely makes a difference. I'm also assuming that you're new to the board game. While this suggestion may not be your preference, but I would also reccomend that you experiment with some type of house-rule for the treasure deck. One of the most commonly criticized mechanics of the board game is how much the treasure deck relies on RNG, which artificially boosts the amount of time you have to grind enemies. What I personally do in my games is I make three treasure decks; Deck 1 contains only weapons/armor cards and costs 1 soul per card, Deck 2 contains only upgrade/item cards (ember, kukri, etc) and costs 2 souls per card, and Deck 3 contains only spells and costs 3 souls per card. This method drastically improves the flow of the game for me, as it keeps the RNG system while guaranteeing the type of card I'm in need of. But you can find a plethora of other house-rules here if you so desire. Either way, good luck.
  2. Cfighter

    Wave 3 contents/commitment

    Yes, they confirmed long ago that Wave 3 is essentially "everything else" -- more specifically: the Stretch Goals (was originally the only thing planned for Wave 3), Vordt Mega Boss (delayed to Wave 3 as the mini was unstable and had to be remolded), and the Tile add-ons (delayed to Wave 3 as Bandai Namco didn't give approval for the designs in time for Wave 2). Now, as you mentioned, we've been in the dark for awhile now and it might still be some time before we get a noteworthy update (assuming they're waiting until Wave 2 has been fulfilled completely). It is also possible that something else comes up and they end up splitting Wave 3 into Wave 3/4 (I'd love to read the comments on that one, just saying) but until they decide to chime in, the plan is still that Wave 3 will contain ALL of the stretch goals and everything else not included in Wave 2. But something worth noting: I have a hunch that the stretch goals are further along in the manufacturing process than we think they are (the lack of updates doesn't help tbh), but back when they were posting updates of the production samples for the Mega Bosses I did notice that a couple of the production samples they took pictures of were from the stretch goals which could indicate that by now they might actually have a decent amount of the stretch goals either being printed or already ready to ship. Plus on top of that, I noticed most of the Mega Bosses include at least one Level 4 Encounter card with icons for expansions from what I can only assume belong to the stretch goals -- so if they've already printed/shipped cards with details from the stretch goals, they might be far enough in the production of Wave 3 to announce when shipping will begin, which would be fantastic considering they just shipped Wave 2.
  3. Cfighter

    Tiered Treasure Decks

    For treasure chests, we either take 2 cards from deck 1 (weapons/armor) or 1 card from either of the other 2 decks. And yeah, at face value it definitely seems like you'd need to grind far more than usual to buy cards in this method. But when put into practice, it actually evens out with the official method quite nicely -- with one large deck cards are 1 soul each, but if you're searching for a new weapon then you'll have to grind through the entire deck until you not only find an actual weapon card, but a weapon card you can realistically build toward. With this three deck method you don't have to rely on RNJesus if you know what type of card you want, but you'll still have to filter through the deck(s) to find a card you can realistically wield.
  4. Cfighter

    Tiered Treasure Decks

    The way I handle the treasure deck is pretty simple, and for the most part works great for my games -- three decks; deck 1: weapons/armor, deck 2: rings/upgrades, deck 3: spells. Deck 1 costs one soul per card, deck 2 costs two, and deck 3 costs three. The thought process behind mine is that while RNG is a thing in the video game, you always have access to a store where you can simply buy simple items without any guesswork. This method takes the best of both, where you at least are guaranteed the type of item you want, but still have to obey RNG without it being completely unbearable (with the upgrades/rings/spells removed, the main deck is effectively halved).
  5. Cfighter

    Double-Sided tiles eta

    The tiles were indeed delayed to Wave 3, as SFG couldn't get approval for the designs in time to ship with Wave 2. And as a result of the delayed shipment/delivery of Wave 2, Wave 3 has been pushed from the (most recent) ETA of October-November to a currently unknown ETA. The majority of backers estimate a Q1 2019 delivery window for Wave 3, but I'm unsure why backers came to that conclusion (not that it's inaccurate, I just don't know how they broke that down). In terms of an official ETA for Wave 3 -- there currently isn't one. They are waiting to announce the new ETA until Wave 2 is completely fulfilled. Considering some of their past updates have shown finished production samples from Wave 3, I would wager that the wait won't be too long once the dust on Wave 2 has settled.
  6. Ehh I don't have the two in question but again just get a cup/bowl of very hot water, dip ends of the wings into the water for at least 30 seconds and they should be soft enough to plug into the socket. Then just leave them in the sockets for a minute or so, allowing the plastic to harden in its new shape and you shouldn't have another issue fitting them again. In theory (don't have my Gaping Dragon yet to confirm) the only reason why the pieces aren't fitting together is due to the plastic warping inside the box. Which is where the hot water comes into play. This also isn't necessarily an issue with manufacturing -- it's just a byproduct of the soft plastic the minis are made from. Warping happens all the time with PVC figures, not a whole lot can be done about it. Of course it's also totally possible the issue is with the sculpt itself. I won't know myself for another week.
  7. Please, feel free to vent. I completely get why a lot of people are upset over the assembly -- judging from the unbelievably large number of backers, I would assume Dark Souls is the first venture outside of mainstream board games for most people (I also would assume using the IP to reach this many backers was a calculated decision by SFG). I'm not saying this is your first venture, just the majority of backers in general. Large models simply cannot be manufactured as one piece. Their size/designs demands that the sculpts be split into parts so that the piece comes out of the mold properly. As a result, one way or another these models come out of the molds in pieces. At this point the seller has two options: pre-assemble every mini and sell as one unit, or sell the minis as they come out of the molds and require basic assembly. Obviously it would have been amazing to have the Mega Bosses ready right out of the box, however another key factor that people aren't taking into consideration is the price. Not only would we have had to wait a lot longer to receive the expansions (which people would flip out about), but SFG would have charged at least double what they did for the expansions. Any other large miniature that is pre-assembled/painted costs somewhere in the ballpark of $80+ depending on the size/quality. These Mega Bosses cost on average $50 and they have superb detail for their size/price. Again, I feel a lot of this outcry would have been avoided if they simply said the Mega Bosses would require some assembly. But in their defense, I also don't recall them ever specifically mentioning that the Mega Bosses would ship as one piece (could be wrong about that though lol).
  8. I have not recieved my Gaping Dragon yet, so I cannot comment on the quality/assembly of that particular model (though I do hear the universal consensus is it's a pain in the ass to assemble). However I do have Kalameet, and my experience with Kalameet is that out of the box the wings wouldn't peg in -- but the solution was simply to dip the wing pegs in very hot water, and then to refit the wings into place. While I do think SFG should have warned people the mega bosses would require some assembly, I think people are dramatically over reacting (at least to specifically the assembly). It's unreasonable to expect them to ship out these complex models as one piece, for they are molded in pieces and for them to ship as one unit SFG would have to manually pre-assemble each model and then redesign the boxes to accommodate for the awkward model designs. Was it possible for them to do this? Most likely. However the trade off would have been us waiting probably another year to recieve the expansions, as I doubt they have the man power to delegate assembly to a specific team.
  9. Cfighter

    Another Backerkit?

    I was a late pledge for the base game which means I'm locked out of commenting on the KS page directly, which is where I feel this question would be more appropriate -- but does anyone know if there are plans to reopen the backerkit at some point before Wave 3? Two of the expansions I really wanted (Old Iron King/Guardian Dragon) suddenly became KS exclusives last year, and when the backerkit was reopened before I wasn't in a place financially to purchase them. I'm hoping they will give us one final chance to purchase the KS exclusives before Wave 3 ends, because now I have the money to spend on them and it wasn't that fair to begin with that they became KS exclusives virtually overnight.
  10. Cfighter

    Update 171

    So in general, I'm just gonna discuss (and possible vent) about the most recent Kickstarter Update here as I was a late backer meaning I'm prevented from commenting in the Kickstarter itself. For those who haven't seen yet, Steamforged Games—after nearly a month of silence—finally graced us backers with an official Wave 2 shipping update. In a twist of events that shocked no one, they announced in the update that Wave 2 is experiencing manufacturing/shipping issues; the new ETA Steamforged Games has provided for Wave 2 is September 10th. Wave 3 (the stretch goals) will, by extension, be affected by Wave 2's delay and there is no longer a time-frame for when Wave 3 will ship (previously Steamforged Games said Wave 3 would ship in September). Now I'm not going to b*tch and complain about the delays themselves—I'm a patient guy, and there are plenty of other things for me to look forward to in the meantime that will actually release on time. I also think that, considering how the release of the base game was managed, anyone who honestly thought the expansions/stretch goals would arrive on time were just setting themselves up for disappointment. I expected a delay. My problem is the lack of communication from Steamforged Games. One of the first things mentioned in the update is that the main reason for Wave 2's delay was because their manufacturing partners dropped the ball. Immediately after that explanation, Steamforged Games goes on to explain that they then had to decide if they wanted to ship out the expansions as they arrived, or wait until they received all of their product before shipping out to backers. They decided on the first option, meaning starting Monday (the 23rd) they will begin shipping out expansions as they arrive and that by September 10th they expect everyone to have received whichever expansions you may have ordered—if you ordered multiple expansions, you very well might receive multiple packages spread out over the next two months. The issue here is that there has been radio silence from them for, again, nearly a month when clearly they have had plenty of information to share over (at least) the last few weeks. I don't know if Steamforged Games just doesn't like giving bad news, but I have a feeling people would be far more understanding if they had posted an update as soon as they knew their manufacturing partners were lagging behind. Also, I can't speak for everyone on this one, but personally I also would have appreciated if Steamforged Games ASKED if we preferred them to ship things out as they arrived or if we preferred them to wait for one shipment. Even if the majority ended up voting for the current plan, I don't like that Steamforged Games kept us in the dark for nearly a month only to drop this new shipment plan on us without any warning. And what really irritates me is, despite all this nonsense and beating around the bush, Steamforged Games releases updates for their Resident Evil 2 board game every single week without fail—often even an update every few days. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Like I said at the beginning, I'm only venting this here since I apparently can't on the actual Kickstarter.
  11. Cfighter

    Update 171

    Fair enough. I still stand by my criticism, but I apologize if my posts come off as overly negative.
  12. Cfighter

    Update 171

    Yeah they weren't even clear with that either. I've read comments on the Kickstarter page that claim SFG has clarified in email responses; supposedly what SFG has stated in these emails is that they're going to ship expansions out as they arrive at the warehouse, but they wont be delivered as they arrive—they will sit at your shipping hub until your complete order can be delivered. If that's true, then I would assume you will get your order much sooner if the items in your order aren't part of the delay. But who actually knows, as again, there's an unbelievable lack of communication at the moment. And I disagree with the "Kickstarter risk" argument in this particular case. I fully understand that when you back any Kickstarter, you're often taking a gamble. But I would argue that risk is no longer a factor at this point, as SFG has delivered on what the Kickstarter was made for: the base game. They proved that they were able to produce a competent game of a certain quality, and they should have had a clear understanding of the process to produce the add-ons/stretch goals. The stretch goals were just complimentary incentives, so while I'm more excited for the stretch goals than the expansions I'm fine with SFG shipping them last. The expansions are a different story though; they weren't part of the Kickstarter, people were given the option to pre-order them after the Kickstarter ended. Not only that, but SFG even reopened the pre-order page after the base game was delivered. They needed funding for the base game. They sold the expansions as a product. I don't think it's anywhere near unreasonable to expect SFG to, at the very least, prioritize posting progress updates on the expansions rather than prioritize posting updates on their other Kickstarter projects.
  13. Cfighter

    Update 171

    I remember initially wanting to back the RE2 game, but thankfully I didn't get the chance to back the kickstarter. Even if the RE2 game is an incredible, polished board game - judging from Dark Souls, I'd say that as soon as RE2 starts heading into the shipping phase the backers of RE2 are going to be in for a rude awakening. Similarly, judging from Dark Souls, I'll most likely be able to purchase the RE2 game from retailers before the backers even get their copies.
  14. Cfighter

    Update 171

    I'm going to make an educated guess and predict that most people will have their complete Wave 2 orders delivered around November instead of the September ETA. Then I predict SFG will say that Wave 3 will arrive around February, and then following a whole lot of radio silence they'll inform us of more manufacturing issues and that Wave 3 will be delayed again. When all is said and done, I predict Wave 3 (and the project as a whole) will finally be delivered by May/June 2019 - three years after launch.
  15. Cfighter

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I can certainly understand why so many people are furious about the wait, I too of course would have loved to have the stretch goals/expansions by now, however I think by now people should have at least calmed down enough to appreciate things for what they are. I am perfectly fine with the wait, as I have recieved what I paid for (the base game); they did not run off with my money, and the game itself is a quality game with hours of content (if you have yet to recieve your base game however, then you absolutely should have an issue with that). I did not pay for the stretch goals, nor were they the sole reason for my purchase - the stretch goals were simply a free complimentary bonus for every single person who backed the game. As a result, Im content with waiting for the free content - by extension, I am also fine with the free content shipping after the paid mega bosses have shipped as again those are things that people purchased.
  16. Hey guys, finally got around to registering an account a few days ago and just got it approved. Wanted to share two house rules I've come up with for the game (I apologize in advance if there is like a single thread for house rule postings that people are supposed to reply to). Awareness Once you have successfully cleared an encounter card, each time you reactivate it you may roll 1 Dodge Die to determine if the enemies or if the players activate immediately. So in other words, this house rule gives you a 50/50 chance of being able to bypass the mechanic where all the enemies activate automatically when entering the tile. Now just to clarify, this only works for encounter cards you have already cleared. Meaning if you die in the middle of battle when you re-enter that tile you will not be able to roll a Dodge Die. As a result, this also means Bosses are excluded from this. I had created this house rule really to help speed up the VERY repetitive grind aspect in the gameplay, but it also coincides with the nature of the video games. If you're grinding an area in the video game, naturally it will only take a few sweeps before you're well-versed in the enemy spawns and behaviors. So this house rule really isn't very far-fetched when implemented in the board game—and at the same time doesn't break the game mechanics either as a single Dodge Die gives you a 50/50 chance of being able to attack first, or having the enemies attack first as they usually would. I've been using this house rule during every game played since I thought of it, and everyone I've played with typically agrees it's well balanced while also providing the chance to drastically speed up grinding. Now this next house rule I haven't actually been able to try out yet. Because of this, despite the fact that I've spent a good while fine-tuning it and tweaking it for balance on paper there is still a chance that in practice it just doesn't work at all. I'm sharing it here though in case anyone who DOES have the opportunity to play around with it may do so and let me know how balanced it actually is 5th Player A 5th player may be added to the game as a DM. The DM will control all enemy encounters, movements, and attacks. The DM MUST obey enemy movement and attack TARGET icons (Aggro/Nearest Player), as instructed on the enemy control cards. Setup — At the beginning of setup, the DM will draw 3 encounter cards per tile in play, following the standard encounter card setup/format. The DM will then be able to look at each drawn deck of encounter cards (in private) and choose which card to place face-down on each deck's respected tile. Repeat until each game tile has an encounter card placed face-down on it. These encounter cards must remain in play until the party rests at the bonfire. If the party rests at the bonfire, the DM may swap out any encounter card in play with another from that tile's deck; if the DM swaps out an encounter card with a new one, the old card is removed from the game. The DM cannot swap out an encounter card that contains an unopened Treasure Chest or a Tombstone. Determining Push — The players will be able to determine where the characters get pushed to, while the DM will be able to determine where enemies get pushed to. If a node already contains 3 characters/enemies when someone enters that node, the person entering the node will determine which of the three characters/enemies already on the node will be pushed. The player controlling the determined character will then be able to decide where to be pushed to. Ok so I think the only thing about this house rule that may cause some confusion is the section regarding setup. Essentially what I've done is allow the additional player the opportunity to swap out encounter cards from the game board with a brand new encounter card. Now before you argue about this being either unfair or unnecessary, this is the one thing I spent the most time ironing out so take a minute to hear me out on this one. First of all, this goes without saying, but the game obviously wasn't designed with the idea of a player controlling the enemies. Should the occasion arise however where you find yourself with one-too-many people and don't want to leave someone out, this is a fun way to include someone without breaking the game's balance of a party of 4. Now arguably the easiest way to balance a player controlling the enemies is to force them to obey specifically Aggro and maybe Nearest Player (unsure if Nearest Player should be required), because otherwise a smart/unfair player would send every enemy after a single character over and over until that character dies (which breaks the game). However after thinking about it for awhile, if you simply had someone play as an enemy in that manor that player would get VERY bored VERY quickly—it would be fun for the first, maybe second time an encounter card is activated but how I envision the game going is eventually the players controlling the characters will still be able to formulate a system to clear an encounter, despite the fact there is a player controlling the enemies. In other words the additional player would eventually lose interest in even trying or otherwise simply would run out of options. SO my answer to that problem is to let the additional player swap out encounter cards with others of their choice. And in theory, this should actually benefit the overall experience in more ways than one; for starters it would give the additional player a LOT more strategic purpose, as they would effectively be able to design the entire game and which obstacles the party must overcome. Even if the new encounter cards are still pretty easy to overcome, this would still most importantly ensure the additional player remains interested in the game. Now for balancing purposes there are a few key things about this to note, the biggest being that the standard game setup must still be obeyed. In other words the additional player cant place a level 3 encounter card on every tile, he/she would still need to obey the Mini/Main Boss encounter card layout. Also I've made it so that the additional player can't screw the party over by making it so that an encounter card with an unopened Treasure Chest or Tombstone must remain on the board. Beyond the benefit of the additional player however, this also would benefit the party from getting bored of grinding. A new encounter card not only brings new risks but also keeps the gameplay fresh as the party will constantly have to re-strategize every time an encounter card is swapped out. This also gives the party a very small form of strategy in regards to the card placement as well, as if the party clears an encounter card that contains a Treasure Chest they may opt to leave it unopened for the time being to prevent the chance of that card being replaced.
  17. Cfighter

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Huh, well I stand corrected. I guess I did overlook that in the rules. Well that will surely change how my friends and I play the game - thanks! Yeah that's another one of those small things the rule doesn't slow down to directly address. The only node you are not allowed to start on are enemy spawn nodes. Another thing that you're allowed to do - bizarrely enough - is set up the game tiles in any order/path/connect them by any edge even if there aren't any doorways being connected.... Which just begs the question.... Why did they even bother printing the tiles with doorways if they're just going to tell us not to worry about them during set up?
  18. Cfighter

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Yeah the RNG system in the board game was, in my opinion, the most crucially overlooked design choice taken by Steam Forged. It's pretty awfully broken, but thankfully there have been plenty of people here with excellent house rule suggestions to modify the deck. The last game I played I actually used a house rule created by someone else here, and it worked wonders. I forget who here thought of it, and I don't remember the specifics off the top of my head by the gist of the rule was to separate the common treasure deck into two decks—Deck A containing every weapon upgrade as well as the six best weapons of the common cards (forget which ones) and Deck B containing everything else. The idea there is that Deck B would be now filled with gear easily equipped early game while Deck A would be for when you're ready for the good stuff (Deck A costing 2 souls per card, also all Transposed and Legendary cards would be added to this deck). Yeah haha, I understand that the enemies attacking first does indeed increase the risk with every encounter but it gets to a point where some encounters there's no strategy to the beginning, you're just forced to be gimped from the get-go. But to be fair I will admit that while I do stand by my house rule not breaking the game entirely, there have been a select few encounters/enemy spawns that by my friend and I activating first we have been able to nearly clear the entire encounter with a single attack (3 out of 4 enemies in the encounter being on a single spawn node; one of us has ranged attack with node damage; gg). I believe how the rules put it (or at least this is how I've been interpreting the rules) is that at the start of the game you determine which person starts with the Activation token (turn order) and then at the start of each characters activation the first thing they do is take the Aggro token. Now what happens at the end of the encounter I think is what the rules don't specify, so this is how I've been interpreting it: at the end of the encounter the Activation token is passed to the next person in turn order (that much is clearly stated in the rules) however the Aggro token remains with whoever had it at the end of the encounter (whoever killed the last enemy basically). At the start of the next encounter you may very well have someone with the Activation token and someone else with the Aggro token, but regardless it will only be for the enemies first activation since whoever has the Activation token will take the Aggro token right after that. That's how I understand it at least. But I do know for certain that you only determine who starts with the ACTIVATION token at the beginning of the game, after that it just rotates around to every player. As far as I understand, at no point do you choose who has Aggro. Either I missed something and after an encounter the Aggro is removed from whoever has it, or how I've been doing it is how they intended it to be.
  19. Cfighter

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Like I mentioned, unfortunately I haven't actually been able to test it out yet (haven't had a fifth player yet). I came up with the rule in case my friends and I ever find ourselves with an additional player, or maybe even perhaps the rule could work for if someone wants to play against the party regardless of how many players there are. I just listed it here in case anyone found it interesting enough to test it out and maybe let us know how well it actually is in play. As for you direct concern though, while again I haven't been in a situation to try it first hand but if the DM obeys both the Aggro and the Nearest Player targets on the control cards then how I see it playing out in my mind is that an encounter would mostly be the same in regards to how enemies move/attack. The DM would be making smaller decisions. Maybe. Clearly there are a lot of things yet to be ironed out, hopefully soon I'll be able to do so and update the house rule. From what it is currently though does it sound interesting enough?
  20. Cfighter

    Skirmish vs Campaign

    WHEW So a little off topic before I reply, I finally got around to registering an account here just to reply to your thread because I do wish to share my own experiences of both game modes... what I didn't know is that it would take a few days for my account to be approved, so here I am at last xD Ok so interestingly enough I've very much had the complete opposite experience than what you've described, though I may have the answer to why that is after re-reading your post. I personally so far have played roughly half a dozen games of the standard "skirmish" mode and have only played the campaign once (not many friends seem interested in playing unfortunately as they'd rather just stick with the Video Game). Of the 6-8 regular games that I've played, I have only actually won I believe 2. Not a very good success rate. As for the campaign, I sat down with the friend who usually plays the game with me and we attempted the campaign for the first time—not only did we defeat the campaign on our first attempt, but I believe it to be the way the game is meant to be played. Honestly the campaign is essentially the exact same game as the regular game with very minor changes, but the key difference is the fact that you must defeat 2 Mini-Bosses prior to the Main Boss as opposed to the regular game only having you face 1 Mini-Boss. This may not sound like a big deal, but what I found this effectively does is allows you to properly arm/level your characters in a much more gradual manor leading up to the Main-Boss whereas with the regular game if you manage to defeat the Mini-Boss with less than optimal gear you're kind of at a dead-end by the next segment (the Main Boss). I feel the biggest problem with the campaign is the fact that the price of EVERYTHING is doubled—some might argue that balances it, but I personally found it very annoying as it increased the amount of times my friend and I had to grind while simultaneously reduced our reward gain considering the cost inflation. And that is where I believe you ran into problems with the campaign... you mentioned obtaining a lot of good loot prior to the Gargoyle fight(s) but was unable to use any of it. How I interpret that is either your group did not spend very much time grinding to level up your character to use said loot, or you did indeed grind but instead of leveling up to use more easily used gear your group instead opted to spend your souls on cards looking for something amazing. As unfortunate as it is, as a direct result of the x2 price inflation, the campaign practically forces you to spend an abnormal amount of time grinding for souls. However I do feel it is equally as important to understand that the campaign is NOT INTENDED to be played in a single session—the rules encourage you to complete a single segment of the campaign for a single session, likely due to the fact that the need to grind souls is dramatically increased. Just for reference, when my friend and I played the campaign we completed it in one sitting... it took us 11 hours straight. 2pm to 2am is exactly how long our campaign lasted, with only an hour used to grab a pizza. We also started taking shortcuts at around 1am due to the length of the game, such as automatically gaining souls for encounters we had absolutely no issues with previously. So in actuality the campaign would have took us roughly 14 hours to complete had we not started cheating this or that. Of course, we were just a part of 2. A full party of 4 players may be able to reduce that length due to how many more souls you obtain after each encounter.