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  1. Sharky

    Roster for each pairing

    I use him along side vet kat to double up on intensify give him two influence charge into a conditioned crowd his small playbook I've gotten intensify off two times and once three times. But you have given me some food for thought
  2. Sharky

    Roster for each pairing

    Why do you take naja over flask ?
  3. Sharky

    Midas vs brewers

    Hey there I've got a battle against a brewer player tonight, that the last time I took smoke against and I was nearly ready to rip my hair out, from the amount of conditions removal that occurred. So what do I take in a all alchemist team using midas instead?
  4. Sharky

    Hello union team

    So that crept up quickly. Originally I just owned Fangtooth(cause Easter Fangtooth was too cool to pass up) however since then I have somehow gotten more and more added in. I now own Fangtooth Harry Gutter & Coin(fractured loyalties) Benediction Grace So my question to everyone is if I picked up vet rage is there anything you'd suggest adding or removing from this . Anny advice to a new union player
  5. So I have played a few different teams never being truly happy . I am looking to devote my time and energy into alchemists. I predominantly play against Morticians, engineers, masons and blacksmiths ...in that order Wondered what would be suggested to go against these teams. Or any things I should be prepared for /not take into these teams. I like Midas but have yet to make him click. I love Katalyst either version Vitriol never seems to pay off for me but that could be cause I am using midas poorly.
  6. Sharky

    Crappy Job eh?

    It's even crappier up close😉 Great job loved seeing it in person photos never do a great piece of work enough justice
  7. Sharky

    Tentacles all done

    Yeah im no pro painter but tabletop I will be...always. If I can find the images of the rest of the team I will share them too ....I don't promise eyes are done I am rubbish at them, I took a real risk attempting to paint tentacles eyes but I think it worked out .
  8. Thanks very much
  9. Sharky

    Tentacles all done

    Tell me what you guys think of my mascot. Comments and criticism would be appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone New to the forum from western canada in this glorious place called Edmonton, Alberta Been playing awhile love this game. Running Fishermen, Alchemists, just picked up kick off and I am insanely excited for the Blacksmiths guild.