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  1. Gatlinggoon

    Wave 2 - shipping is happening!

    I didnt get a Tracking Number but got my Stuff a few days ago.
  2. Gatlinggoon

    Black Dragon Kalameet

    use an exacto/carpeting knife, carve off plastic as needed, then either greenstuff and glue or if thats not enough, like it was for me you can get a thin strip of wire and shove it halfway into the plastic on both sides of the Wing
  3. Gatlinggoon

    Black Dragon Kalameet

    The part of the wing that is supposed to go into the model is massively oversized, i carved it out (took about 20 minutes) with some "green stuff" glue and a few metal pins i was able to mount them. took about an hour and alot of fiddling. Not great for a something that was delayed because of issues with breackage through shipping
  4. Gatlinggoon

    Resin Hunters

    I had heared from a buddy that went to steamcon that the curch wont be comming out with S4, that they will be taking a while. thats what i meant with (out but not a faction yet)
  5. Gatlinggoon

    Black Dragon Kalameet

    Hi, just got my Expansion and wanted to see if people have simmilar issues. While all the Parts are there and nothing is broken (unlike with my dancer) there are some issues with bending Sif´s Sword is a bit bent wich is fine since its fixable, Artoriases Sword is heavily bent wich is not fixable since its atached to a very thin wrist. The big issue are the Wings for Khalameet, they do not fit into the spots they are supposed to slide in at all, over half of the unmodeled fixpoint sticks out. They will require some heavy cutting with an exacto knife and possibly some wires to make them stick. Not somethign you´d expect since this is not a Tabletop Wargame product so most customers wont even know how to do that.
  6. Gatlinggoon

    Resin Hunters

    I might have come at a bad time then, i backed Darksouls wich was late got the Hunters, wich are late and my friend wanted to get the Curch wich are delayed (out but not a faction yet).
  7. Gatlinggoon

    Resin Hunters

    Unbelivable. Have they brought out a single product in the last year that wasnt delayed massively?
  8. Gatlinggoon

    Resin Hunters

    Am i going insane or did the Resin Hunters release just get moved by over a month?
  9. Gatlinggoon

    Beginner Questions

    Hi, new to the game. Bought the Falconers and iam wondering about a few things. Does Devana pay Influence for her atacks when removing a Harrier AoE? does "Loved Creature" stack with "Assist (Frelsi)"? Does the Atack from "Hotshot" cost Influence?
  10. Gatlinggoon

    Question from a new player

    hi, new guy here. Is there any word on plastic/resin butchers? i recently bought some teams and i like the look of the butchers but cant stand metal miniatures.
  11. Gatlinggoon

    New Player, need help

    thx mate, i got mz brewers no and the hunters are on the way^^
  12. Gatlinggoon

    New Player, need help

    thx for the info, so the new Resin teams will be 70 bucks as opposed to the 50 buck teams from pvc because the molds were too expensive. what teams are available in pvc? Blacksmith, Farmers and?
  13. Gatlinggoon

    New Player, need help

    thanks, is there a Plastic or Pvc source for those models? i dont like painting metal
  14. Gatlinggoon

    New Player, need help

    Hi, iam new to this and more then a bit confused by the box descriptions in the shop. the Material seems to vary between Resin pvc and metal and it rarely says what a specific box contains. Are the contents of the Faithful of Solthecius metal or plastic?
  15. Gatlinggoon

    New Player, need help

    are there any metal models on the store? i want to avoid those because the paint tends to chip off