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  1. Lumpyseven

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    I think VKat has uses. Almost like a pseudo goal keeper; you just keep him back, and if someone goes in on your team make sure VKat can punish them for it.
  2. Lumpyseven

    Turn 1 Tactics

    No variables involved (of course there are variables, but generally speaking it's hard for an opponent to stop this)! 6 on Smoke 1 on Flask 1 on Mercury 2 on OCalculus 0 on Venin 3 on whoever else you have in your team or spread out amongst prior people Activation order: Venin jogs to cover and poisons himself Flask Beaker Keeper's Mercury and puts a smoke cloud within 4 of Smoke Mercury sprints and flame blasts someone for free with Beaker Keeper Calculus sprints, Blinds someone, removes conditions of Venin to poison blast someone for free Flex Person goes and does something Smoke goes, gets within 3 of as many people as possible who have conditions using teleport and a jog ideally. You either infuse someone 3 times and legendary, or spend 2 to poison and burn everyone, infuse someone twice, legendary everyone, get momentum. Go first top of turn 2 with most of their team in a bad way. On average, Smoke's activation plus the conditions should do a lot of damage. If you can get near 3 players, which shouldn't be that tough, you can do - 6 from infuse, 9 from the legendary and another 9 from the end of turn conditions. 24 damage plus 3 momentum is a pretty solid activation, gives you a good start.
  3. Hi all, Devana's character play 'Hack Back' says 'The named friendly model may make a dodge up to its base move'. Is the base move before modifiers, or current base move?
  4. Lumpyseven

    Impersonal Anger

    Is it the same ruling with Loved Creature too?
  5. Hi guys, Match Experience states 'When a friendly model within this aura uses Pass & Move, both the receiving and the kicking models may make a 4" dodge instead of only one being able to do so'. My opponent pointed out last night that Hearth is always in her own aura, so if she makes the pass, both models can always dodge! I think that's pretty clear, it's just different from last Season! Does that all work out?
  6. We need our lords and masters of the lawyers guild 🤲
  7. Hello! Let's imagine Iron has the ball, and is stood next to s4 Burnish OR season 3 captain Burnish who has popped legendary (wording on Reinforced Plating is the same). Windfinder targets and hits Iron with Eye Spy, and Iron chooses to use Burnish's Reinforced Plating rule to ignore it. It states 'When this model is hit by a successful enemy character play, this model may pay 1 MP to ignore all damage and effects of the Character Play'. Windfinders trait Stormwind says 'When this model hits an enemy model with a Character Play, the enemy model suffers the knocked down condition'. As the condition is hit, does this mean that even though Eye Spy's effects are ignored, Iron would still suffer the Knockdown and scatter the ball?
  8. @MechMage This is exactly what i was thinking - I don't play Navigators myself, but was asking for when I play against them. As the ruling was in my favour, I didn't question it
  9. Hi guys, If you attack Ebb, wrap your playbook and pick a momentous 2 and a momentous 3 damage result, do you still get 2 momentum?
  10. Lumpyseven

    Season 4 wish listing

    I can't really think of anything that needs nerfing with Blacksmiths. They could do with some internal balancing though, some players are clearly designed for a niche, but are made obsolete by other players who fill that niche + do more on top!
  11. That looks like it would be very close to working, as long as he moved on a line that brought him closer to Ferrite (looks like he did) and didn't go past her, then at every point it's decreasing, even if only by an infinitesimally smaller amount
  12. Lumpyseven

    Negative kick distance

    I had it ruled before that you can kick the ball to someone base to base if you have a 0" kick stat, but I can't for the life of me remember which ruling it was!
  13. Hey chaps, Theoretical situation - Seenah charges a model that has 6 hp left and is within 1" of VMinx's trap. Seenah wraps and picks a push (triggering the trap for 2 damage) and a momentous bear hug for 4 damage. If you resolve the push first, does the damage from the trap trigger BEFORE the bear hug to enable the 3 VP takeout?
  14. @Akaleth thanks Akaleth! That's pretty crystal clear. I imagine this can be closed now.
  15. @Malritch haha fair point from the wife The part that made me think otherwise is 'playbook result'. Whenever you see wording of this type, it's normally very specific - Seenah's rule for isolated target specifically says 'Playbook Damage Results', rather than 'Playbook Results'...