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  1. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @ItsBurgertime as a Blacksmiths player, I can tell you I find Skulk so annoying! Blacksmiths have a lot of dodges. Also, they don't have the influence to waste on horrific odor shots on goal. He ruins their day
  2. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @Wynter They can find a use looking after the Taken Out condition for you
  3. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @Mattyg2787 Hey man, I wasn't saying he needs 4 - just that with 3, he feels fairly balanced. If he had 4 he would be way too strong! Good points about the other 2, I haven't included them (yet) because I only have the starting six, but when I've got some games in I'll come back and add the other two on
  4. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @Mootaz I think with 4 influence Scourge would be a huge MVP! But with 3, I'm finding he can do 12 -15 damage with a bit of set up. Nothing to be sniffed at with 3 inf! But that requires a lot of activation's to achieve!
  5. The journey with Ratcatchers begins! I've played a couple of games with the starting six, so just wanted to jot my thoughts down to see if anyone agrees/disagrees. Piper: So much interesting jankiness! The biggest thing I''ve learnt with Piper is he's not very good at going on the goal runs himself. Without easy access to dodge, he's much better at playing that control game by pushing other players around and maneuvering his own! His heroic and legendary are both fantastic - in one game I managed to pull Blackheart over to the welcoming arms of Pelage and Scourge. Combined with his mom you can pretty easily move someone 6" as a minimum! Squeak: Haven't got much out of this cute little guy yet - I can see situations where he would be useful, but generally speaking Pelage, Scourge and Piper suck up a lot of the influence... Pelage: Amazing. I hadn't thought much of her initially, but after playing 2 games with her she makes life so frustrating for the opponent! Her playbook aside, the passive traits on the back of her card are worth their weight in gold! Not to mention she's a decent footballer too. Miasma: Kicking off with her was interesting! Putting out 6 damage to multiple people and then jogging back to safety was rude! Also, in later turns standing around with come on mate for free is essential, especially as the disease begins to spread! Scourge: Not amazing, not bad, in the middle. Like any big model with low defense, he is vulnerable to being farmed horribly, but if you keep him in the back as a threat he works quite well! Need to be more careful not to give disease to all my own players. Skulk: I love the model. In Morticians, i think he's amazing. In ratcatchers... I didn't find him that useful. As I mentioned earlier, everyone else is quite influence hungry, which leaves him standing around. I haven't tried him vs a super footballing team though, so possibly this is the problem. He's the first candidate that is likely to be swapped out for VGraves/Bonesaw. Do you agree/disagree?
  6. the figures

    Hey man, the only plastic box I had problems with was Farmers 1, my Blacksmiths 1 and 2 were pretty perfect, as was Farmers 2!
  7. Hi guys, slightly confusing myself with the answers on here. Can Bolt glide when he uses Stamina?
  8. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    @EpicChris no advice for those guys unfortunately, I haven't used them yet However - I have played a few games using Hearth/Alloy and Ferrite/Iron. I find Iron hits his MOM 7 fairly easily!
  9. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    What are we saying about Burnish into Hunters team Blacksmiths?
  10. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Step 1 - Take Thresher, Millstone and Tater Step 2 - Give Thresher 5 Influence Step 3 - ?????? Step 4 - Profit
  11. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Haha @ForestRambo I was looking for advice against Hunters Mainly for this exact reason!
  12. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Hey guys, So Hunters are typically good vs teams with low def (character plays for dayssss). Has anyone had experience with what's good/bad v Hunters?
  13. Team Fireball

    Hey guys, has anyone tried Team Fireball out yet? Captain Burnish, Furnace, Cinder and Cast +2 randoms I'm sure it's not optimal, but interested to see if anyone has had any success with it!
  14. Hey guys, I tried trawling through this morning looking for a previous ruling but cant find one! Situation - Corsair attacking Seenah, gets a drag off the playbook. Can he drag someone the other side of Seenah that he can't see?
  15. How do I Siren?

    I'm in no way an expert with OSiren, however - I've found that putting 3 inf on her is more of a zoning play than actually expecting seduced to steal the ball. Most competent opponents will play around it, but you can use this to your advantage by pushing the ball carrier away from Siren and into threat range of Shark/Corsair/Sakana etc. Has anyone else found this?