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  1. Lumpyseven

    Season 4 wish listing

    I can't really think of anything that needs nerfing with Blacksmiths. They could do with some internal balancing though, some players are clearly designed for a niche, but are made obsolete by other players who fill that niche + do more on top!
  2. That looks like it would be very close to working, as long as he moved on a line that brought him closer to Ferrite (looks like he did) and didn't go past her, then at every point it's decreasing, even if only by an infinitesimally smaller amount
  3. Lumpyseven

    Negative kick distance

    I had it ruled before that you can kick the ball to someone base to base if you have a 0" kick stat, but I can't for the life of me remember which ruling it was!
  4. Hey chaps, Theoretical situation - Seenah charges a model that has 6 hp left and is within 1" of VMinx's trap. Seenah wraps and picks a push (triggering the trap for 2 damage) and a momentous bear hug for 4 damage. If you resolve the push first, does the damage from the trap trigger BEFORE the bear hug to enable the 3 VP takeout?
  5. @Akaleth thanks Akaleth! That's pretty crystal clear. I imagine this can be closed now.
  6. @Malritch haha fair point from the wife The part that made me think otherwise is 'playbook result'. Whenever you see wording of this type, it's normally very specific - Seenah's rule for isolated target specifically says 'Playbook Damage Results', rather than 'Playbook Results'...
  7. 'Playbook results that include damage that hit this model do not generate MP'. Is Scything Blow, a guild ball result that is a character play, included under the phrase playbook results? i.e.. Gutter targets Scourge, hits Scything Blow, but because Pelage is within the 2" melee and the result hits her no momentum is generated?
  8. Lumpyseven

    Who to kick with?

    @Mattyg2787 I would trade legendary for a 3VP takeout, especially if it's top of turn 2. 3 VP's up, first activation of turn 2 and having an activation advantage is a very strong position to be in, should put the other team on the defensive too.
  9. Lumpyseven

    Who to kick with?

    @Mako You should end up with 3 - 4 momentum, an activation advantage and be 3 VP's up. It's worth it!
  10. Lumpyseven

    Who to kick with?

    @Mako Kick the ball off. If you jog piper up dead centre, someone will invariably move up the pitch. you can use your passive go to them if in range, or sprint up and double push towards your team. Then you have a combination of passive/move again and attack for another double push, your heroic and your legendary. All in, you should easily be able to drag/push a player 6 to 8 inches back towards your team. Probably best not to do this as a first activation or piper will be smushed, wait a few activations in So to lay out the ideal scenario - You use your passive to jog to melee with them. Legendary towards your goal - drag Piper and opponenet 2 inches backwards. Attack them for a double push towards your team, outside of your melee. Then jog/charge back into melee for another 2 inch push. Then heroic if you want to get them even further back. Step 2 - dogpile all the ratcatchers bar scourge on them. Step 3 - Scourge gets them low and finishes them top of turn 2 for a snack break takeout.
  11. Lumpyseven

    Who to kick with?

    I've had good experience kicking with Piper, but generally speaking not to score! He's good at pulling someone out their half to munch them with Scourge. Also, kicking with Miasma can be interesting, throw 2 Rataclysms then reverie her back to safety!
  12. Lumpyseven

    Alchemists Strategies

    This and Hunters are the match ups I'm worried about, the condition game will be very annoying I think!
  13. Lumpyseven

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @ItsBurgertime as a Blacksmiths player, I can tell you I find Skulk so annoying! Blacksmiths have a lot of dodges. Also, they don't have the influence to waste on horrific odor shots on goal. He ruins their day
  14. Lumpyseven

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @Wynter They can find a use looking after the Taken Out condition for you
  15. Lumpyseven

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    @Mattyg2787 Hey man, I wasn't saying he needs 4 - just that with 3, he feels fairly balanced. If he had 4 he would be way too strong! Good points about the other 2, I haven't included them (yet) because I only have the starting six, but when I've got some games in I'll come back and add the other two on