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  1. Hey guys, So the wording for Fear and Gluttonous Mass look very similar to me. I believe that if red fury is used to make a model attack someone with Fear, you don't trigger Fear as you are not directly targeting the model with Fear. Does this work the same way for Gluttonous Mass?
  2. When to pick SBrisket over VRage

    Used SBrisket yesterday for the first time, with Strongbox (don't own Coin), Gutter, Harry, Mist and Minx. It went pretty well! Beat Morticians, SBrisket got Casket Timed but still managed to score 2 goals, the rest of the team beat up the spooks to get 2 takeouts. She's very good, although struggles on ball retrieval a bit - the tackle on 2 with 5 TAC is not reliable vs a 4/1 model! Had a lot of fun though
  3. When to pick SBrisket over VRage

    Same, hence the question!
  4. When to pick SBrisket over VRage

    Hey everyone, on Sunday I have a tournament coming up, taking both VRage and SBrisket in my line up. With my players, I can do a beaty VRage team, a footballing SBrisket team and a mix of the two. Question is - are there any match ups that you would definitely take SBrisket over VRage? Or vice versa?
  5. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    I'm hoping that because it's Ethereal, no-one can hit it...
  6. Tournaments

    @Wynter I'm sorry but your statement just isn't clear enough
  7. Ulfr

    I find VHearne gives Ulfr a big helping hand with Last Light - 1 Mom to use Where'd he go, 2 inf for a charge, 1 for an extra attack if needed and 1 for a goal shot!
  8. Mystery box!

    We should be able to piece together some info here - firstly, Chibi cards matching the boxes surely means only the Season 1 captains, so that rules out a lot of boxes and teams already?
  9. Mystery box!

    @Monolith-Swats between us we'll get something good!
  10. Advice with Vet Rage!

    @Gauntlet This is good advice, thanks! Have you tried new A&G yet? Crazy damage...
  11. Advice with Vet Rage!

    @MechMage @Gauntlet @Chabbernackle The team I like so far is - VRage, Strongbox, A&G, Benny, Gutter, Mist. Correct, this was the question! So if I'm kicking, I assume kick with Mist to threaten the ball. When I receive, potential to swap Mist out, maybe for Minx? But then that leaves me with nowhere obvious to keep the ball other than the turtle or maybe Benny, but I want Benny getting stuck in ideally. I think maybe stick with Mist most of the time...
  12. Advice with Vet Rage!

    VRager's, how do you feel about Mist in your 6? would you always take him, or miss him out in favour of someone more fighty?
  13. Brick or Tower

    Hmm. I've only used a Hammer team so far, but I can offer an opinion from what I know/have played against! 1) Do you think that tower is better than brick? People usually avoid the counter charge and tower has tooled up. - I think they are very different. A friend of mine purposely takes Brick and Marbles when playing on the clock because opponents waste a lot of time measuring around it/being scared of it. My experience with Tower though, is he is fantastic. Tooled up on Honour is awesome, and his Heroic stopping Knockdowns is so useful. I think you would have to judge based on your opponent. 2)What do you prefer marbles or wrecker with honour? - With Hammer I love Wrecker to push people into range, but I don't think Honour needs it, she is very fast! If you take Brick, I think you should take Marbles. If you don't? Take whoever 3)I love the trio Honour, Harmony, Flint How would you complete the team? - This is your goal scoring trio (but also a beating duo with the ladies). I'd probably take the rest of kick off, they work very well together! Disclaimer - these are my opinions and could easily be wrong
  14. Thoughts on new Ox

    I felt as though VRage needed more setup to get going than Ox. i think he's more versatile, with the options to throw attacks out through his team mates, but i think Ox definitely has the edge with raw damage output, as well as being easier for his whole team to benefit from his auras. Just standing there is easier to achieve than setting up a crowded out scrum in my opinion. Also, I got the lowdown from Greg on how Ox deleted VRage on the charge. Ox did his legendary and charged, I picked counter attack (thinking to force the KD so that he didn't get deleted - spoiler, it didn't work). Ox got 8 hits, picked KD and MOM 1 becomes 3 damage. He then bonus timed the next attack and got 5 damage butchery. From there, it was +3 damage a hit and he only needed a MOM 2 on the next 2 attacks to kill VRage
  15. Thoughts on new Ox

    I'd agree with this. In my particular game, it was second turn and the scrum hadn't formed yet, so VRage was on his own. In subsequent turns, even though rage was centre of the scrum, going for him wasn't in that Butcher's interest. They started going for outliers, like Avarisse and Gutter. Ox was scary, but now I know that, I know who to focus on. Once he died, the rest were easy!