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  1. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    @EpicChris no advice for those guys unfortunately, I haven't used them yet However - I have played a few games using Hearth/Alloy and Ferrite/Iron. I find Iron hits his MOM 7 fairly easily!
  2. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    What are we saying about Burnish into Hunters team Blacksmiths?
  3. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Step 1 - Take Thresher, Millstone and Tater Step 2 - Give Thresher 5 Influence Step 3 - ?????? Step 4 - Profit
  4. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Haha @ForestRambo I was looking for advice against Hunters Mainly for this exact reason!
  5. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Hey guys, So Hunters are typically good vs teams with low def (character plays for dayssss). Has anyone had experience with what's good/bad v Hunters?
  6. Team Fireball

    Hey guys, has anyone tried Team Fireball out yet? Captain Burnish, Furnace, Cinder and Cast +2 randoms I'm sure it's not optimal, but interested to see if anyone has had any success with it!
  7. Hey guys, I tried trawling through this morning looking for a previous ruling but cant find one! Situation - Corsair attacking Seenah, gets a drag off the playbook. Can he drag someone the other side of Seenah that he can't see?
  8. How do I Siren?

    I'm in no way an expert with OSiren, however - I've found that putting 3 inf on her is more of a zoning play than actually expecting seduced to steal the ball. Most competent opponents will play around it, but you can use this to your advantage by pushing the ball carrier away from Siren and into threat range of Shark/Corsair/Sakana etc. Has anyone else found this?
  9. How to fight Ox with Corsair?

    @ForestRambo whilst true... this doesn't help the poor chap with his question
  10. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Sounds about right to me! Decision is pretty straight forward - if the enemy team will outfight Theron, I go Skatha! If the enemy team plays better Football than Skatha, Theron is in. Farmers I get where you're coming from, against Grange I would want Skatha, against Thresher, no idea! In a mirror match, I think Skatha holds the edge though.
  11. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    @Penguin Warrior Fair enough! Engineers is a Corsair game!
  12. Shoemerang interacting with Clone

    Having Bolt that close is a dead Bolt I just killed him with Shark and 2 crowd out's...
  13. Shoemerang interacting with Clone

    @skcpae Haha dammit, didnt read it properly! But you get the point
  14. Hey guys, just wanted to clarify how this play interacts with Clone (On Snakeskin for example). Say Bolt targets his own team mate within 6" of Snakeskin, his team mate takes 2 damage automatically. Could he then pick Snakeskin with the KD to circumvent Clone, as Clone states 'A character play that targets this model'? Assuming that the target of the character play is the person who takes 2 damage? In the same way, would this also bypass Gluttonous Mass etc.?
  15. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    I'm pretty new to Fish, only played 2 games so far, but I've won with 2 goals and 2 takeouts both times! Played against Hunters and Masons, Jac pushed someone off the board both times, Shark killed someone both times (Minx and Lucky). Shark can put out a surprising amount of hurt with 2-3 crowdouts! Plus, noone expects Shark to turn around and murder someone, so you get that surprise factor