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  1. thanks a lot, Player wording changed a lot in my point of view
  2. Hello there, As im making terrain for our group while looking for how large obstacles can be i found very intresting rule. So in this THREAD (to s3 rules) is stated that repositioning is movement and dodge and push is reposition (as S4 rules go) so you cant use "Where did they go", "Pass and Move" to go past obstacle while engaged. As push states in push description that pushed model cant move over these terrain types. But what about models that are engaged and want to dodge past terrain (as its only one viable choice). As dodge is move so it looks like no dodge can be made. Or this rule will allow for this:
  3. Deithwem

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    My opinion after runing some matches with vChisel. Honour, Hammer Marbles vChisel, Brick, Tower, Flint, vHarmony, Malet, oHarmony Honour More goal oriented cap, but that deasnt mean you wont be able to kill with her. Plaing double caps makes you more flexible to play agains all enemies. Hammer Hammer will be there to do what he done earlier: "HAMMER TIME!" Marbles becouse of that pesky monkey goat and synergy with Honour and Brick vChiel Got shes so forgiving when plaing her with any captain. Mostly with Honour. Realocating Inf, taking someones KD to make that counterattack (im looking at you our captains). 2" mele and T on one. God shes so good. With Honour as for her Superior Strategy 6inf missile. jog with her, use SS (3inf to go), transfer via vChisel from her or other model to First Lady. Here you go. 15" threat range (17 with dodge. You spend 9 inf on that but first turn double goal? Make enemy think about that. If not taking ball, you can soften one enemy to kill next turn. Puting some inf on SS flint to get double goal? You will lose him that way but wait... you have honour and harmony on midfield to retake ball and try to 3-0 game. With Hammer i see less synergy. Assist can be devastating (+3 dmg Hammer love it) but ist realy hard to setup that. Skilled oponent will outsmart you. One trick pony. Brick Counter charge, do i need to say more? Flint Moving from home without our super striker is out of option. Making that pesky Fish or other ball loving teams form geting near him or trying to prevent his goal threat makes enemy sic Malet As im plaing only Masons (no union to prepare for minor) Malet mostly used against teams with 2" mele. Im using him as swap for Brick (if you dont want to let enemy make our big guy an momentum generator). vHarmony On turnament you have small ods to get alchs or hunts bot when you do, you want to have something for them. Maybe not much for kill or score but mostly for her removing skill oHarmony Must have before vChisel, now i think to swap her for someone else as with our new vet, we dont have much more inf to spare. Shes on pitch as backup plan. If something go wrong or you need to get that last dmg or someone to get that away ball or score that goal with double activation.