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  1. Hi, Ive got my Darkroot expansion recently and It looks fine, packaging looks more reliable, the outside box is not twice as big with the game rattling around freely inside and everything turned out nicely as far as I can tell (I have not unpacked the cards yet). So, when it comes to packaging, everything is as one could expect from a mail ordered board game, so a massive improvement! I hope that this standard will carry over to the final wave with invaderes etc. It has also arrived earlier, than the latest shipping table has suggested, which is a good thing too. The schedule was even delayed prior to the thing actually happening, and if no one gets the treatment Germans got in the second wave, it looks like a way to go. Of course avoiding big delays would have been even better, but I take what I can get at this point. However, do you REALLY have to include a persons nickname on the shipping address? You have got it right in the first wave so it is quite bizzare. I have not changed my shipping address since then. It is not a massive breach of privacy, but Im still not entirely comfortable. Please DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN! This is still an overall improvement, and I hope you will stay on this trajectory. I even got my replacement part in April, which is 11 months after I have first contacted support. I didnt have too high hopes of that even happening.
  2. Black_Hand

    Update 110 on Kickstarter

    This feels insulting: "Support - Support is now back from a 3 week delay in response to 24-48 hours. We ramped the team up in scale and they have worked incredibly hard to get on-top. They are still working through missing parts and more complicated cases but rest assured everything here is being fixed." My issue hasnt been dealt with since May 27th, when Ive messaged the support. No contact from support since June 12th and that was the only email Ive ever got from them, which said, that they are going to contact me soon. Glorious "truth" by SteamForged, again. Granted, is not as bad as how SFG dealt with Germans, which shows nothing but contempt and statement of profound disregard to your customers, but its still not ok ffs.
  3. Thanks for the info. Its funny to read some commenters from may saying that only a couple of percent of people had any issues, a vocal minority, and thats normal. Couple of percent of ppl with would not incurr almost a month (on next monday) delay before someone actually starts dealing with support 31178 * 0.05 = 1559 people having issues. Lets round up to 2000 for repeated emails inquiring about why they are not responding and follow ups. Assuming about 15 mins for a single support person to deal with one issue on average, considering most are going to follow same pattern. Either a delay in shipping or a broken or missing part. It takes about 63 days to get through all of them with one person dealing with them. However, SFG claimed they have boosted support twice, so at least 3 people should be working on it. The packaging really does seem proven to be disastrous. Ive got my copy in even worse box than any other Ive seen on the forums. No padding, thin cardboard box with so much empty space volume that it would fit about 3 copies... Im lucky that only my winged knight broke off the base, leaving a bit of the broken leg still stuck in it.
  4. Well good for you. Ive sent my email on 26th May and got a response finally on 12th June, which stated: "We will be in contact shortly with the resolution to this problem." SHORTLY... right. No message since then. Im starting to feel like german backers.
  5. Black_Hand

    SFG response time is terribkle

    Sounds like fun, Im on week 3. Ive got a useless human reply (not the human, the reply :D), on 12th. So you say its going to be 3 more? Oooook. I propose a new game: Its slightly over 31k copies to ship. Assume about 15 mins to handle an email, including forwarding stuff to relevant place. Now try to play with the number of people working on the support team and based on the support team response time, try to estimate how many people are having one issue or another :D. The numbers are kinda funny :).
  6. Black_Hand

    SFG response time is terribkle

    Well, what this also means is that their packaging was kind of insufficient. Im wondering if the amount money theyve saved on packaging is going to be greater than the amount of money required to ship replacements. Considering how swamped they are (2+ weeks human reply time) and that they have buffed their support team (according to a KS update) and the the volume of complainants popping up on KS and forums, it may end up being a significant financial hit. Im still on day 6, including a weekend of waiting for a reply about my broken winged knight, so maybe next week.
  7. Black_Hand

    The Winged Knight goes down!

    I really like how youve painted them :). If I had your steady hands.... Sadly, mine went down during shipping, thats way less fun.