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  1. That is top left of p. 25, should be clear (it misses and has no effect). ; )
  2. Ah sorry, I overlooked one point (p. 21, left side, middle): This is the first step you do (for a movement with push). Then the large hollow will do its movement (with push). For the other questions, I need more time to grab the rules and answer, sorry. Have you read through the FAQ? They summarize quite some important issues that are often overlooked.
  3. Hi, @TriforceGuardian You are pushed to a node along the wall (your choice). Also see "Stage 5" on Boss Movement Examples on page 30 @Darkhoras 1. It stays on the node. See rules "Enemy Movement": 2. First, Boss turns towards its target, then moves towards it. See "Boss Movement": At least that is my understanding. Bests, Thinkpositiv
  4. You can swap weapons between hand and backup slot, before move/attack, as you stated. You can change equipment at Blacksmith Andre. (Switch = swap?) The Heroic "Berserk Charge" allows you to move between two attacks, which is otherwise not allowed. Still As far as I remember, the rulebook doesn't state anything special about the heroics. So they can be used whenever their describing text allows. I personally understand it in a way, that the part "When a character starts their activation:" has to be finished. Then you are "during your activation", which is the time when you can use the Berserk Charge heroic. (So before or after the usual move/attack.) Then "end of activation" happens (e.g. resolve Poison token). Others might interpret, that you can use the heroic (to attack) before the part "When a character starts their activation:" (which allows to swap items). That way it would be possible. Maybe you remember something from the FAQ? They are summarized here:
  5. In my own words: only for the very first encounter, players choose who activates first (and thus gets the First Activation token). For every encounter, players choose who gets the Aggro token. Just search the rulebook for "first activation", there are only a few hits. It reveals this paragraph on page 19: No matter whether the encounter ends in victory or defeat, give the First Activation token to the player who is next in turn order after the last player who activated their character. The player with the First Activation token will activate their character first in the next encounter. And in left column of p. 19 it states During the very first character activation, the players can activate the character of their choice. From then on, the order in which characters activate goes clockwise around the table. When a new encounter begins, the first character to activate is the character who would have activated next in turn order when the previous encounter ended.
  6. Hi Ironmonger, I suppose what you got wrong is, that you can return to the bonfire (between encounters) *without* resting. That way you do not spend a bonfire spark, but you can use Blacksmith Andre and The Firekeeper. Top of page 14: When the party returns to the bonfre between encounters, they may visit Blacksmith Andre to purchase treasure, change equipment, and upgrade equipment. So you can return to the bonfire anytime between encounters. You optionally can rest there, to restore some tokens (see "Resting at the bonfire", p. 15).
  7. Hi, do you refer to this sentence? When suffering damage from a poison token at the end of the model's activation, it will also trigger a bleed token on that model! Nowhere is said that a poison token will be replaced by a bleed token. The above sentence (from the first page of this topic) should be clear, isn't it? If there is already a bleed token, then applying the poison damage will trigger the bleed to happen. If still unclear, please post the sentence/paragraph you refer to! Bests, Björn
  8. Your FAQ state: Additional boss push clarification • If a boss pushes you off of its node as part of movement or an attack, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node in the same arc. But the FAQ "DS-Core-FAQ-2017-04-11.pdf" that are available on the page http://steamforged.com/dark-souls/ state: Q When you are pushed off a boss’s node, you can only be pushed onto a node in the same arc. If a boss’s attack has a push, do you need to stay in the same arc? A No. Any time a character is pushed by an attack, it simply needs to be moved farther from the attacking model (p. 21) For me that sounds contrary... edit: just found the answer myself. You have to remain in same arc when being pushed from the Boss's node. You can choose the node (adjacent) when you are pushed from another node. Second, as I'm no native english, is there a difference between "adjacent node" and "adjacent node farther from the attacker"? I think both expressions are the same? Or is "farther from the attacker" referring to any direction (I don't think so).
  9. Actually, turn the boss so it will face an adjacent node that is closer to the targeted player. The Rules state: When a boss moves towards a character, turn the boss so the centre of its front arc faces an adjacent node that is closer to the character. The boss then moves forward onto that node. And regular enemies have no direction. When you execute their activation (the behavior icons on their card), each behavior icon has a target icon (either nearest character or aggro character). You determine the target at the begin of the behavior icon, but not again during the single movement steps. Rules say: When an enemy model is moving towards another model, it will stop moving when it is on the same node as its target. So if the movement has no push icon, the enemy will move towards that targeted character until he reaches him (or has move the amount of nodes as stated on the behavior icon). If the movement has push, the enemy will push all characters from the node he moves onto (see Pushing p. 21 in the rules, maybe including an attack). The enemy might move further, if movement not completed yet. But it will pursuit that character, that was determined as target in first step of this behavior icon. See also the linked FAQ, section "ENEMY ACTIVATIONS". I'm no pro, but that's how I understood it and is consistent to the rules and the FAQ.
  10. Oh I made a typo, my fault, sorry. Hornet Ring is actually "one orange dice - 2" So rolling a 1 will result in "minus 1". So question is if it can lead to subtract 1 from overall result.
  11. Hornet Ring (on Armor) adds '1 orange dice - 1" to each attack. can it potentially add "minus 1"? edit: is. actually "1 orange dice - 2" see post below... I mean, can it potentially reduce the total damage of an attack by one?
  12. Ok, one last question: This situation, where C is a character and E is an enemy. Enemy has to move further away from C. He is currently at distance 2. O O O O O O O O C O O O E Here the same room, but with 1, 2, 3 identifying the distance from C. 2 2 3 1 2 1 1 2 C 1 1 1 E Question: Will enemy move upwards? In this concrete move, his distance will not change, as he moves from a distance-2 node to another distance-2 node. But he moves towards a distance-3 node. Imho rules are not 100% clear about this, they just say that an enemy will only stop moving, if he is on the farest-away node.
  13. Thanks all for your replies. Like we expected, but nice to have your opinions in the same direction. Regarding Hammer Slash, imho either the areal icon is missing (and the "nearest char icon superfluous) or the arc diagram shall not have the green arc at front. Or this is left open for add-ons/expansions. @Ashraam Yes, the weak, indented arc is red. The usual/default arcs are black and the attack/outdented (does the word exist in English?) arcs are green.
  14. Hi, first thank you for the very good rules. Precise and well explained - i've read worse in other released boardgames. Even the german translation is very good, we haven't encountered any translation mistake ; ) But I have some questions. 1. Is it allowed to split the group? 2. Assume there are two possible doors for the group to enter the next room. Which order is correct? 2a) Choose the door through which to enter the room. Place the encouter. Place characters on entry nodes (aligned with the tile the party moved from). 2b) Place the encouter. Choose the door through which to enter the room. Place characters on entry nodes (aligned with the tile the party moved from). I assume 2a) is correct but haven't found a clear statement. On the other hand 2b) offers more options and I've seen it in 1 or 2 videos. 3. The second behaviour icon of Smough on the Hammer Smash card (Ornstein & Smough base) confuses me. It is: Attack (5) the nearest character, but there is *also* an arc diagram, which has an attack arc (to the front and a weak arc to back). See attached. Imho either it would make sense if this attack does not face the nearest, but the usual Area icon. Or the arc diagram should just show the weak arc (not the attack arc). Please shed some light on this : ) Thanks and bests!
  15. Thinkpositiv

    Starting equipment

    I say yes, because only the stat requirements have to be met. P. 14, Blacksmith Andre ... To change equipment, a player can move any weapon or armour cards from their character board to the inventory and move any weapon or armour cards from the inventory to their character board provided they meet the stat requirements.