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  1. Kechian

    Complete list of all GB podcasts

    If you want some French podcasts here we are: http://www.guildball.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=816 Every episode is on this page 😀
  2. Hello! French here! I'm kind of in the same situation here. It has been for 3 months I played Brewers and my record are very bad... But the most discouraging part is the one way game. I don't mind losing I'm not sure I'm a great player but just go for a 1hour game and a 12-1 is kind of hard and disappointed. I'd like more games with tense and suspense. I could quit the game and just paint but the problem is i like going to my club and seeing my friends, playing, laughing and so on. I guess I'm a social player^^ So i decided because of mystery box to go to hunter, just one of the opposite style guild brewer Ahah! I'm note sure it's a good advice for you but i think you should pick a guild which is very different from Masons and go for it! Maybe you'll win, maybe not but you'd see a different game. Because between Masons and Moricians by exemple the game is totally different! Let's try it and we'll see! And I agree with others: It helps to play against better player and more often. I try to play between 2-3 games by week but it's not possible everytime sadly... Good luck to you and keep in touch about our situation
  3. Kechian

    Mystery box!

    Got mine today With brewers and Hunters The Brewers are 6 minis : Tapper, Spigot, Stave, Friday, Scum, Hooper Hunters are 7 minis : Theron, Fahad, , Seenah, Egret, Hearne, Jaecar, Zarola 4 Chibis cards (Got Esters, Quaff, Fahad and Theron) Mist special model Engineer & Brewer dices 1 pin (Shark) Big League campaign deck So it seems some people got season 3 plot deck and Chaska in addition of what I've got: Lucky you! I don't complain but in france, in Lyon we all received hunters + brewers... Our local club will play with a lot of identical guilds^^