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  1. So when I apply poison to an enemy, does the poison ever get removed? It doesn't say anything about the effect wearing off in the rule book unlike the other effects. So poison would stay on a boss and automatically do 1 damage at the end of his every one of his activation until he's dead? Seems pretty OP.
  2. Thanks guys for clearing that up!
  3. So what you're saying is that there isn't any special restrictions with movement? I can move between arcs freely?
  4. mitchav66

    Souls Earned calculations

    Well i can try it. With 2 people and 4 sparks, there are a possible 80 souls you can get before the miniboss and 80 you can get before the main boss (4 per room x 4 rooms x 5 lives). We can half the sparks you get to 2 (instead of 4) meaning you have essentially 3 total runs thru the rooms. So, we can take 80 total souls / 4 rooms / 3 lives (2 sparks) and you get ~7 souls a room. For 3-4 players, you both end up with the same amount of souls for the mini/main boss (96 souls), so these calculations should be the same for both: If you want to play with 2 sparks, you'd get 8 souls a room. If you want to play with 1 spark, thatd be 12 souls a room. If you want to play with no sparks, you'd get 24 souls a room
  5. When you say "between arcs" do you mean move onto split nodes or I can actually move from the middle of one arc to the middle of another in the same turn?
  6. Hey guys. Quick question about the Sentinels movement. It says he moves forward towards the nearest character, pushing them as he moves. He also has a range of 1 on his attack. So if the sentinel is already in range of the nearest enemy for his attack, does he not move or does he still move towards the character and push them before an attack?
  7. The rulebook makes it seem that you can only move into different arcs if you're standing on the bosses node... I thought if you weren't on the bosses node you have to stay in the arc you're in or move onto a split node. right?
  8. So you can only hit the arc that you're in at the start of your turn? You can't move to the split node and hit the adjacent arc?
  9. So couple questions: 1). Bosses can only turn if they have the turn icon or have an targeting icon on their movement right? They dont turn if they have a targeting icon on their attack? And if they do turn do they first face an adjacent node in the direction of the target and then move to the target while keeping that same facing? 2). So lets say I'm in the bosses front arc and his weak arc is on his right side. I understand I can't move to the right arc from the front, but can I get into his front/right diagonal arc and hit him in his weak spot with a ranged weapon in the same turn?