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  1. Veteran Sakana

    Scored a hat trick with Sakana in my last game out with Fish. Not sure how he could get better at scoring, or how much my opponents might hate me more if he does...
  2. The Navigator's Guild

    It's possible to write a rule that would allow Stagger to have an effect that Knockdown doesn't. Something that gives a benefit when attacking a model without any conditions on it, or a specifically a model that is not knocked down, for instance. That said, such a rule does seem unlikely, and I suppose you're right that Shark with be a 3-0 regardless of any new players given to him.
  3. The Navigator's Guild

    The idea of a navigators guild is quite intriguing and I can’t wait to see the rules. I imagine there will be a lot of movement shenanigans, maybe with some potential to move opposing players (lure them into the shallows). I think they’re primarily be a scoring team (given the lack of fight in the fluff story) and also being aligned with the Fisherman’s guild, where fighting is not a generally a focus. They’ll need someone who can fight, of course, but I doubt that player or two will rock the fighting world. I suspect that their movement shenanigans will be restricted to the Navigators and not present on the crossover players, but that one or more of the crossover players might be their beatstick model. If that beatstick can somehow work with Shark’s Stagger better than it can with Corsair’s knockdown, that might help the comparison between Shark and Corsair. I’m picturing some sort of “chart” marker, that allows dodges. Maybe a rule like “once per activation a friendly guild model may make a X” dodge directly towards a friendly chart marker”. Maybe it’ll also allow movement of enemy models as well “once per turn, during a friendly guild model’s activation, choose an enemy models within X” of a friendly chart marker and push that model Y” directly towards that marker then discard that marker” or maybe “…jog that model directly towards that marker, then discard” I doubt my speculation is correct though.
  4. vMinx card shown

    Just checking to verify, but if she drops all three traps around an opposing model and that model moves within 1" of all three, then that model will take 6 damage, right?
  5. Strictly the Worst, Episode 34: Pelage!!

    Enjoyed the cast, but I really think you need to step up your game on extracting unintentional spoilers...
  6. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Wait, no 3 Captain rosters... Disappointed...
  7. Bakers and Brewers are both very grain & yeast based. Most home brewers I know also end up baking bread or visa-versa... Not saying you're wrong (cause I know nothing like a certain Snow), but my guess/speculation leans towards Brewers & Bakers (Butchers & Chefs, if it's a Chef guild instead of a Baker's guild)
  8. Pin Vice vs Ballista (again) the 6 player box question

    Thanks all for the advice. I got my friend the Ballista box, and if he gets them assembled I'll get to face them on Wednesday or Friday. Now to tech against him
  9. Ok, so I have a friend who is thinking of expanding into Engineers. We don't have any local Engineer players (the one guild we're completely missing) and the 6 player boxes seem like a good starting place, so I was wondering what your comments are on the two boxes. Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Ratchet, Colossus Pin Vice, Mother (and three nest markers), Veteran Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Locus. Does either box struggle into any specific match ups? Does either box do really well into any specific match ups? Strengths? Deficiencies? Any specific union models that are good to add to either box (we have a good selection of union models locally and are fairly happy loaning them out to others in our small group), especially if they cover a massive weakness? Is there a blog or forum post that discusses all this (and maybe the other guild 6player boxes)? I've been a bit busy this year and somewhat out of the loop...
  10. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Double Dodge (them strange Aussies) interviewed the Kiwi that came in and stole their national crown jewels with his hunters in their latest podcast. I don't know how everyone chooses to listen to podasts, but the episode link is: http://doubledodge.com.au/index.php/2-uncategorised/24-double-dodge-episode-22-ayers-rock-fishing-club It's a fun listen, though not yet owning Hunters I did let it go in one ear and out the other, as I often do with podcasts, so I don't think any lessons really stuck with me. I recall that the winning Kiwi did tend to use Theron, iirc, including in the mirror match where his opponent took Skatha.
  11. Snakeskin legit

    This thread makes me happy, given how much I like Snakeskin's model (though as a Brisket/Meathook fan from season 1, I hate her fluff :). Sadly my last experience with Snakeskin was the terrible realization that neither Seenah nor Fahad (but more Seenah) is male...
  12. Are the Farmers just a beadown team?

    This was only one game, but one of my locals got in Farmers recently and he beat my Kick-Off Masons with his Farmers via 3 Jackstraw goals. Oddly enough it was his knockdown on counterattacks/parting blows that helped him to that 3 goal win. We're not high level players, so take that with a grain of salt.
  13. Guild Ball Store Support Staff

    Exchange rates are the answer. Back when the Pound was $1.35/Pound I ran some calculations comparing Discount Games Inc with their 10% discount and free shipping (which is always cheaper than the local store, sadly) versus paying full Steamforged online retail (in Pounds), shipping, and my credit card's 3% foreign transaction fee. Buying direct from Steamforged was cheaper, and is probably even a better deal with the Pound down to $1.29/Pound.
  14. Thoughts on OP criticism

    What if (throwing darts at a board) the draft system was altered to require that the second player choose his captain in the same round of the draft his opponent chooses his captain. IE: player one could force a captain draft by picking his captain early, maybe even first. Naturally this has the issue of Guild that have only 1 captain (or only take 1 captain) being able to force the opponent's captain choice with their first draft pick as they have no reason to hold their captain selection until last. This of course is a similar issue to the double blind captain picking mentioned above. I'm not sure this issue would be an actual problem, but it does weaken the captain selection bonus that Fish have and possibly in a way that could drop Fish too far.
  15. Thoughts on OP criticism

    What if, instead of the current "drafting" method, the 6-man selection was more like Malifaux. Simultaneous and secret from full availability, done after Guild is declared and kickoff side determined (so after you know the opposing Guild and who is kicking off). Plot cards, I imagine, would be selected after 6-man teams are announced. Yes, this does get into the "own entire guilds + union" territory, which may be somewhat off putting for new players, but given the Key Note speech that suggested that Guilds will not continue to grow and grow forever, this may not be as big an issue as it is in Malifaux (where the size of complete faction collections has resulted in tournaments using limited pools of models, similar to the 9-man rosters of Guildball). It is just a thought and maybe best as a tournament variant at this point. Secret/simultaneous team selection might actually lead to bigger blowouts if one player picks wrong (and this might be worst against Fish, where selecting a team to face Shark when you opponent shows up with Corsair can be bad). Anyway, just an idea.