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  1. Help vs Blacksmiths

    Advice welcome here guys, bad things happened. (Easily offended ears should vacate the room)
  2. Teach me how to vHearne

    Just returning myself (passing through really). For what it is worth, I have a couple of videos on YouTube showing how I have used him, another one going up soon. He plays centre midfield, sits there being chunky and not a greedy inf hog, locking things down with his reach, threatening the KD. Occasionally he will throw a spear if dice spike. He has a decent kick to pass the ball out of the scrum if he gets it and will happily be a snowball pass target. He waits for the chance to be a surprise striker and get an eclipse goal on the day of st never. I have never used last light effectively because that seems to take a little skill. Vhearne is the backbone of the skatha team imo
  3. Let's Chat : Seenah

    Not played many games, value these thoughts accordingly. Seenha seems well balanced to me. If she gets crowded out she will do very little but be a mom farm or turret for the enemy, and that 0/2 will be keenly felt. Silver lining this ties up multiple enemies, but that doesn' tend to be a whole lot of consolation. If she is allowed to roam free, furious partially makes up the inf deficit, and with the right set up she can (and has for me) one round something like blackheart on full wounds. Good enough for me. If the opponent exploits her weaknesses and shuts her down they are playing better than you.
  4. Help againt Union

    Game against union. Got the bear suckered in as a butchery turret, killed the ball super hard and probably should have gone for goals. How would you have handled this?
  5. Hunters V Butchers

    Just starting to dabble in Guild Ball and loving Skatha's hunters. In the spirit of the thread, this is a report of one of my first games. This is also one of my opponent's first games with Butchers (but he is otherwise ranked something like 12th in the world). Super fun game (Chaska was such a beast), but man Butchers are tough. How would you position to deal with this? Preempting the inevitable: I don't own Jaecar