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  1. Mo11usq

    Hunters line-up for a tournament soon

    My picks Theron, skatha, fahad, ohearne, jaecar, vminx , zarola, mataagi, minerva, ulfr, Breaks down into: Team 1: Theron, fahad, ohearne, jaecar, zarola, vminx. For almost every match up. Throw in minerva as per preference... probably need a harrier for corsair. Team 2: Skatha, fahad, zarola, vminx, ulfr, mataagi. In the rare case of taking on the super cheese of something like vrage, pride, vfangtooth, benediction and friends.
  2. Mo11usq

    How rough are the seas?

    Fish have long kicks. Also, ball was on corsair and he couldn't move. At one point he was looking to get a 6 die snap shot with Angel, but between snipe and forest corsairs legendary dice pool was really depleted and he missed the pass.
  3. Mo11usq

    How rough are the seas?

    So... the seas were pretty rough. Played 2 games, lost both 6-12. I'll put some videos up on YouTube eventually, but to address points mentioned above: First game. Kicking with vminx was okay, but wasnt much pressure on the ball ultimately. Using fahad as a drag block worked quite well. Kept Corsair pinned and gut & strung in the centre next to the trap, but so long as he was sat in the centre he could still impact the game. Wasn't able to stop gutter caning me. Forests blocking the goal and/or the snap shot passes were frustrating for the fish, as was snipe. Second game receiving. Experienced the horror of a siren kick off. Strategy mentioned above was dead in the water due to her high def, beautiful and lure threat. Had a hand of low cards, so positioned for maximum denial. Ditching 8 or so inf on theron and hearne was so sad, but managed to keep players safe and win a roll off. Keeping the ball unsnapped was big, though the fish got it eventually T2 - unfortunate scatter as I booted it upfield. Focused on gutter and took her down, but wasn't able to tie up corsair as effectively and he dominated the centre again keeping kills and goals always on the table for fish Games were great fun, much learned, but corsair remains un-cracked
  4. Mo11usq

    How rough are the seas?

    Thanks @Gorion Thinking T1 strategy. If win roll, choose receive. Collect with theron, sun strike, snipe, pin, heroic snipe kicker, pass/kick ball away. Position to go first T2 i.e. stay deep to deny fish momentum, zarola last activation MO theron into 8" of corsair if he has activated. Kicking seems tougher. Kicking with Theron creates an 8" bubble of "don't move/dodge fish here" before theron activates. However, corsair's drag threats 10-12", 16" if he passes the ball to dodge within his activation. Appreciate that getting corsair to use his inf for not attacking is good, but once theron is in the fish scrum things are bad, and Zarola's MO won't help. Excluding favourable terrain to brace against, if theron has to move into range to shoot he is super drag vulnerable, and if corsair gets within range first its time to move theron (maybe with MO). We could engineer 'favourable terrain' by sprinting fahad in front of theron as our first activation. Does this work in practice? Hag's talisman and passes give corsair a lot of movement flexibility prior to his activation. osiren's lure could pull fahad away, but its a risky play I wouldn't be too worried about. I wonder if the T1 pinned play is a trap, and kickoff pressure with vminx might be a less risky approach?
  5. Mo11usq

    How rough are the seas?

    With the recent releases how are hunters looking into corsair in the twilight of season 3? What tech to take? What targets to hit? What plays to make and what to thwart? Maybe a bit early to ask with the navigators looming on the horizon, but I've got a tough fish game next week. Trying to give my opponent decent tournament practice against theron - who I've played 3 games with (20 with skatha). Help a fellow hunter!
  6. Mo11usq

    Kicking with Falcons

    Seems like Devana prefers to recieve, but who to kicks when the time comes? Early days now, but as people play more how does the pick change with opponent captain/team selection or terrain? First simple thoughts in loose order, based on the notion that Falconers' ideal T1 is to sit back reletively deep, coat the midline with harriers, and crush some poor scrub with Devana: Ikaros - Ball kick pressure. Resource-lite 11" inch virtually unimpeded move and attack, 15" with harrier set up and sprint. Reliable mom tackle on 1 for retreival, reliable 4/8 kick for the shot. Egret - Flexible kick pressure. Poison flurry on 2-3 models with BTTS to deny reprisal can be nasty to start up the damage or drain enemy mom in T1. Has okay speed, tackle math and kick to threaten the ball, but lets be honest it doesn't set the world on fire. Currently not a popular choice for inclusion in 6 I think, pending S4 changes. Devana - Damage Kick pressure. Extends first turn attack threat well into enemy half if enemy is likely to stay deep, which could save on sprinting inf. Potential to steal the ball from range and airmail back? However, doesn't usually need the extra distance to be effective. Mataagi - Flexible kick pressure. Could wait for something to come into range (if the enemy doesn't want to this is board control) throw harrier long, shoot arrows, use jog to retreat. Def 5/0 is nice against enemies that like to use character plays on kickers early. His native speed and hot shot give him good range for ball retreival (though the maths is likely to be poor), with great range on the kick either on goal or back to friendlies (again not great maths). Ten wounds, def 5/0, is fine on the flank away from pressure, but throwing him in centrally unsupported is almost certain suicide. Rundaas - Damage Kick pressure. Could do a Jaecar - run in, do damage, generate mom. However, Jaecar works by going late to minimise reprisal and giving the enemy mom, and using BTTS to get back to relative safety, Rundaas will be sat there. Also, given Divana strongly wants to go after all the harriers are out, so there is some activation order conflict. Frelsi - 3/4 kick gets the ball over the line as well as any player. The extra movement gives Frelsi good flexibility to position for the assist, either extending hackback, saving Devana's inf by not needing hackback, or saving inf on a Frelsi sprint. If something hits the bird, oh well, loved creature. Could this be legitimate? Is it a pipe dream? vHearne - Gets his slow arse up to develope the board, maybe throw a skewered if not running three harriers? Seems bad. Pending S4 changes. Minerva - No? Squishy important set up player, no kick or damage threat, can do what she wants to (throw harrier at midline) without extra movement.
  7. Mo11usq


    All of this is true. However, what matters is whether it is significant, and as I slowly grow as a player I'm starting to find more occasions when it isn't. I used to think so too, I like Egret and she has been Ulfr's prime competitor, but when I find him doing things she can't, or at least anywhere near as reliably, I have to own up. I'm talking from a Skatha perspective, I don't see Ulfr's relevance with Theron. I don't expect anything I write here to be revolutionary to anyone, but its an interesting exercise. WTG allows him to get in, out, or through engagements without the inf investment and dice roles that Egret's swift strikes would need. Her BTTS is fantastic defensively and for setting up position for later, but it doesn't assist output during her activation. This is important for getting the ball and going for goal mid-turn. Lone hunter gives him the tac to at least hit the tackle (and the second one after counter/close control/glut mass etc.), and ideally the mom tackle dodge. Skatha's team is pathetic in a scrum, most models want to start and end their activations not engaged and keep the team spread. Those that don't (e.g. vHearne) tend to struggle because they inevitably get no support. When I feel I'm playing the team well, they are spread and Ulfr gets more opportunity for lone hunter, getting an equivalent tac boost with gang ups usually means the formation is in trouble. Its a goofy rule, but sort of fun. Ambush is situational, but its a situation that is worth engineering. If the enemy has the ball, focus on winning the mom race and getting ulfr into position for next turn. The issue is that Skatha is usually quite mom starved, the new gameplan card system helps out a bit, but no one is pretending this is easy. Going with Ulfr with the initiative allows more efficient judgement of his inf requirement, and the enemy can't defensive stance a 1st activation charge so the tackle is likely and you can chase the goal (which should be #2). From there you have the full turn to pressure the ball with the rest of the team. Egret is slightly less fragile with her 4/1 and BTTS, a better snap shot turret (because screw bloodscent), and much better at putting out damage enabling her to contribute from range. However, in a Skatha team she is either going for the ball and dying as much as Ulfr or doing the pewpew (which Skatha's low damage team really doesn't capitalise on and so rarely matters) for the average cost of 2 inf each turn. Ulfr threats the ball better and gets 4 inf on the one turn of glory and nothing the rest of the time. Ulfr has potentially larger impact on games for me. As you say @EpicChris each to their own, but I'd encourage people to give Ulfr another look.
  8. Mo11usq

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Seenha bear bare fight! Gave my thoughts on Seenha above, but... because you play Skatha and will.not.take.oHearne.if.can't.use.EVERYTHING.on.his.card. For Theron players... I got nothing. Mine too. The walls of my echo chamber reverberate with respectful murmers about how solid theron is into almost anything, and not unreasonable grumbles about what a drag the experience of facing him is. I put it to this forum that Theron and his merry band of Fahad, oHearne, Zarola, Jaecar, vMinx or Minerva make the pick over all the other players in a nice cliche 90% of matchups in which you are bringing your A game. Dr. Mo11usq diagnoses the problem as: Winters Moon not healthy. Perscribe some more self-sufficient players who can survive being spread out with mathematically realistic abilities to retreive and play the ball, or if out of stock, inject a couple of synergistic players that can hold ground long enough to make a good go of a 2-2 game instead of simply feeding the enemy points (all damage options being set up requiring hit and run missiles is proving rather too difficult for me at least). Side effects include: making Theron an unholy terror. Anything that beefs Skatha and which Theron can take will beef him more. If SFG's intent is to make more models viable within a guild, in this egotists glorious opinion, they will either nerf Theron (easy), make Skatha a one-angry-snow-dwarf team (poor game design), or subdivide the team further by make more players inefficient without Skatha's abilities, a la the reverse of the current state of oHearne (complicated).
  9. Mo11usq

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    What are people thinking the changes to theron could be in S4? My bet is for losing blessing of the sun father and making it a scion only heroic play. 3 in a team with no counter synergy is a bit good, right? Replaced with a legendary of some flavour.
  10. Mo11usq


    I've given ulfr a lot of flak, but the more games I play with him the more I appreciate ForestRambo's post. He gets a goal, or directly enables one in almost every game. For me he does this by being in a very narrow area of the pitch (8"-10" out from the centre, away from the enemy's beaters) and stealing the ball for a snap back after either team's goal kick. I still don't rate him for the 1st turn goal due to how defenceless he is, but there is still a lot of room to grow so maybe I will come round to that too. Very interested to see what sfg do for him in s4. Maybe it will be less work for them than I thought. Ulfr back in my 10.
  11. Mo11usq

    Resin Hunters

  12. Mo11usq

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    Seems like mataagi would be good into fish primarily. Average defence, low damage output (suposedly).
  13. Mo11usq

    Falconers, the whole picture

    First thoughts, I'd want to start with: Devana, frelsi, rundaas, ikaros, minerva, vhearne. Rundaas (cousin jaecar) seems always take. With a damagy short playbook he is the teams best beater after devana. Harrier and some extra dice and things will die. Built in harrier and dirty knives means he does the set up he and devana need in one package. Pushes are great in general but especially for getting people (back) into harriers. Good speed and kick enables a credible football switchup role. Most durable native squaddie in a team of paper cannons. He does literally everything falconers need. Falconers need goals, there's no way I'll be able to keep them alive in any kind of kill race. Ikaros seems absolutely fab. Minerva seems like a strong support peice. Suspect falconers take outs will come from quality attacks (devana death from above on set up enemies) rather than quantity which inevitably places your players in vulnerable positions. Vhearne is a decent battery, and last light really should help the falconers get off the essential plays. Inf allocation seems like it will be very tight otherwise. Hope s4 makes him more tanky.
  14. Mo11usq

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Skatha, fahad, vminx, zarola, jaecar, seenha, ulfr, minerva, chaska, egret Core: vminx, zarola, jaecar Zarolas mo enables goals and kills. Ball holder. Opportunistic snared and linked. Jaecar controls enemy beat stick with G&S + trap. Damage dealer. Opportunist goal threat. Vminx enables skatha/zarola character plays. Cold snap is particularly important. Enables beater movement and damage output. Durable goal threat. 2" melee. Flex Seenha for kill focus into softer teams Ulfr for goal focus into killy teams and counter charge/UM (recent games have started to change my mind on him. Still think he is terribly designed, but skatha needs his ball retrieval tech so bad) Situational Minerva enables damage dealers. Opportunistic healing. Needs testing but could flex for both killy or goal focus (2" melee and eyespy good for ball retreival). Could replace core member e.g. jaecar in bear team. Chaska into low def high armour (blacksmiths), and strategically important rough ground. Teams likely to control seenha. Low def wingers. Egret into clusterscrumkilly teams probably instead of ulfr. Replace chaska and egret with theron and ohearne if I get round to painting them and feel like bluffing
  15. Mo11usq

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    No skatha so I hate it Does snow out-perform fahad in certain match ups so much as to edge out egret or chaska?