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    Resin Hunters

  2. Mo11usq

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    Seems like mataagi would be good into fish primarily. Average defence, low damage output (suposedly).
  3. Mo11usq

    Falconers, the whole picture

    First thoughts, I'd want to start with: Devana, frelsi, rundaas, ikaros, minerva, vhearne. Rundaas (cousin jaecar) seems always take. With a damagy short playbook he is the teams best beater after devana. Harrier and some extra dice and things will die. Built in harrier and dirty knives means he does the set up he and devana need in one package. Pushes are great in general but especially for getting people (back) into harriers. Good speed and kick enables a credible football switchup role. Most durable native squaddie in a team of paper cannons. He does literally everything falconers need. Falconers need goals, there's no way I'll be able to keep them alive in any kind of kill race. Ikaros seems absolutely fab. Minerva seems like a strong support peice. Suspect falconers take outs will come from quality attacks (devana death from above on set up enemies) rather than quantity which inevitably places your players in vulnerable positions. Vhearne is a decent battery, and last light really should help the falconers get off the essential plays. Inf allocation seems like it will be very tight otherwise. Hope s4 makes him more tanky.
  4. Mo11usq

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Skatha, fahad, vminx, zarola, jaecar, seenha, ulfr, minerva, chaska, egret Core: vminx, zarola, jaecar Zarolas mo enables goals and kills. Ball holder. Opportunistic snared and linked. Jaecar controls enemy beat stick with G&S + trap. Damage dealer. Opportunist goal threat. Vminx enables skatha/zarola character plays. Cold snap is particularly important. Enables beater movement and damage output. Durable goal threat. 2" melee. Flex Seenha for kill focus into softer teams Ulfr for goal focus into killy teams and counter charge/UM (recent games have started to change my mind on him. Still think he is terribly designed, but skatha needs his ball retrieval tech so bad) Situational Minerva enables damage dealers. Opportunistic healing. Needs testing but could flex for both killy or goal focus (2" melee and eyespy good for ball retreival). Could replace core member e.g. jaecar in bear team. Chaska into low def high armour (blacksmiths), and strategically important rough ground. Teams likely to control seenha. Low def wingers. Egret into clusterscrumkilly teams probably instead of ulfr. Replace chaska and egret with theron and ohearne if I get round to painting them and feel like bluffing
  5. Mo11usq

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    No skatha so I hate it Does snow out-perform fahad in certain match ups so much as to edge out egret or chaska?
  6. Mo11usq

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Thanks for all your reports, always of interest. I wonder if you might share your thoughts on how to play a skatha team some time.
  7. Mo11usq

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    I have idle thumbs and opinions I am not entitled to: needs work skatha my ice queen. The reason I play guild ball. Her strength is tricky goal scoring, threat range manipulation, and Jack of all trades master of none flexibility. I feel she requires an unsually high level of skill and knowledge of the game to perform well. Outside of this fine skill honing, she has a high risk/average reward game. Her personal weakneses are: being squishy and at the same time being required to play a midfield role to be effective. tac 5, melee 1" is not reliable when attempting to dodge through an enemy team to retrieve the ball they are hiding. Hitting her tackle on a 4/1 model is usually a 50% success deal. Her weaknesses as a captain is: She is a footballer in a team geared for takeouts. This means she is likely to be out-footballed by nearly any other footbally team in the game, and if going for take outs she is an output downgrade from theron. Skathas niche is therefore into teams theron can't out-fight and, by definition, she also can't outfight. A depressing number of these still outfootball me too. There are two key tensions here. First, Hunters are quite squishy players. Hunters survive by spreading out, avoiding the scrum and diluting the enemy's output. Theron assists this with forests, enemy movement control and ranged (momentus) damage. skatha covers this almost purely with friendly movement support (there is conflict between cold snap and nature's chill). I submit one is trickier to achieve than the other. But really this is fine if what skatha team looses in defence they make up in pressure... I submit that they don't. Hunters generally struggle with ball retrieval, probably because theron teams can kill the ball rather well. Skatha is probably our best retriever. This is a dangerous role for the key striker and captain whose team really want her to support them. Thus enemies holding the ball have a great deal of control over the hunters game. A big part of hunters ball control seems to me to be theron disrupting the enemy from getting to our ball holders (zarola or fahad). Skathas abilities skew toward keeping the ball in play, this is problematic in the very common circumstance where this is better for the enemy team than hunters. In essence there is tension between her mechanics and he way most of the rest of the team opporates. I think her personal weaknesses would be helped by being able to bless herself. I get that dodges are powerful, but it costs one of her inf or mom, and requires her not to be kd before counter. She seems to be designed with the idea she will always have her legendary active so i think this could go some way to rebalancing her survivability. In terms of reliability tac 6 or built in anatomical would be nice, but I'm content enough with invest in set up or go risky situation currently. Her team mechanic weaknesses I'm less sure about how to solve, but tweaking the other winters moon models would seem the place to start. snow fahad is leagues better in almost every match up, and where it's not there still isn't much in it. I like anatomical and pack instincts, but they just dont happen. Oooh ball is terrible. Some kind of ranged ball retreival, pass assist/interference would be nice. vhearne Thinks he is hearthe. Isn't. Needs actual tarpit tech, or to have his goal threat increased. Eclipse makes me laugh every time I think of it, omg that daisy chain demo... ulfr Fix it. Fix it with fire. Id vote give him crazy and armour 1. Fine/quality of life egret perfectly happy with her. Can see why others feel light footed is missing seenha Well balanced. Does her job if played reasonably, has acceptable weaknesses. Doesn't FEEL like a bear. zarola Very strong model, garbage playbook she doesn't use/need seems wasteful. no changes needed/eyeing the nerf bat chaska think he is boss, perfectly happy with him. jaecar Carried the team for so long, everyone knows he's a star. Leave him alone sfg pleeease fahad Top teir mascot ohearne Makes me tempted to paint theron so I can use him, seems a lot of fun. theron Really good captain now by all accounts
  8. Mo11usq

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    hot. takes. Looks quite reasonable. Fairly squishy, but get in the queue, not like any of my other players ever get to make counter attacks (or hit the <<) anyway. +2 tac and +1 dmg helps everyone. A lot. Between ranged singled out and our access to snared, spreading out the debuffage makes stealing the ball back (or hitting whatever you are fishing for) easier. Nocternal hunting looks nice. Hunters are squishy and momentum is often tight unless you are smashing it, so any healing is usually appreciated. I'd say its a little bit 'win more', but at least for me whoever eventually makes a kill usually goes down almost immediatly after so better attrition could be the difference between a win or loss in a tight game. Getting her near enough the action to use it should be okay given the death sentence she can give out in that range. Not sure how often it will realistically come up, once or twice a game maybe. Easy pickings is an ignore 99% of the time. She's a winger, hurt enemies come back on or flee to the wings, and I bet mucho owls it still won't be efficient to try and go for the take out with her. It encourages her to play totally counter to her main talents, and I'm still having that lession rammed home kicking and weeping with Ulfr... my arse is getting sore. Minerva looks like she acts as an interesting blend of both Hearnes. oHearne's singled out for Skatha. vHearne's KD for Theron. Not sure whether she replaces or partners the Hearnes better, have to play around to see. Initially she seems to me to go slightly better with Theron, but tbh I'm not sure he needs her all that bad (he says having never played theron). For Skatha, eye spy seems the big thing, i've been eye spying it up on ohearne for ages. The thing for me is inf allocation. She might do amazing things with 3inf, but the great likelihood is that she replaces a battery player in your 6, so what are you giving up to do it? I see her getting 1 or nothing most of the time, maybe one big turn which will serve as a gigantic telegraph unless you've 'set things up' in a way they cant get out of (maybe I'm wrong, I'm not good at this game). So given this, does she do enough to earn her a place? Its a good deal, but I don't think its a done deal. Edit: oh blessing of sunfather all day long.
  9. Mo11usq

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    This is an honest question because I am ignorant. Do people seriously see a goalie dropped and think "what I need here is ulfr"? It seems to me that hunters early drafts (even skatha) don't commit us to a football game where one might see goalie and think "cripes, I've committed now, better get me some wtg on a chassis easier to kill than many mascots!". Further, teams with goalies (engineers, alchemists, morticians) tend to out-football our footballiest builds. Which leaves tenderiser butchers, where I can see an argument for ulfr, but he is free points thereafter Also, again out of genuine curiosity, I see posts that say the equivalent of "ulfr scores in most of my games". I find this is approximately true for me. He gets one goal then dies, then is either out of the game or dies some more. More importantly, i notice that I could have almost always have scored his goal with literally any other player I had treated in the same way i.e. keep away from everything dangerous until it's time to load up inf grab the ball and shoot that planned goal. How does this map on to others' experience?
  10. Mo11usq

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Skatha team biased hot takes: Hot shot = the thing. Ability to retrieve the ball at range without getting counted or unpredictabled is absolutely HUGE. Difficulty is hitting col 3 with 5 tac on most models that hold the ball. Snared target and anatomical from snow prob need to be set up first, but this is still a major step. This guy has serious football game. 6/9 move with 8" kick is a good base goal threat. skatha speed boosts takes this to legitimate striker threat. Most importantly hot shot again. With dodge on 1 mataagi can escape 2" melees that attempt to tie him down by staying out o 1". I would seriously consider kicking with this guy into certain teams as the ability to retrieve the ball and shoot is absolutely there (annoyingly better with theron for blessing mom generation). He will die instantly (unless you zarola him back), but no quicker (less quickly?) Than ulfr. I'm told the early skatha goal is all important, so it's worth it. Egret loves this guy, not sure I agree she is the drop. Flurry in harrier aoe people! Add in a snipe from mataagi and that's 5 dmg followed by 5 condition damage if they don't clear bleed and poison. This could affect multiple models if you hit a scrum and mataagi has enough inf. Diminishing returns of Condition stacking acknowledged. Chaska can make bird boy 5/1 or do a 5 dmg boombox. Potentially tricky to keep targets in aoe for multiple. Don't think you often bring both though sadly. Mataagi is a Legitimate last light target for vhearne, or equivalent for vminx. Mataagi helps out damage for all the obvious suspects. But i think we look at skatha with 6 inf a little differently. vhearne with vminxs support also reaches surprising levels of dmg with harrier. Not something to build a game round in either case, but some surprise sources of damage. Even Ulfr gets a damage bump which doesn't conflict with lone failure. However, he benefits least of everyone on the team (again) as if he is not 100% on goals he is 200% a liability. We can now field an essentially 5 models with def5 team: skatha, fahad, zarola, mataagi, vminx, X. Doesn't seem awful. Mataagi is the last final ultimate nail in the coffin for ulfr, better in almost every meaningful way at the same job, with truckloads to offer beyond.
  11. Mo11usq

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I come from malifaux as my main game. I think it is fair to say it is a game of extreme depth. I started it at the end of m2e wave 2. In wave 4 i think i reached capacity in terms of having a reasonable handle on what tools to consider, expect, and deal with. Now in wave 5 it has probably crossed the threshold for me, and am winding down toward a more casual approach. guild ball is absolutely nowhere near the level of complexity of malifaux. Its comparative simplicity (note: this is not to say it is easy!) Is one of its most refreshing qualities for me. And clock, oh man I love clock. Thus using malifaux as a benchmark (of my own capacities, others may vary), guild ball has a lot of life left in it. I am sceptical that width gives more longevity to a game than depth, but best of luck to sfg with it.
  12. Mo11usq

    vMinx card shown

    Maybe someone else mentioned this, didnt read. Set up vminx charge aura thing early, make some use of it or bluff, use midnight offering (and/or snowball) to reposition her near new targets for continued later turn cheap charges and extra distance. A lot to be made of her combat support as marked for death seems really strong. However just stats-wise that speed, mom dodge on 1 with 2" melee, great defence, and good kick makes her so flexible, so if you don't reckon running into corsair/grange etc. is the best idea, no need, she can football better than most on the team.
  13. Mo11usq

    vMinx card shown

    Hot take afterglow: Keep appreciating synergies with vHearne. Not a genius realisation, Theron players have enjoyed it for ages, but Last Light and BOTS in the same team allow more flexible blessing spread. I found vHearne (and theoretically oHearne) too slow to keep up with Skatha and Egret to assist their plays. vMinx can do that upfield role, whilst vHearne can continue spread the love in the backfield with his pal Chaska - either or both thundering forward for a cheap longbomb charge if required. I always felt I had to get those 2 inf character plays, and last light is just a backbreaking way to do it. As someone else probably mentioned, vMinx now lets him chuck around his skewed for 1 momentum already paid for (efficient), like what makes oHearne tasty, but on top of the fabled 2/3 inf he brings to the team. Throw it in before beating on the target and now we are starting to unlock that mom double push (potentially with up to 6 trap damage ignoring tough hide) and maybe mom 3 after KD or if theres a gang up e.g. from a certain other 2" melee model. With a stack of inf vHearne could legitimatly do some finishing, jaecar obviously better, but hey options. I have found the biggest issues Skatha has is 1) getting that bloody ball with most of the team tac 5, tackle on 2, and 2) surviving in the centre where captain snow queen likes to be and no other hunter does. vHearne thinks he does, but goes down like a sack of shit to anyone who wants some. I see vMinx bringing a bit more solidity to the centre (not that much lets be fair), taking some of the heat off vHearne and presenting two 2" melees to get around. More importantly, used aggresively those overlapping melees help reach play book results we want with less conviluted set up. With the bear, we can now have THREE on a team!!! I hear it works for Fish. Skatha, Fahad, vHearne, vMinx, Chaska, Seenha Not taking Jaecar or Zarola seems ungood, but I reckon losing would be fun!
  14. Mo11usq

    vMinx card shown

    Hot take from a bad skatha player: Vminx seems very solid. Good football stats, good brawler tricks. Can battery or do the goal run, probably wouldn't stack her up for damage dealing. Loss of hunters prey hurts, we live for snared to hit those 2 column tackles and set up the bear. Loss of btts is sad, but her role isn't hit and run any more. No furious eats into inf and mom generation but gives back with marked for death - takes a bit more finesse I guess. Doesn't do much for ulfr (epic sad-face). But... BOTS on a fast chassis is great for skathas team. Doesn't do anything for skatha herself byond las light, but having both on the team is great. [Edit] At first I didn't think egret benefited much, but vminx is likely to be able to keep up with archer girl where vhearne doesn't, and a 1 mom flurry saving 2 inf per turn could be really nice, especially on teams with the bear. Flurry damage in turn really helps vminx. Marked for death + gang up is great for jaecar, and also the hearnes. Pretty interested in the application for vhearne - this + nature's chill (+ rough ground if the moon is blue) makes him RAPID. The inf reduction seems like it could skirt the 2/3 issue on his eclipse goal run... not holding my breath Doesnt do huge amounts for Fahad and seenha, but both like the extra distance and gang up. Multiple traps could help get the bear hug kill if seenha wraps by 1. Chaska and minx = BFF. Realistic quad boom box in skatha team, traps every where area denial, 11" threat surprise chaska charge with some momentous playbook push damage from combined traps, and 5/2 defence on minx. Sex. At 5/2 there's a tiny chance she might not get immediatly kd and snow could save her. Better things to put anatomical on though. Skatha, fahad, zarola, vminx = 4 lady team of 5+ def (hate you tater)
  15. To the tune of Vitriol crying tears of impotence from the gaping wound she tore in her own face to allow her mind to explode. The Turn 1 Snow goal Range: 20-24" Theoretical chance of success: ~9% (6,707,183,616/78,364,164,096) True chance of success: −273.15°C Requirements: Friendly team receives Snow with 3 inf Skatha with 3+ inf A 3/6 kick squaddie with 1+ inf No enemy counter charge equivalent Pigs to fly The Play Deploy Snow centrally on the 10" line. Collect the ball with a 3/6 kick squaddie and pass to Skatha, bank 1 momentum (189/216 chance of success). Activate Skatha, forget all about Nature's Chill (Snow doesn't need it anyway). Snowball pass to Snow and dodge Snow 4" (1216/1296 chance of success), jog Skatha, pass the ball to Snow and dodge Snow 4" (1216/1296 chance of success). Snow is now at midline. The enemy will be so stunned at the beauty of what is occurring they will do nothing to interrupt. Activate Snow. Kick the ball, placing the marker 0.59" ahead, meaning that a distance roll of 6 will enable Snow to Ooh Ball 5" and still snap the ball. This is where the maths gets tricky. To simplify, lets assume Snow fails the kick and does not get to reroll. We need the ball to bounce more or less directly toward goal, lets say 2 results meet this requirement (2/6 chance of success). We then need a result of 2 or more (5/6 chance of success), as unless we move Snow in a perfectly straight line 20" will not be enough to get in goal range, and Snow must move directly toward the ball marker (eat a @*&£ steamforged). Following the stunning success of this move, sprint Snow 7" into range for that sweet sweet tap in. Given placement limitations, we can fairly assume Snow will be engaged and/or facing an intercept, so lets assume 1 die TN4 (3/6). Back of the net.