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  1. And the engineers are on the side to taste the beer
  2. Because engineers is the guild where Harry should be since the beginning, and his hat is the best memory we can keep to thank him for all the great work he did for us.
  3. Harry joined the party to show which side is the most hat-friendly
  4. A very hard match for engineers against the farmers, but pin vice is able to score in every situation !
  5. And brewers finished totally drunk, 2 matches in a row is too hard... 13-2
  6. And this match finished with a very short victory ! 12-11
  7. But Honour and macons successfully did the work, taking out all the players and shared a beer with engineers after the match
  8. And without any change in the team, even if Locus has been taken out 3 times, Ballista made a killing spree with his favourite weapon 13 - 8
  9. Even if the presence of Colossus on the table was Heroic, quite all the big moves have been done by Locus for his first Match ! Obulus left the field carried by Rage who was not here to lose... 12 - 2
  10. It's crazy how the promise from Pin Vice to "upgrade" Jackstraw motivated the farmers to harvest some Mortician's Farmers: Grange, Peck, Harrow, Windle, Jackstraw Morticians : Scalpel, Vileswarm, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, Silence Farmers kicked the ball to a random place on the field, just letting the morticians take it back... and the game became quickly a big fight in the middle. After 3 take outs and one "Mascoticide", morticians started to flee from Windle and scored (with a lot of chance) a goal, but the farmers quickly took the ball back to also score a goal with... Windle on an assist from Peck ! Oo After a second goal and the takeout of Jackstraw (I said that an upgrade was needed), the farmers won the game by exploding a second time the Vileswarm Final score : 12-10 for farmers
  11. Release event ?

    Thank you I hope to be able to organize it
  12. Harry the hard hat

    Yes ! Harry as Midfielder and Hat as new mascot !
  13. Harry the hard hat

    Or a hat able to move alone like A&G