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  1. Riozaki

    New player want to punch people

    Just depends on what you want to do personally and the aesthetics you like. There is several teams that can punch the ever living daylights out of people (Butcher's current punch kings, Union, Masons, Brewers, and Blacksmiths). That being said If you just want to purely punch someone to next week i think Butchers are your best bet but that being said their Minor guild was recently announced "The Cooks" and they are rumored to be able to hit harder than butchers but be more fragile (so more glass cannon so to speak.
  2. trying it on old ipad tonight and buddy will have an android. Will let it be know if there is any issues
  3. Riozaki

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    Harry super dead
  4. Riozaki

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    TBH i like her legendary, it can be a good way to pull off some tricks. I just dont like her playbook or the fact that her heroic can only do 1 character play
  5. Riozaki

    Minerva in Hunters.

    True but I think they make marvelous additions to Theron. Theron is the king of control but they arent butchers and he is weak to high scoring teams (glares at the fishs and smiths). With theron mataggi can pretty reliable deal out 12dmg plus bleed on some poor sob and minerva can possibly get 16 with a little help. And now minerva is the only thing that can help with condition control. I am wondering if we will start seeing theron with those 2 more often.
  6. Thanks these will be handy!
  7. Riozaki

    What to do about corsair

    It is no secret that SFG doesn't want fish to be brawlers. We are not meant to challenge the heavy hitters like farmers, butcher, and brewers. That being said as is right now Corsair and gutter make for a strong team of slaying those foolish enough to come close. That being said we have 35 days until the navigators are released and we lose the precious gutter. How do people plan on playing corsair once we lose union, is he still going to be viable or will shark just become king until season 4. AnyoneInsert other media 's thoughts on the matter?
  8. I only have about 10 games with smiths vs fish so my experience is much more limited than yours (6/10 were probably shark). From my experience having iron near a mastering making him 2/3 while ferrite disarms shark in my experience can make him a very sad panda That is just my experience personally, your shark playing is probably on a whole other caliber lol.
  9. Corsair is rough, but shark is easy mode as long as you have ferrite and iron lol. Share if you figure out the corsair matchup lol
  10. Riozaki

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think fathom will be fine into compound, with an opportunity for a 6in dodge and 8 kick she should be fine.
  11. Riozaki

    Explain Ebb to me

    I agree with Falkman! and Hey its falkman, seems like i see you in whatever game i play
  12. Pray it is September 21st so he doesnt have gutter
  13. Hey Dan, Look forward to hearing the podcast. Not sure if this is the same as your style but I believe another gentlemen also has been having great success with rotating the captain spot between Burnish, anvil and hearth. Apparently Anvil into fish and alchemist, hearth into masons and burnish into everything else.
  14. Riozaki

    vet. Cinder

    Got a game in vs a skatha team victory 12-8. vet Cinder killed Minx twice, Fahad twice, and Zarola. (Alloy killed egret and sledge killed herne)......On the charge vet cinder is a monster, she didnt need tooled up, however anvil legendary was handy for keeping her alive 1 turn.
  15. Riozaki

    vet. Cinder

    Hoping to get another game in tonight, the last game she killed vet minx from 11 to dead, and left herne from 20-5. Then two turns later she killed minerva from 14 to dead, and killed vet minx again (6).