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  1. Converted Ghast

    Really like the Obulus
  2. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    I have found that silence is irritating but managable, i believe i would prefer the following team into blacksmiths, Obulus, dirge, B&M, cosset, graves, casket
  3. SteamCon 2018 US

    I believe somewhere centralized would be best or if there was a certain region that had more presence.
  4. Farris rules question

    Those are handy hints
  5. SteamCon US Details?

    Thanks guys good to know.
  6. What about Bolt?

    He is very good, i need more games with him and farris though. shoomerang and the insane dodge threat is great. He makes a nice way to get around counter charge to goal
  7. SteamCon US Details?

    Ok not sure if this has been asked somewhere else. I bought my ticket to steamcon and even purchased my LCQ ticket. That being said with everything being digital am I going to have to present an email to gain entry? Will they have a file of some sort and need my ID to make sure I am who i say i am?
  8. Latest Blacksmith model ... flying?

    That is a good idea, I wonder how he would look jumping over greede
  9. I considered it but I have played anvil into grange farmers and i consider him very nice into them, butchers and brewers. Like you said sledge is definitely on the chopping block cause like you said the rest and produce similar results. Actually I am considering cinder as the other missing member cause again bolt, cast burnish can fill similar roles and cast can easily be taken with furnace to make a 2 person hit squad. BTW didn't know you played guildball Falkman, that warms my heart. Your post in the warmachine community was always very enlightening.
  10. @LeadDiceandBeers That definitely seems Like a scoring machine. I am guessing you have played with farris and bolt a few games? If so how did they do (I am US based so I have yet to have a change to try them till this weekend.
  11. Hey guys we know the full 12 man set of blacksmiths, now we have the challenge of finding out our 12. We have probably the hardest issue with this due to our master/apprentice system. So I am interested in seeing what people think of our 2 new bundles of joy and what their roster may be. I personally was super psyched for the horse lord but upon contemplation I am unsure how I feel without a chance to test them out till next week. As per Roster I am conflicted, Right out the bat i want to immediately exclude Farris/bolt from my 10 because they dont seem to fill any roll that isnt already taken. Ball tricks- Cast/Burnish/cinder have that in spades (even though bolt could be argued for cinder) Damage- Farris/bolt isnt really built for it Survivable-Bolt is a normal apprentice and farris is pretty stout. That said I i have always feel cinder was situational and not always in use so she may be replaced with bolt. The remaining issue is (as much as i hate to say this) does farris have a place? Alloy is an amazing goal threat but really handicapped (like really hard) while not near hearth. Farris may serve as a replacement to ferrite. Funace and burnish have their own niches that they do quite well (burnish for the chaska marking alone seems worth it but i could be wrong). Anvils is a ultra solid tank while sledge makes several people nervous. Hearth is a wonderful old bat who can help with conditions and buff our apprentice. Iron has been worth his weight in gold either stripping and discarding balls or stomping people into the dirt. Anyone else thoughts and ideas would be wonderful to hear from.
  12. Mystery box!

    NNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MYSTERY BOX IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. GenCon Events?

    Can we get an official statement on the official gencon situation or a link to one? Me and my friends are really only going to gencon for blacksmiths and the guildball tourney (mainly the tournament). However if there is no tournament then we need to know so we can cancel the try and plan for the nova open instead. @MandalorynOranj sounds great, and please keep us posted and how we can sign up cause I am sure that will fill up quite quick. We want to attend gencon however it is very sad when the main event we wanna attend isn't present.
  14. vs Fish

    I am new but ad good success with the following list last night vs fish. theron, snow, seenah, chaska, egret, jaecar my opponent played: shark, salt, jac, greyscales, hag, siren1. Between thyron pinning/ snaring 1-2 peeps a turn, using forest to protect ball carrier from siren. Jaecar would wail on some poor fishermen then lay a trap next to someone like greyscale, shark or salt. and chaska got the ball after his 1st goal and hit in a section that it was hard for him to get too while trapping up. Seenah ended up being mvp killing shark (bear hug) and throwing siren out twice. and jaecar up being a close 2nd by kill killing hag, greyscales and salt.