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  1. I haven't played stoker or pintpot or lucky yet. Stoker's card looks amazing, and I will definitely try to play him more. I never got to play old harry with brewers, but he seems like the ideal piece for the match up I struggle most with.
  2. This is a question for the rest of the class as well, but, how do you know when you don't "need" 2 inch melee? Melee reach seems like the most required thing in this game.
  3. Yes, good point. Friday is always on the pitch for me, I forgot about the buyable dodges. In my next lineup I could sub out mash for hemlocke from the vanvaluable 6, possibly sub outscum for quaff if howzat/borking is needed.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I will pick up hemlocke asap, I have played alchs vs masons and I do now remember how good calculus was. Tapper/Mascot Hooper Spigot Mash Hemlocke? I haven't tried esters yet, but these are the kinds of doubts I have about dealing with the construction worker's guild. Am I forced to play mash because no one can keep the ball from flint except him? I also don't know who I can reliably blow up with tapper -- it seems to me that Brick is my easiest kill most games?
  5. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Model is Gr9, I take back everything bad I ever said about her. How nerdy is it to bring your highlander sword into the bar fight though? Give her a barstool to club people with, rename character play to 1,000 splinters
  6. I've played around 18 games of GB now, and 10 of them have been vs Masons. It's been frustrating because, in most of those I can't tell if I am playing badly or if I am just getting styled on by people who are very skilled with a strong guild. I've been playing Tapper lineups into masons the entire time because I wanted to practice playing him more, I did play gutter in one game, which was an amazing player to threaten flint with, I think I could have definitely gotten more work done with her if I had more experience with her. Have not tried Stave into masons yet, but barrelling might be bad since I have to walk into counter charge range to throw it. Anyway, what strats do you guys advise for dealing with these nerds with their +1 armor pocket protectors? There has to be something I am missing? Just play Esters? Mad because bad, -Andrew
  7. The Cat Pat and Another Round!

    It's called the Pat Cat because you Pat him on his little head and say good job after he brings someone into range of your stick
  8. Hemlocke for Hunters

  9. Decimate?

    Listen Man, I don't want the rejects of other guilds anymore. Sorry Lucky, I know you've had it tough, but we're about good times -- not picking up the broken pieces of other peoples dreams when they have a rough go of it and turn to alcoholism to cope. If they gave us decimate, the career fencer, how do they convert her to the Brewers? Well they're all a bunch of drunken sad sacks right, so let's just give her a tragic backstory and say she became a brewer because she spends a lot of time drinking now. Forget that, that nonsense! Firstly, enjoying a product does not mean you want to participate in the manufacturing and business side of that product. It's like saying that because I eat a lot of Waffles I should open a diner. Again, Lucky, I'm sorry to put this on you, mate -- but I think our employment screening process should have been a lot more rigorous is all. A background in construction work in no way prepares you to take on the logistics of alcohol distribution, not to mention all of the food safety regulations we have to uphold when preparing perishable goods for mass consumption. Decimate, you're a nice lady and you sword good, but what do you bring to the table for us? This isn't an office gig, Can you comfortably 50 lbs over your head? Do you have any references, what in your opinion, is your greatest weakness?
  10. Fight for Hemlocke?

    Obviously we don't know what anyone does, so how can we make a good decision? I like your theory that having Vminx and minx would be annoying, but in practice having two awesome models with same name is not a hinderance to any guild (ox, katalyst) -- so I think it's safe to discard that idea, because what if vminx has 3 inch melee and kd on 1 ? What if Vminx is riding seenah? WHAT IF MINX CAN RIDE SEENAH AND PLAY POLO WITH THE HEADS OF OUR ENEMIES?!
  11. Fight for Hemlocke?

    I could not agree with you more, if we are talking strategy, I think the most optimal line of action is to give up Hemlocke to the morts and make sure we are securing Minx, the proven staple player. C'mon son. You're a hunters player, don't get baited.
  12. Hemlocke not Minx?

    Let's be honest and just all admit that the only hunter model that would make us feel whole would be of course the games first captain/mascot hybrid character v. seenah. Just take a page out of rages playbook, and put on a top hat, bamf - now I'm the captain.
  13. Hemlocke not Minx?

    What if V.Hemlocke has midnight offering and makes forests?
  14. Decimate?

    more like "MEHcimiate" MIRITE Guys ... ... Guys?
  15. Buckwheat Movement

    buckwheat go where buckwheat want buckwheat go where buckwheat want