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  1. Ratatoskr

    Season Four Blog

    Absolutely. The primary issue has been we do not know what Heroics we will have in Season 4. Except of course for Stave now. Time's Called is the big one for a lot of us.
  2. Ratatoskr

    Season Four Blog

    What changes do think make Esters an interesting choice for captain?
  3. The overall reaction does seem to be stronger than those for past blogs. The unfortunate tone of the blog probably did not help since the author seems genuinely enthusiastic. "Esters is the one of the models we are happiest with in all our Season 4 changes." "We were just so excited to show off what we'd done with her that she had to be our blog reveal." Perhaps if they had given a better indication of what the guild has gained because it is very easy to see what Esters has lost. The gains seem to be mostly in the form of Aria. And since no one is counting on models to stay the same, no one is certain what Heroics will be available. For instance, the Veteran Siren blog was very clear. Fishermen do not do momentous damage. But they also showed Corsair's new Character Trait to soften the blow for some. It might have been better to show a Heroic or a indicate whether one is still present, such as Time's Called. I also suspect that there is a feeling that it's the Brewers turn for some improvements/changes. Which I'm certain has created some anxiety, particularly since it will be probably 6 months before anything is rectified (should it be necessary, I am not saying that anything needs to be corrected, but explaining why some people are likely upset). I honestly do not know how Esters stacks up in Season 4, but I have yet to see anything that excites me about her. I certainly see potential, but the blog post did not really provide that. Especially in comparison to some of the others that I think did a better job of giving a taste of what's to come. At least it was one of the later ones, so the wait for the rest of Season 4 is not as long.
  4. Ratatoskr

    Gameplan deck

    I'm not a Brit, but I understand it's a British term for a soldier. So it's possibly a new term for non-captain, non-mascot player.
  5. Ratatoskr

    Gameplan deck

    Last time I checked, Discount Games Inc.
  6. Ratatoskr

    Gameplan deck

    The next iteration of plot cards is apparently called a gameplan deck. It's starting to pop up as a pre-order on online stores for April. There's even a picture of some of the cards (though only one is fully spoiled).
  7. Ratatoskr

    Esters' experiment blows up in her face

    My apologies for nitpicking, but Bag of Quaffers is "friendly non-[Captain] Guild model"
  8. Managed to get a second game in this week so might as well post another one for Decimate. My opponent has been using paper cut outs for his Blacksmiths in anticipation of the release. He's not played many games with them so we took this one nice and slow talking through a lot of the options (which is fine by me as I hadn't faced Blacksmiths before). I took: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Stoker, Pint Pot He took: Ferrite (captain), Anvil, Furnace, Iron, Cinder, Sledge I ended up the following plot cards: Who Are Ya?, Knee Slider, Man Marking He wins the roll off and elects to receive. I kick off with Tapper and kick the ball to the right hand side Start of Round 1 Influence Iron 2, Anvil 3, Sledge 1, Furnace 1, Ferrite 3, Cinder 2 Tapper 3, Scum 3, Friday 3, Hooper 1, Stoker 2, Pint Pot 1 Cinder Kills the Ball. Goal Kick is short and ends up on Furnace. Cinder sprints left. Friday uses Shadow Like and sprints over the fast terrain within 6" of Cinder and hits her with Dirty Knives. Then calls Scum over. Furnace passes to Ferrite and jogs up, careful to stay out of range of Tapper. Scum shadow likes and charges Furnace (who counters), pushes him an inch, now in range of Tapper. Furnace hits and does a point setting Scum on fire. Scum takes another swing and does a point. Anvil uses While the Iron is Hot and Furnace dodges back. Anvil sprints up just out of 1" of Scum. Hooper sprints past Tapper. Sledge jogs up and swings at Scum, with the free Piledriver does 2 damage. Pint Pot sprints up the middle. Ferrite passes to Iron and fails the kick. Scatters back behind the goal line. Ferrite sprints and uses Acrobatic to get close to the ball and then calls Iron back who is able to snap to. Tapper sprints up to threaten next round. Iron uses Impetus and sprints down the left side of the field. Stoker sprints up and throw a Molotov, setting Anvil and Sledge on fire. End of Round 1 We're tied for momentum and he wins the roll off. Opts to go second because I really cannot stop Iron. Sledge, Anvil and Scum take a point of fire damage. Cinder takes 2 from poison. Influence Iron 3, Anvil 3, Sledge 3, Furnace 3 Pint Pot 2, Stoker 1, Tapper 5, Hooper 3, Friday 2 Looking at distances for Iron, realize I can slow him down. Stoker jogs left and throws a Molotov which hits Iron, setting him on fire. Cinder jogs left to get out danger. Scum shadow likes over to get in Furnace's way. Ferrite jogs forward and uses her Legendary to counteract the fire on Iron and Anvil. Friday shadow likes within 6" of Furnace and hits him with Dirty Knives and jogs back to the fast terrain. Anvil uses legendary and charges Pint Pot, knocks him down and pushes him back. Attacks Stoker, but doesn't do much. Tapper charges Furnace, who plays Brace For Impact. Tapper triggers Commanding Aura. Then knocks him down and does some damage. Furnace gets up and uses his legendary. Knocks Tapper down, does some damage and pushes him to block Hooper. Pint Pot shakes knock down and sprints to up to Sledge and Furnace. Drinks a beer to Smash Face, which takes out Scum so he's not blocking Furnace. 1-0. Then uses his last influence and two beers to do some damage and pushes Anvil into harm's way. Sledge is close enough to Anvil for the free Piledriver. Shakes conditions and heals Furnace. Walks up to Tapper and comes up short on the big damage and only does 4. Remaining attacks mostly just to get momentum. Hooper uses True Grit and walks up to Anvil and takes him out. 1-2. Iron uses Impetus, shakes fire, and sprints to within 4" of the goal, bonus times a kick and scores. 5-2. I play Who Are Ya on Iron. Goal kick scatters to Friday. He plays Match Fixing and the re roll still goes to Friday. End of Round 2 I'm up on momemtum 5 to 1. I win the roll off and take first activation. Scum comes back on behind Friday. Furnace comes back on staring down Friday. Cinder takes 2 from Poison Influence Tapper 5, Hooper 2, Pint Pot 1, Stoker 4, Friday 1 Iron 3, Furnace 3, Ferrite 2, Cinder 1, Anvil 3 Tapper gets up and proceeds to beat on Sledge, triggering Commanding Aura, knocking him down and eventually taking him out. 5-4. Then uses Old Jake's to fill up Hooper and Pint Pot. Furnace sprints towards Iron engaging Friday. Take a swing and tackles the ball. Kicks out to Iron, but the scatter is too short. Friday shadow likes away from Furnace and with the fast terrain gets to the ball and kicks it to Scum. Misses the kick and it scatters past him, fortunately not close enough to Cinder for her to kill it. Cinder sprints right to avoid the scrum in the middle and heals for 4. Stoker goes after Anvil and pushes him 4" on the first two attacks to get him into the scrum with Tapper and Hooper. Knocks him down and then hits his 3 damage result. Anvil gets up and beats on Stoker, knocking him down. Hooper uses True Grit and Come On Mate to get Stoker up. Proceeds to knock down Anvil and nearly take him out. My opponent is extremely wary of the scrum and Ferrite sprints left (red circle in picture below). Pint Pot uses his two influence to put down Anvil. 5-6. Iron runs to the other side of the goal hoping get another crack at the ball. Scum shadow likes to the ball, grabs it and uses the fast terrain to jog around Furnace within 4" of Tapper End of Round 3 I cannot lose the roll off for first activation and take it. Cinder takes two from poison. Influence Tapper 6, Friday 2, Hooper 2, Pint Pot 1, Stoker 2 Cinder 2, Iron 2, Sledge 3, Furnance 2, Ferrite 2, Anvil 2 Scum shadow likes away from Furnace jogs to Stoker and drops the ball, which he snaps to (good kitty). My opponent realizes he has extremely limited options for getting the ball. Stoker is too far away for most of his team to get to and those that do don't have the influence to get the ball away. We debate several options and he decides to advance with Cinder, who has to get within 2" of Tapper to get within 6" of Stoker. She bonus times a Hot Shot, but isn't able to tackle the ball. Tapper advances and takes out Furnace. 5-8. Use Old Jake's to fill up Hooper and Pint Pot again. Anvil sprints up. Stoker sprints and bonus times a goal. 5-12. End of game Definitely not the best showing for the Blacksmiths. But my opponent was trying some things to see what would happen, mostly to see if he could go toe to toe in the scrum. He was pretty wary of scrum in the middle after Furnace went out.
  9. Ratatoskr

    Beer vs Bear

    Local Guild Ball group has been running a league and my opposition this week is the Hunters Guild. Finally remembered to take some pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures are pretty poor quality, I was too intent on the game. I took: Esters, Quaff, Hooper, Stoker, oSpigot, Mash He took: Theron, Snow, Zarola, Chaska, oHearne, Seenah I ended up the following plot cards: Sic 'Em, Heroic Landing, Match Fixing He wins the roll off and elects to receive. I kick off with Esters and try to kick the ball the left hand side, but fail the kick and it scatters towards Zarola. Beginning of Round 1 Influence: Zarola 1, Chaska 1, Theron 5, Seenah 1, oHearne 2 Quaff 2, Esters 4, Mash 1, Spigot 1, Stoker 3, Hooper 2 Zarola retrieves the ball and moves back, kicking to Chaska. Spigot jogs up and Tooled Up Esters. Chaska kicks to Theron and jogs up and puts down a trap. Quaff gives Esters her Second Wind and a Bag of Quaffers to Mash and jogs up. Snow jogs up. Esters empowers Stoker with speed and then uses Blast Earth on Chaska and Snow. Misses Snow, hits Chaska. Chaska uses his 1" dodge to shuffle back. Esters advances and use Fire Blast on Chaska, Theron, and Snow. Only hits Theron, setting him on fire. Esters uses Second Wind to back up. Seenah sprints up. Stoker jogs up and lobs a Molotov at Seenah, getting a hit and then Flame Jets the bear. Theron clears the Fire, jogs in behind Seenah, within 8" of Stoker. Kicks to oHearne, who dodges forward. Then puts Sun Strike on both himself and oHearne. Uses Snipe on Stoker and the Blessing of the Sun Father to use Pinned on Stoker. Mash sprints up. oHearne charges Stoker and rolls poorly (IIRC). Then uses Blessing of Sun Father to Skewer him. Hooper charges oHearne and pushes him into the lane between Stoker and Seenah as well as out of melee with Stoker. He ends the turn up a momentum and wins the roll off, taking first turn. Beginning of Round 2 Seenah takes a point from fire. Influence: Chaska 2, oHearne 3, Seenah 2, Theron 3 Esters 5, oSpigot 1, Stoker 4, Hooper 2, Mash 1 Seenah charges Hooper, knocks him down and does a few points of damage. Stoker drinks his brew, healing 2 and clearing Snare. Advances into Seenah and proceeds to knock the bear down and soften it up a little. Heals for 4. Theron put down his forest behind Hooper and Stoker, within 4" of oHearne. Use Sun Strike on himself and jogs a bit forward and right. Uses Snipe on Esters, clearing Gluttonous Mass and then uses Blessing of the Sun Father to use Pinned on her. Hooper uses True Grit to clear knock down and then Heroic Landing to make it essentially free. He swings on oHearne, knocking him down. Ball scatters to Hooper. Maybe should have kicked the ball, but instead take a swing on Seenah to soften the bear up some more. oHearne forfeits movement to get up, attacks Hooper, first two attacks don't go great (Hooper countered and rolled poorly), but he knocks him down on the third and the ball scatters back to him (actually looking back we made an error, oHearne intercepted the ball as it scattered well behind him, which you can't do). oHearne places himself by the forest, just within melee of Stoker, set up to score next turn. Esters can still get to Theron with +4", so Spigot Tools her up and uses Time's Called. Spigot jogs into Seenah. Chaska advances, puts down a trap, uses Boom Box on Esters and now she cannot get to anything after the push. Esters runs towards Theron, stopping at the obstruction. Then uses Blast Earth and Fire Blast on Chaska, hitting both. Snow jogs up a little. Quaff hands out Bag of Quaffers to Mash and advances into Chaska. Zarola jogs up a bit. Mash advances to Chaska and takes a swing, manages to wrap and I push and knockdown and do some damage. End the turn up on momentum by 1, but lose the roll off. Beginning of Round 3 Seenah and Chaska take a point from fire. Influence: oHearne 3, Chaska 2, Theron 5 oSpigot 4, Hooper 3, Stoker 4, Mash 2 oHearne takes a swing at Stoker and flubs the roll. Does it again and gets some momentum. Jogs in range of my goal and takes the shot, getting it. 4-0. Uses Knee Slider to back up. I kick the ball to the left, hoping it might scatter to Mash, but goes about as far away as possible. Hooper kicks in True Grit to clear knock down and proceeds to finish off Seenah in two attacks. 4-2. Advances up to Theron and proceeds to just push him. Theron, makes a forest, advances into Hooper and proceeds to attack him, mostly to knock him down (and snare of course) and reposition him slightly. Uses Pinned on oSpigot and finishes up by dodging with Hooper blocking oSpigot's path to him. Quaff just shuffles a bit. Chaska forfeits movement to stand up and uses Boom Box on Mash, pushing him back, lays another trap and then heals for 4. oSpigot has nothing much he can do except Tool up Stoker. Zarola jogs up towards the ball. Esters empowers Stoker with Strength and then jogs, triggering a trap. He looks at getting Snow closer to oHearne, but the forest is in the way, so he backs him off. Stoker uses Human Ball of Fire, advances into oHearne, setting him on fire. Knocks him down on the first attack. Even with bonus times, just cannot wrap so at +3 damage, gets oHearne down to 2. Mash runs back to the ball and passes to Esters, who takes the dodge move into Chaska. I am up by 2 momentum and win the roll off. Beginning of Round 4 Chaska and oHearne take a point from fire. Seenah comes back on the left side. Influence: Esters 5, oSpigot 2, Hooper 2, Stoker 4 Theron 6, Zarola 3, Seenah 2. Esters punches Chaska three times to knock him down and generate some momentum. Clears snare and empowers herself with Speed and sprints in between Theron and Snow (engaging neither) and bonus times a kick for a goal. 4-6 Forgot to use Soothing Voice to get Hooper up. Ball is kicked out towards Seenah and Zarola, ends up scattering to Seenah who takes the ball. Theron goes after Stoker. Stoker counters. Theron flubs the roll. I bonus time the counter because I just need two successes to get past the arm and push him out of melee. But I flub. Theron proceeds to beat Stoker down to 1 and then using Blessing of the Sun Father to finish him off with Pinned. 6-6. Then Theron heals oHearne. oSpigot advances to oHearne and even with Floored, barely managed to takes him out. 6-8. Chaska forfeits movement to stand up and lays a trap behind Quaff. Quaff jogs right, away from Chaska and triggers both traps. Chaska takes the parting blow and does a point, triggering Loved Creature. Quaff gives Bag of Quaffers to Hooper. Zarola advances to Quaff. Zarola dodges and Quaff counters, but gets nothing. Zarola attacks two more times and eventually gets the push to put Quaff in range of Seenah. Mash jogs towards the centre. Seenah charges Quaff and in a brutal fashion finishes him off with a bear hug. 8-8. Drops the ball where I cannot get to it. Hooper uses True Grit, charges Seenah while engaging Chaska and Zarola (but not the other way around). Knocks Seenah down and pushes the bear away. He's up 3 on the momentum race and wins the roll off. Beginning of Round 5 Chaska takes a point of fire. oHearne comes back on the left side. Quaff comes back by the goal and advances in front of it to hopefully interfere with a goal attempt. Stoker stays out of trouble. Influence: Theron 6, Zarola 3, Chaska 2 Esters 4, oSpigot 4, Hooper 3, Mash 3 I figure I'm likely done because I'm not convinced I can stop Zarola from scoring, but looking at the influence I realize he has something else in mind. Theron puts down his forest and then advances into oSpigot while getting within 8" of Hooper. Proceeds to beat oSpigot to death and uses Pinned on Hooper (10-8). Mash runs to ball, continues around Chaska. Uses Super Shot and then passes to Esters. She dodges 4" towards the goal and away from anything else. At this point he has no way of taking out any players in his next activation. So Snow walks up to Esters. Since he has no momentum, Esters punches Snow to generate momentum and push him away and then bonus times a shot for the win. 10-12. I made some bad calls on my influence allocation. My first time getting worked over by Pinned and watching as Theron single handedly removed two of my players. Great opponent too!