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  1. Dancer

    Do I play the dancer encounter's cards in a bad way, but it seems that he(the dancer) swings more than often in a miss...? as soon as the 'turn 90°' mechanic appears, after a push, it is SO simple to avoid his onslaught. ~Deatheux.
  2. after an attack

  3. after an attack

    hello, I wanna make sure of those rulings... can I move AFTER an attack?(in the case I attack the ennemy on my actual node) also, after my action(s), before the end of my activation, can use my estus flash to recover? thx
  4. hello, I've found this combo, and wonder if we can heal 2 damage plus 1 stamina... Or mandatory 2 stamina and 1 health. #1ne: Tiny Being's Ring = start of act, you may gain 1S & 1H(instead of 2S). #2wo: Chloranthy éring = Characters on your node gain 3S at the start of act(instead of 2S). thx,
  5. pushing enemies/boss vs attack

    it slightly modifies 'my' gameplay. thanks for the help here!!
  6. max 3 figures on a node

    hu hu hu! I know the game is hard, but, I wanna survive as a player, and, the monsters SHALL really want to kill us...
  7. a character surrounded by 2 enemies on a node is targeted by another enemy, this one activates and enters this character's node, due to the limit on a node, do we opt to move the character or we must move enemy? alternate: 2 enemies surround 1 character, another character activates and enters the node, the players can choose to move the character, right? thx!
  8. hello! some clarifications are required to set up my mind what do we do when an enemy with push is on a node with a character? what do we do when an enemy with push+attack is on a node with a character? what do we do when an BOSS with push is on a node with a character? what do we do when an BOSS with push+attack is on a node with a character? after A PUSH, THE CHARACTER MOVES , he must move in the flow of the enemy movement, then he he moved up to all available nodes *in the very way of the enemy move*? also after the 'push/push/attack' of a boss, before attacking, do he turn again facing the aggro/nearest character(depending). **this part of the question does NOT include the "turn 90°" or "turn 180°" behavior. thx
  9. Hello, I want to confirm if there is an order to activate enemies when there is 3x Hollow Soldiers in a fight. can we activate "in the advantage of the players" or we must activate enemies on characters spots.
  10. Starting equipment

  11. Starting equipment

    is it official? the warrior can weild the knight/heral stuff!?
  12. Two hand a single handed weapon

    where the ruling is stated in the rule book? thx
  13. Large Hollow Soldier

    @Ashraam excellent!! pretty clear, complete the missing part! a bout the 'cornered" ennemy/boss, before his last move?