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  1. Deatheux

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    I'll had every penny of my investment, be sure, but of course, LAST.
  2. Deatheux

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    this is just that that make interest on my 80 euro pledge and other KS they started... I just want MY game, as I pledge it, nothing less, and less that 5 years of waiting.... I pay, they ship.
  3. Deatheux

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    ok, thx, good to know, I'll just add sfg in the black list. whatever the product they ripp off.
  4. so, do a lemming from SFG will confirm what happens with the wave 2 of the flop? update? can we fill a complain in kickstarter yet?
  5. Deatheux


    ok now we involve retarded religions to justify the imbecility of others... they steal our money, they suck. period.
  6. Deatheux


    money soaking company, fiability: none. extortion level: epic.
  7. Deatheux


    the delay is so ridiculous between the 1st shipment and W2... that the hype me and my players group is gone, SFG waste it big time. epic fail.
  8. Deatheux

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    until bullock fraud #126
  9. Deatheux

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I hope so... so tired of the lies.
  10. Deatheux

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I have ask that VERY same question when I got sick and had a off-work duty for 7 months. a member of @Steamforged CONFIRM to me that all the bosses & comp will be available later in stores... and NOW I see that there is some bosses & comp ONLY AVAILABLE on KickStarter. I'd like to have a communication by @steamforgedgames about this statement... and how can I get the full line of products(bosses+extras comp) for DSBG.
  11. Deatheux

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    now they LIED to me, in an email, a SFG employee, confirmed to me that ALL the bosses would be available in store, so, no rush to purchase them... and the KS exclusives pops...
  12. Deatheux

    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    we pay, we get the damn stuff... Drug dealers are more loyals.
  13. Deatheux


    Sword & Sorcery is so much superior than gloomhaven... keep me posted about the scenarios, it pick-up my mind!
  14. Deatheux

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    we are all weak facing this situation, no matter how hard we want our goodies...