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  1. Scenarios

    Sword & Sorcery is so much superior than gloomhaven... keep me posted about the scenarios, it pick-up my mind!
  2. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    we are all weak facing this situation, no matter how hard we want our goodies...
  3. Scenarios

    scenarios, sounds like another gloomhavenKILLER!! just don't do it in 95 easy quests!
  4. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I tried, but I'm gonna try harder next time. still, deliver.
  5. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I've paid for add-ons, stretch goals, I've NOT calmed down, and it will just be more and worse. letting 'backers' on side lines is a threat, an insult, a lack of professionalism. I've paid, i don't want my fucking money back, I WANT MY STUFF, I want WHAT I'VE PAID FOR, the money THEY pick up from my credit card SINCE A COUPLE YEARS by now. where are the lemmings from steamforged games now? they ignore the mails and requests? they just don't give a shit, they gor a million+++euros and kickstarter made 10% out of it.
  6. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    if they were not wasting energy on shitty games and just DELIVER.
  7. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    is it me, or the situation is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS?? What a Shame, a company clamming MILLIONS of $$ for funding a game, who takes 3 years to sent half of the components. can they do stop kickstarting other shitty games and DELIVERS?
  8. did you guys gotsome news about a shipping date yet? or they are too busy with the new sloppy KSBS?
  9. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    update #147, aka wait & see...
  10. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    any news anybody? shippment? what is going on?
  11. hello there, some of you try on the print and play version given to us due to the delay(due to some sore loser explanations)? I give a try in a solo mode with the sorcerer: OP - Over-Fucking-Powered I died once on the main boss encounter(due to a 'bet' that I lose), having a range magical of 3 in the starter slot is way too much 'OFP', since the cards are pretty good, the character still fun, but the challenge just drop by a couple of times. it seems some instructions are missing to 'play' with all comp dropped, any thoughts?
  12. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    haha, and it looks really dumb,
  13. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    cool thx! have you try the print & play pdf? are they good?
  14. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    delay, thanks for your confirmation.