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  1. hello there, some of you try on the print and play version given to us due to the delay(due to some sore loser explanations)? I give a try in a solo mode with the sorcerer: OP - Over-Fucking-Powered I died once on the main boss encounter(due to a 'bet' that I lose), having a range magical of 3 in the starter slot is way too much 'OFP', since the cards are pretty good, the character still fun, but the challenge just drop by a couple of times. it seems some instructions are missing to 'play' with all comp dropped, any thoughts?
  2. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    haha, and it looks really dumb,
  3. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    cool thx! have you try the print & play pdf? are they good?
  4. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    delay, thanks for your confirmation.
  5. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    ok, just what I guessed, you guys are also left in the blank, with no informations(just as on KICKSTARTER)... this is a reason will not back another SFG product. we pay, and we get lost. a bit disappointed here.... and still waiting for some clue.
  6. WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    I just can't wait anymore for the delivery for the stretch goals and add-ons... do teleportation has been developped to receive our stock sooner? down here in canada, when we will be able to hope arriving the holy grail? thanks ~Deatheux
  7. Two hand a single handed weapon

    In case of this kind of weapon will be released in further expn, I would not use this 'bastard sword' alt-ruling for now.
  8. Two hand a single handed weapon

    can we make an official ruling on this, here on p. 22 "During an activation, a character can make up to one attack with each weapon they are holding in their hand slots.[...]" with each weapon, a shield, a sword and a spell is considered a 'weapon' but, still, we can activate 'each weapon'. a player can use 2 shields, and if they have attacks, use them each turn, as long as the player pays stamina. a player can use 2 spells(but have a sweet nothing in armor!). so as long as it is stated in the ruling, nothing seems to restrict the use of 2 single handed swords/shields/spell, in a built.
  9. Dancer

    Do I play the dancer encounter's cards in a bad way, but it seems that he(the dancer) swings more than often in a miss...? as soon as the 'turn 90°' mechanic appears, after a push, it is SO simple to avoid his onslaught. ~Deatheux.
  10. after an attack

  11. after an attack

    hello, I wanna make sure of those rulings... can I move AFTER an attack?(in the case I attack the ennemy on my actual node) also, after my action(s), before the end of my activation, can use my estus flash to recover? thx
  12. hello, I've found this combo, and wonder if we can heal 2 damage plus 1 stamina... Or mandatory 2 stamina and 1 health. #1ne: Tiny Being's Ring = start of act, you may gain 1S & 1H(instead of 2S). #2wo: Chloranthy éring = Characters on your node gain 3S at the start of act(instead of 2S). thx,
  13. pushing enemies/boss vs attack

    it slightly modifies 'my' gameplay. thanks for the help here!!