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  1. So I've been rotating guilds for most of my career. And, since Esters got "fixed", I'm looking for a new tournament guild. Butchers seem my speed, but are already well represented in my meta. Suggestions for a new tournament guild?
  2. LowBall

    How to deal with brewers

    As a brewers (main) player, the fish and alchemists are my worst match ups. The best option is to use smoke and the others, to play the condition game. If you can make them eat damage from afar for the first two turns (and with the smoke aura you should be able to win the momentum race), you are set to use a big vet Kat takeout. You also should have no problem taking the ball off them with their low 3-1 defence. Just make sure that you have the influence to send it back to/towards your players. don't worry to much about vet decimate. Although really good, She is unlikely to be run out to far ahead of the brewers main line. either captain is viable, but smoke's speed and abilities are gold against the slower, easy to hit brewers. best advice, try not to get more than one or two models in range for the big crowd out hits that will come, and off possible have that somewhere where vkat can come back on for a witness me kill.
  3. What I'm saying is Mash limits options into him. Either 2" base to base, multiple models in, or dodge mechanics. If you know who has a chance to get it you can hide him away. Drawing enemy models into a danger zone (it has worked well for me in the past). I am excited to play this strategy with a "pull em in"' decimate, I will call this strategy the "highway to the danger zone".
  4. LowBall

    Captains and Matchups

    Tapper if they fight, Esters for everything else. I feel Tapper can setup the better takeout turns in the scrum, but needs to activate first all the time. Old jakes is super efficient for a well positioned line, and tough hide makes him survivable. But he can be shut down in a hurry if you screw up. Esters just really needs to be esters. Power up, charge, kill. Clears conditions like a dream, Lobs aoe's with unspent inf, glut mass, HP for days, Bad ass hat... Just don't leave her without backup. Prefer to kick with tapper to get him in earlier. The cat takes the ball in both esters and "most" receiving situations.
  5. While I agree with most of your reasoning, I think you should rethink Mash, he is an auto include against scoring heavy teams for me. His low double push and his unpredictable make him a pretty serious ball killer. He wrenches plans, as he can hop away from most of the better striker models. and, with an esters line, he makes a solid crowd-out man. Not to mention his super solid striker skills. he's just good into alot of things.
  6. The correct answer is mostly always. Solid 2" with unpredictable and a double push on 2? Counter attacks are nothing but gold here. I like to use him as a scrum assists and snap back machine about a third of the way up the pitch. They score a goal? He snaps it back. You wana deal some damage? He can help. Need to kill a ball fairly reliably? Yes. He won't be getting big takeouts by himself, but he's worth it in terms of all round play. he has a permanent place on my six for both captains
  7. LowBall

    Veteran Decimate

    Super stoked. But my ten is gonna take some work. Gonna try her out in both captain lines. I see her being super useful in not only pushing people out, but for dragging people in! The level of people who are going to be salty about her skills, is real.
  8. LowBall

    Estus match-ups

    Esters is good into just about everything, but she needs to be invested in. Put in a few games with her and she'll be your main, I gaurentee. Here are some helpfully tips I learned; Lob barrels first turn, set her up to do what she can, I usually put 4+inf on her every round for this reason alone. Being pushed away or escaped from isn't the end of the world because you can still deal damage. she is at her best as a early or last activation, empowering then throwing barrels or getting in to setup other nearby squaddies. If last, soothing voice can save you some hassle the next round, or she can finish a target. She is a great charger. Gluttonous mass can prevent a lot of counter attack knockdown nonsense. like all brewers, you want to push opponents into the best crowd out position, and she is really good at this. Pulling people from cover and knocking them down are sometimes better then Raw damage. But it's situational. Her legendary should be used as soon as she and two others are in range of a takeout opportunity. Don't wait for a late game miracle. Dont get tunnel vision on empowering damage, speed can set up some good stuff. She needs nearby support. she isn't by any means a solo. Dont forget: she's a solid striker. Use the aoe's to make a difference in advancing models. Fire and rough grown can grind or prevent hope that helps, but reps are the best teacher.
  9. LowBall

    sBrisket / Solthecian Ten

    I had probibly my best game ever with Brisket at the helm. Haven't seen the lion, but strongbox is super survivable. Brisket, Benny, grace, strongbox, mist and gutter. Gutter can straight delete people, but she's best held back while Benny and strongbox jam up the middle, then swung in from the side to keep the others safe from her. vRage is the better backup captain (and in most cases the best captain). Tournament 10; brisket- can make a 2nd turn one goal after mist. vrage- turn gutter and others into slaughter machines strongbox- tough hide and shelling out benny- solthecian, tough, 2" and a ton of great stuff. grace- solthecian, free inf, heals people. mist- games best striker gutter- killer a&g- crowdout bonuses minx- needs nearly nothing to be good decimate- solid backup striker, can generate momentum
  10. LowBall

    the figures

    My box 2 ferris was headless, not a big deal since I had some old warhammer stuff lying around. Now she has a gold skull and looks pretty bad ass. Also glad I got the ltd edition bolt, as I've had bad luck with those plastic stands, and the box one was pretty flash heavy.
  11. LowBall

    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Engeneers, it had a giant mechanical spider, what's not to love. (And my play group recommended them as a good starter.) Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? No. I started getting more games in with the kick off brewers with other new players. I didn't have the match experience to execute big plays, make use of my momentum, or placement with cogs. Brewers were a lot more forgiving on a newbie, then I started to love the playstyle. Thanks to sheer reps, I don't worry about going into good fish players or a strong union list. I've beat good teams with good players, on the strength of scum tap ins. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? Cogs were survivable, fast enough, and had the solid playbooks to not get me blown out right away, they were my "training wheels". Their sacrifice made my play solid. I'm gettin good with smiths, and their paintjob is easily my best.
  12. LowBall

    Escalation league

    Is recomend hearth, cinder and another master, that way you don't lose out on influence (another 3 vs 1) off the bat. Hearth is really good in every 6 man list, and thanks to the special rules for smith captains, you can switch up easily. Ferris is a trap as captain, yeah she looks cool, but needs way to much setup. Smiths, IMO, have 2 outstanding captains (ferrite/hearth), and 1 great but situational (Burnish).
  13. LowBall

    Farris rules question

    One thing I've learned is you can give the ball extra distance on kicks by dropping it in front of you before "give it a whack" (according to the rule book 1" away), I don't see why a lucky scatter couldn't be a good thing.
  14. LowBall

    Falling into a trap

    You could run the (burinsh (captain), furnace, hearth, alloy, cinder, iron) line, that I've been havin' tons of fun with. Hearth can also captain the ship, to set up the apprentices, but we all know burning is better. Basic plays: -tool up burnish and set people on fire. If you can hit 3, use your legendary. -Kill the ball with a hearth powered cinder, at range. - threaten goal and takeouts with alloy. And to a lesser extent iron. -Use iron's battering ram to push your team up or away -laugh manically as you set fire to groups of people.
  15. Every time I go into a fight heavy team, I like to bring a hard to kill bait option. Pint pot and esters are solid bait targets. Also blast earth and fire aoe's can put up a decent way to slow the counter attack.