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  1. Next match.... Union vs. Butchers

    Sorry, Bring the reach/kd game, use mist, win. my list would run like: vet rage(legendary & heroics), Harry (Molotov inspired hat), strongbox(kd on 1), mist(best striker in the game), a&g(kd off dropped greed), minx (snared, back to the shadows) Stay in auras (hat/shelling out) farm momentum and use it, heal hard, counter for the kd and push/dodges, threaten goals and snap backs with mist and a mid/backfield minx.
  2. Next match.... Union vs. Butchers

    Kill tapper. Score with mist. Win. speed kills, and the brewers don't really have it.
  3. New to the Union

    The turtle is a rage staple. small playbook, Rage's legendary & bloody coin, crowd out dice, makes it a takeout machine. Just make sure to stick together.
  4. Maximizing a striker line?

    Been enjoying running vBrisket lists; mist and benidiction all seem to play well into each other. But I'm giving up a bunch of unnecessary points on jamming the middle and just can't seem to fight my way out and be the scoring threat (I know, can't have it all). Been trying to maximize my middle threat with coin (losing activation priority) and grace (free influence, bad at fighting). Rage and minx seem situationally ok but reach and low caps are a thing. any suggestions for maximizing half-ish of available influence in the middle?
  5. Lucky feedback

    Three reasons to run him full time. If you are outgunned in the fight department, he's a great addition to a striker line. If you are on the losing end of momentum, he's a free influence hero. If you are fighting, he can clear a condition off anyone, and has a decent playbook.
  6. Learning Engineers

    Played engineers in competitive leagues and a lot in tournaments. They are top teir in execution. Hoist, ratchet and ballista can rack up momentum with balistas aura. Target groups with ratchet and hoist (true rep'd) blast earth within the aura, you can really drive some opening damage and win momentum. Velocity is great, mother is really you're best call, and your 6th situational. Killing the ball isn't really the gear heads game
  7. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Unexpected arrival is a fantastic skill, off the charge. Close control, reach... He's solid all round. He isn't a fighter though, he's a striker, that can take a bit of a beating.
  8. Rough match ups and how to deal

    When box 2 comes out, then we'll see the blacksmiths threat, bolt can target friendly models for the guaranteed knockdown, ferris can threaten nearly the whole board, alloy is too good not to run, Hearth -solid. the only two I can see dropping from my ten are iron and sledge.
  9. Esters lineup advice

    Shit, You're right... Still, a 4/8" coming from mid field should be able to stay safe...
  10. Esters lineup advice

    Esters is also amazing at settin up mash for the return goal. give mash a speed boost, threatening a potential 10" tackle, and . If they bite, you put a super shot right back. (Unpredictable shuts down most rush keepers)
  11. Stave, new teams same problems?

    Stave is just not good enough to run; slow, soft and one trick play kinda makes him less and less useful as it goes on. Play book isn't super Either. options like lucky, pint pot he got cut real fast. Played a bunch of games against the farmers, and the only path to victory I've hit on is out maneuvering and outscoring them. Farmers 2, is gonna make them THE deletion team IMO. Quaff, lucky and esters. Play like the fish
  12. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Farmers guild intro card states entertainers are an actual guild. Fingers crossed, we get a rock star captain.
  13. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    You may have better luck swapping out salt for tentacles, tackle on the 1, reach, follow up and blind make him better late game, in the back field. Outside of that, a spread out shark(mid-deep), greyscales/tenticals/sakana(mid-back), siren/jac (mid/deep). Can make "fight-me" lists struggle to kill them or the ball.
  14. If you receive you are almost guaranteed a first turn goal. Allocate 4-5 inf to shark. Set him up with a line on the weaker side of their lineup. 1) receive with anyone other than shark. 2) pass to someone else (other than shark). 1 momentum 3) pass ball to shark and give and go him forward. 1 momentum, 4" forward. 4) activate quickfoot, run, shoot. Score. Dodge back. 5) Gloat with the g&g, quickfoot and his big kick you should have a 23" threat range. You only need 4 inf to do this, but if you're sure they will move up their players 5-6 can be good for momentum or two on the way in. Just try to avoid 2" reachers that can hit back.
  15. My nearby shop is putting all season one stuff on sale. I'm looking to expand from my engineers to the butchers. what season 1 stuff should I not pass up?