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  1. I understand that you always have to pay 1 stamina for attempting a dodge roll, before you roll the dice. But I was wondering if you: 1. pay 1 stamina 2. move 1 node 3. roll dice and take/prevent dmg OR 1. pay 1 stamina 2. roll dice 3. take dmg and don't move 1 node / prevent dmg and move 1 node THANKS <3
  2. Is the Shift always optional or is it conditional i.e. is it optional if it moves you out of range? Is this a confirmed rule? Also, does this mean I can't technically make an attack when I'm out of range? I'm asking because if it IS possible, I could use an attack with the shift icon just to make an additional move...
  3. To the people confirming the "partially shipped": Are you guys all backers? Just wondering because I preordered the game from my local game store and I'm hoping now that they also slowly get their store copies and sending me an e-mail to come and get my game!!
  4. I have yet to hear about a case where a company has overestimated something XD I guess it's human to underestimate everything in such undertakings. Or it is just insanley difficult even with a lot of experience, like what we see in the game industry all the time. But you might be right...maybe they are not yet at that level of professionalism. I'm sure they've learned their part now.
  5. How in the world can you only have the slightest idea of their financial standing? It's not a wild guess though if I'm saying they've had their extra expenses with all this mess and the delays. And they obviously probably don't have only one person in support. Just imagine all the people who send more than one support mail, it must be total mayhem for weeks now. And the thread is monitored by a forum moderator (to keep our heads cool), not by the CEO
  6. Not every statement that turns out wrong is a lie. Sometimes people just don't know better. This is just how things are imo. You can't just call everyone a liar who was wrong about something. I'm not calling you a liar for saying this is a scam when it turns out it isn't. Because, maybe it could have been and you didn't know better. Things get messy even in a pretty basic office place. People don't know stuff, people missunderstand, missinterpret, forget, tell the wrong person,... I can't imagine how this would be in a bigger business and in something as big as this, where all this different companies, production facilities and what not are involved. And inside of each of this companies are again all kinds of people involved. Just give them some slack.
  7. But you have to pay one spark every time you rest, right? So you might not wanna do it, if for example you think you might need another one when you die during the boss fight and want another try after that.