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  1. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Farmers don't need to play ball, so you don't need a goalkeeper. But he dies easily to Thresher & Tater. Gluttonous Mass is no protection and once you die you won't rejoin the battle anytime soon with you 4/6" MOV. I'd take Colossus or Harry.
  2. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    If I take Colossus, he is the kicker. I position him near the edge and try to catch someone who wanders too close. I cast alternator on him, so he would certainly get a grab on the enemy. Later I send Hoist with Tooled Up, Alternator, Deletion and Overclocked. He can do wonders. If I don't use Colossus, I kick with Pin Vice gives a lot of pressure. If she doesn't get the ball, she can go for a kill.
  3. Engineers v Farmers

  4. Engineers v Farmers

    Ballista, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Locus & Mother. As said before - keep your distance. Four Blast Earths a turn and a Deadbolt (always with a Second Wind) should give you at least 4 Momentum. You should be safe for turn 1, maybe turn 2 if things go your way. However, there will be a charge incoming. Make sure the one charged is Ballista, Locus or Hoist. And have your Minefield ready for it. Minefield works miracles if you can soften the enemy before the charge. Keep the ball on Velocity and don't get her engaged. You can score when you want to, but you may lose a goal in return - and Velocity may not survive the retaliation. The biggest problem for me is that I have to measure a lot of distances and it puts me under some serious pressure. It wastes my time as well. I don't want to get charged because I missed an inch somewhere.
  5. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    I use Colossus in some situations: when playing agains low TAC teams; when facing teams with UM; when facing teams with a few 2" reach models. He sees some play agains Midas, Esters' Brewers, sometimes Farmers.
  6. What do you guys use Salvo for?

    I use him rarely. But when I do, I use him to grab a free ball or to let Hoist do it. I can play a game with 4 strikers (PV, Velocity, Hoist), so the ball is never safe and can be approched from different angles. Salvo usually doesn't get any Inf unless something goes wrong and he is needed.
  7. Either way I cannot wait to see some cards.
  8. You are correct. Still, there's nothing left for us to do. We can just wait and count on the SteamCon couches.
  9. And we're done. Looks like they are ~30 matches after us. We shall win this one.
  10. My second game on the Stadium, this time Masons vs Alchemists. Masons: Hammer, Mallet, Tower, vHarmony, Brick, Marbles Alchemists: Smoke, Calculus, vKatalyst, Compound, Venin, Naja My kick off was guite good, so the Alchemists didn't pick the ball. Hammer did it and smashed Venin, as he was passing by. Vening died in the beginning of turn 2. Hammer then used Hammer Time! and scored a goal. With Knee Slider and Tactical Flexibility he went back to his ranks and I had a solid turn coming. Fortunately for me, Calculus kept missing with Blind. Later that turn Tower killed vKat and Hammer scored again. 12:0 for me, yay!
  11. It was the very first game of Guild Ball on the Polish National Stadium. It was already described by my opponent in the respective thread. The stakes were high and I lost the game miserably. My Velocity however was the first Guild Ball player ever to score a goal on the Stadium, which is a title that can never be lost. Morticians scored twice and killed two of my own players. I only scored a single goal and took out one enemy player.
  12. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Marbles Union: sBrisket, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Benediction, Coin The game was quite intense. I was the receiving one, but I missed a few passes, so the ball was lying on the ground. It was close to my ranks, but Mist is quite a fast fellow, so he managed to get the ball and pass it to Harry, who passed it to Brisket. After that, Brisket scored and I did nothing. The Union team won initiative roll and began turn 2. Brisket got the ball and scored again. After that I kicked the ball to Hammer and went after Harry. Hammer killed Harry with ease and kept killing the ball. I had to pass the ball further and further away up to the point when I found an opening in my opponent's play. He placed the ball on Mist within Hammer's reach, so Hammer paid him a deadly visit followed by a goal. That was enough to turn the tide of the match and win 12:9.
  13. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Mallet, Tower, Brick, Marbles Union: Blackheart, Gutter, Rage, Hemlocke, A&G, Strongbox The game was quite easy for me. The whole point of it was waking a setup with Mallet (SO + KD) and Tower (TU) for Hammer and then ending it with a kill. Hammer killed Avarisse in turn 1, scored in turn 2 and killed Rage in turn 3. In the meantime the Union managed to kill Brick and Marbles (and Strongbox, because Gutter is insane). The game ended when Mallet scored, but I was already 3 minutes in overtime.
  14. OK, but why would the VPs go to the Spooks? Brisket was friendly to the Spooks when she was taken out, wasn't she?
  15. Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    Isn't this one perfectly fine? I only ever use Mother. Mainspring does not even compare to it. Mother lets me attack from unexpected angles, bypass Unpredictable Movement, disengage from scrums without any danger of being tackled. That's a lot. Also, I can grab a ball from 11.8" away. Mainspring brings one free pass and using her can literally backfire. I'm thinking of maybe using her in Ballista gunline, but cannot see a proper way of doing that.