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  1. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    On the other hand, if you try and block Hoist somehow, he can always opt to deal 8 DMG with a Blast Earth. Still, it's a good activation.
  2. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    First rule od Guild Ball is: we don't care about fluff I don't like this mechanic either, but here it is. And I see its point: don't put Jackstraw next to Windle. You have to look for another vector of attack. It only adds some more tactical depth, so I'm fine with that.
  3. I've got some questions regarding Glide. 1. Can I use it without moving? 2. Can I use it more than once per turn? Let's say I have 2 MOM and I really don't want Obulus to score
  4. kick, advance and glide

    "An active model may spend [1] MP to move..." So no, as it is not your activation.
  5. Engineer Player Summaries

    Yeah, I know. I saw it coming
  6. Engineer Player Summaries

    Ballista Our very first captain. He likes a defensive game with ranged character plays and area denial. He's quite tanky, but will surely die to dedicated beaters. With some setup - a Singled Out or a few Ganging Ups, maybe Tooled Up - he can put a dent in most players. Just be sure he won't get isolated from the rest of the team. His legendary is a free goal if played well, or a few KDs if needed. Or both. Good into: slow teams; footballing teams, Thresher // Risky into: fast aggressive beatsticks (Butchers) Pin Vice The more ball inclined captain. With 5+ DEF, Close Control and a great counter attack, she's a great ball carrier. Her ultimate lets her score goals from unexpected angles. Controller is also a nice addition - you can score from even more unexpected places, although these goals are not going to be cheap ones. On the other hand, PV is quite a beatstick. With a free charge from Overclocked and Tooled Up (and Deletion if needed) you can kill a lot of players in one activation. If she's not going to contribute to the game herself, you can always spend her influence to boost her team. +1 DMG with a free Bonus Time! and +2"/+2" MOV can go a a long way towards a goal or a kill. Good into: low DEF; slow teams // Risky into: Fishermen, Engineers, having the ball killed oVelocity From time to time I have an idea for a team composition which does not include Velocity. This is wrong. Velocity is hard to kill (6+ DEF with Reanimate and a decent counter attack), quite fast (up to 8"/10" MOV with Acrobatic) and a great goal scorer (4/8" KICK). Each time you leave your garage, make sure you got Velocity with you. Good into: scoring goals // Risky into: no, not really vVelocity Let me rephrase that. Each time you leave your garage, make sure you got the right Velocity with you. Veteran version of the mannequin lost Reanimate and switched to 4+/1 from 5+/0 (6+/0 if Nimble). It also lost 2" KICK. Smashed Shins are nice, so is Unpredictable Movement or Goal Defence. It may look good on paper, but there are always better choices. Like oVelocity. Good into: Chisel, Fangtooth, Anvil, Stave, Seenah // Risky into: Dear SFG, please consider a buff. Sincerely yours. Locus The big robot is an underrated pick for an Engineers' team. I find him situational. A push from a safe distance is nice when I need to stop a charge from Thresher or Katalyst. Also, Hoist lets me do it twice. 3+/2 in cover means it's hard to strip the ball off him. You cannot overestimate momentous KD on first column. Pair that with Stoic and you've got yourself a nice counter attack machine. Also, you can kick a ball from afar, which is nice. Good into: Thresher, Alchemists, strikers // Risky into: most things really, you have to know your way if you want to play well Colossus Another situatonal pick. Makes it easier to control a scrum. Another good place to hide the ball. Colossus is fast and resilient, he can lead the way if you need to engage your enemy. Considering his easy access to Singled Out and KDs, his role is to mark a target for Hoist or one of the captains to kill. He usually operates far up the pitch, so he can even score an occasional goal. But don't count on him doing any heavy lifting himself. Good into: footballing teams; Unpredictable Movement; 1" melee // Risky into: dedicated beatsticks; character plays
  7. Gun line strategy

    I strongly disagree. I find Ballista the best captain to counter Thresher. Farmers have no ranged game, so you can stall them for a turn or two. Use Locus. With that you can push Thresher from a distance and block his charge. Use the ball to dodge your players. You can walk to Thresher, push him with Destructive Impulse and then dodge to safety with a pass. Use Second Wind to lay Impulses and Deadbolts and then retreat. Farmers are going to extend some players: Thresher - obviously, maybe Tater, Buckwheat and Jackstraw. Tooled Up Ballista kills anyone of them, especially if they are weakened by CPs. Just make sure your enemy cannot retaliate easily.
  8. Pelage

    I played against har a few days ago. She is a pain in the arse. A free snare is annoying, but in many cases I'd rather take 3 dmg. And now I have a choice. Do I run away or do I try to kill her? If I run, she will do the trick again. If I go for a kill, I get 1 momentum max for a stack of influence or - having failed that - get another 3 dmg. Morts like influence. Obulus takes at least 5, Brainpan gets another 4, 4 for Mist, 1 for Graves and so on. Pelage can be annoying for free, which is really nice
  9. Let's go fishing!

    Good morning, fellow Engineers. I'm curious how do you handle the Fish and which captain is your preferable one. I'm afraid that Pin Vice cannot score faster than either Shark or Corsair, so I'm stuck with Ballista. I can blast my opponents for a turn, but beginning from turn two I get picked one by one and gutted without mercy. What is your way of dealing with them?
  10. Engeeners vs Morticians

    I always take PV into Obulus. Why? For Controller. If I receive, take Harry with me. Mother picks the ball with a nest and places it on the ground. Hoist and Ratchet do some aoe. Then PV picks the ball, passes it to Velocity, who makes a free dodge thanks to Harry. Now comes Controller. Velocity is in range for a turn 1 goal and I have a spare momentum point. From turn 2 I can kill a player a turn with PV. I have higher Mov, so I can position safely and try to kill a player before he activates. Velocity and Hoist can approach Obulus and tackle him, so he's not a safe ball bunker. Well, even Mother can do it Also, Mother has 4" kick, so I can hide the ball on the spider if I'm afraid of Puppet Master.
  11. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Farmers don't need to play ball, so you don't need a goalkeeper. But he dies easily to Thresher & Tater. Gluttonous Mass is no protection and once you die you won't rejoin the battle anytime soon with you 4/6" MOV. I'd take Colossus or Harry.
  12. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    If I take Colossus, he is the kicker. I position him near the edge and try to catch someone who wanders too close. I cast alternator on him, so he would certainly get a grab on the enemy. Later I send Hoist with Tooled Up, Alternator, Deletion and Overclocked. He can do wonders. If I don't use Colossus, I kick with Pin Vice gives a lot of pressure. If she doesn't get the ball, she can go for a kill.
  13. Engineers v Farmers

  14. Engineers v Farmers

    Ballista, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Locus & Mother. As said before - keep your distance. Four Blast Earths a turn and a Deadbolt (always with a Second Wind) should give you at least 4 Momentum. You should be safe for turn 1, maybe turn 2 if things go your way. However, there will be a charge incoming. Make sure the one charged is Ballista, Locus or Hoist. And have your Minefield ready for it. Minefield works miracles if you can soften the enemy before the charge. Keep the ball on Velocity and don't get her engaged. You can score when you want to, but you may lose a goal in return - and Velocity may not survive the retaliation. The biggest problem for me is that I have to measure a lot of distances and it puts me under some serious pressure. It wastes my time as well. I don't want to get charged because I missed an inch somewhere.
  15. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    I use Colossus in some situations: when playing agains low TAC teams; when facing teams with UM; when facing teams with a few 2" reach models. He sees some play agains Midas, Esters' Brewers, sometimes Farmers.