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  1. Silvs

    Game Plan Resolution Order

    Does Player A also choose in which order both cards have to be resolved?
  2. Does it overwrite OPT restriction for Come On, Mate!?
  3. What with a dodge? Can I dodge .5" left and .5" right with < result to grab the ball and effectively stay in place? Can I move .1" left and .1" right and still grab the ball? Can I move .0000001" left and .0000001" right and still grab the ball?
  4. Silvs

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Hola Sergio! In my experience the Cogs are an extremely difficult matchup for the Chemists. Good job with beating them a round earlier, though :] Yes, I think I wrapped once and that was enough for 5 SPs and 10 DMG. Maybe if you had ignored the scrum in the middle of the pitch, it would have put you in a better situation. Katalyst was already lost, but the ball was almost unguarded. Hoist is a bit different from most players, as each new Engineers' Character Play opens new possibilites for him. I think the robot was in a very delicate equilibrium state and may have been pushed a little towards the dark side with the release of Harriet the Hattrick. But to be fair - it was the first time ever I managed to pull that trick
  5. Silvs

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I had a chance to try out Harriet last weekend in Spain against Alchemists. I caught oKat in between 4 models and started wrapping Sucker Punches with Hoist. In 4 attacks managed to kill a full HP Vitriol. A moment later Harriet killed Mist the same way. SP can be deadly, but your opponent has to allow for such a setup.
  6. If you played it well, Mist would have already been hit with Stagger and Dirty Knives. With a Bonus Time!, your chances would be nine in a ten. That's pretty good odds, I don't see why you wouldn't take Mash for that.
  7. Drop Colossus and you'll have a very good team. Any tips? Don't get too close ;]
  8. Let's say that Scum got hit with Arrow To The Knee and Smashed Shins. Is the cat allowed to perform kicks?
  9. Silvs

    The Captain: Devana

    I like her Legendary Play. On a totally unrelated topic; hey, anyone remembers Midas?
  10. Spigot is leaving Locus' melee zone while walking over a nest-marker. Locus makes a parting blow and knocks Spigot down. Where is Spigot placed? Shall the Brewers' player use least disturbance rule?
  11. Let's say Velocity enters the pitch after being taken out. It moves her 6" in a line perpendicular to my edge of the pitch. It also picks a ball. So now I have a model standing on the line with the ball. Can I generate momentum or not?
  12. Silvs

    Of auras and los

    And what about a pulse?
  13. Silvs

    Engineers unfun to play against?

    There used to be a topic covering this problem. I failed to find it, though. The Cogs were considered a very bad play experience last season. It was due to a lot of ranged pushes and KDs. This was reduced to minimum in Season 3. They still present a very specific playstyle, but by no means it's not fun to play against.
  14. Silvs

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    On the other hand, if you try and block Hoist somehow, he can always opt to deal 8 DMG with a Blast Earth. Still, it's a good activation.
  15. Silvs

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    First rule od Guild Ball is: we don't care about fluff I don't like this mechanic either, but here it is. And I see its point: don't put Jackstraw next to Windle. You have to look for another vector of attack. It only adds some more tactical depth, so I'm fine with that.