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  1. Is it OK to use Reinforced Plating to negate effects of a Character Play cast from playbook GB result?
  2. Celary

    WTC Representation

    On the other hand, since Decimate's release you a) played with the same 5 players + flex and b) lost only once, when you decided to make a point and play without Deci.
  3. And now I have to print it, so I'm not considered illiterate.
  4. Mother uses burrow and subsequently sprints away from the Nest Marker. Mother was btb with the Nest at the begining od the sprint. Is the Marker remove?
  5. PV uses her Legendary and makes a pass to Velocity (either one). PV wants to make a dodge and Velocity wants to make a pass to PV. Both declarations are simultanous. Is Velocity allowed to make a pass if PV dodged outside 6" from Velocity? Edit: Yes, it is allowed. The range is measured when the pass is received. Sorry for spam.
  6. If PV uses her Legendary on Ratchet, who has used Long Bomb, can he make 10" pass outside his activation?
  7. On all other cards Reanimate uses the word "may", on this one it does not. Is this a misprint?
  8. Celary

    Free Cities Draft Event

    The link is down, isn't it?
  9. Celary

    Season 4 Salvo

    I just noticed an interesting thingy. If Pin Vice were to cast Alt+Ctrl on a well positioned Salvo and go for a goal, Salvo would almost certainly get the ball back. He has 10" sprint, 2" dodge from Floored Bolt and then 6" of Tether Ball. That sums up to 18". It's really hard to kill the ball in this setup.
  10. Is there any reference to confirm that Tag Along precedes Counter Attack?
  11. Boar advances -> Tag Along -> Counter Attack
  12. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  13. Celary

    Free Cities Draft Event

    He's too good IMO. I'd like to have an alternative, so I didn't have to bring him to each and every match
  14. Celary

    Free Cities Draft Event

    An what about some influence efficient support piece? Take a look at Hag, vChisel or Millstone.