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  1. Boar advances -> Tag Along -> Counter Attack
  2. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  3. Celary

    Free Cities Draft Event

    He's too good IMO. I'd like to have an alternative, so I didn't have to bring him to each and every match
  4. Celary

    Free Cities Draft Event

    An what about some influence efficient support piece? Take a look at Hag, vChisel or Millstone.
  5. Celary

    Season 4 Salvo

    It's not 5 attacks, it's 5 Arrows to the Knees Also thank you, now I'm sitting in the office and trying not to laugh so people won't notice I'm listening to you instead of actually working
  6. Celary

    S4 Hoist speculation

    Hi guys. With all the recent changes, and with Floored Bolt in particular, people start wondering if Hoist is going to keep his True Replication. Sucker Punch looked like a strong play for Hoist. And now a ranged KD to replicate. What do you think? Is Hoist OP? Do you ever play without him?
  7. Celary

    Season 4 Salvo

    In S4 you will. It's on the blog.
  8. Celary

    Season 4 Salvo

    You start with 1 MOM.
  9. So Salvo (S3) makes a Parting Blow and selects 1 DMG, which is a legal result for a Parting Blow. He dodges 1/16" to angage his target again. Can I make another Parting Blow?
  10. Celary

    Season 4 Salvo

    5 AttKs Salvo is cool. You can KD a model, scatter his ball, dodge towards it and pick it from 6" away. Run and score. He certainly makes my twelve.
  11. Celary

    Action within an action

    So let's say I have a passive trait that deals DMG to Ebb. If this trait is triggered by an action, the DMG dealt by the action and all traits triggered by it is limited to 2 altogether. If the trait is not triggered by an action, but by some other factor (like end of activation), the Old Ones won't help Ebb. Am I right?
  12. Celary

    Engineer's 10 Lineup

    Thank you!
  13. Cpt. Brisket casts I'm Open on Mist via Benediction's Impart Wisdom. Who does Mist pass the ball to?
  14. Celary

    Game Plan Resolution Order

    Does Player A also choose in which order both cards have to be resolved?