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  1. What is the difference between Great Balls of Fire and Ball's Gone? Why can I use one to only apply fire and cannot use the other to only make a pass?
  2. According to this: the opposite is true. Did it change in S4?
  3. Let's say Ulfr charges Friday and he has to move through Tapper's melee zone. He gets a parting blow and a KD. He ends up 3" from Friday and his activation ends, right? What if Ulfr got the KD when he was 1" away from Friday (but kept moving, so he could get b2b). Does his activation end as well? My answer would be yes, but it was ruled the other way on a tournament, so I'm not sure anymore.
  4. Also, in case of not using Sturdy, you would be awarded 2 MOM.
  5. The validity of the effect is determined while choosing it, not when applying. You can choose a double (or even triple) KD result if only the target model isn't suffering KD condition yet.
  6. Celary

    How do we use Colossus

    But you have to be careful. If he gets KDed by Kat, Mercury can easily get his Fire Blasts of him.
  7. Celary

    How do we use Colossus

    That's the point. She can kill anyone else, so Colossus is the only one who is safe running in the field. And he can really set a kill. Also, he is a safe spot for the ball.
  8. If Mainspring dies to bleed, there is no explosion, as this happens outside the Activation Phase.
  9. Celary

    How do we use Colossus

    I'm running Colossus against Scalpel. She can't kill him in one go, she can't dodge from him and push him back. She gets at least a Singled Out in a counter attack, which is a nice setup.
  10. Could you say why? Minefield triggers on models entering the aura. It doesn't say that entering model suffers damage when the advance ends. Also Taken Out description says that when a model is reduced to 0 HP, it is removed from the pitch.
  11. Celary

    Double Protective Instinct

    Close Ranks and Lend a Hand don't have timestamps either, but you cannot be affected by both.
  12. Lets say enemy Scalpel (3 HP left) is charging my Ballista (Minefield is up). If she comes within 4" of her target, she suffers TO condition and is removed from the pitch. Does it mean that Scalpel cannot angage Ballista and can charge in any direction?
  13. Celary

    Double Protective Instinct

    I'd say yes, they can, as you cannot be affected by two effects of the same name.
  14. Celary

    Gliding while Kicking off

    You don't have momentum yet. You will get 1 MP just after a Kick Off, as per Rulebook p. 8. Also, if anyone were to mention True Path, you can glide once per turn (p. 23). It's not a turn yet.
  15. Yes, and you have to make sure there is no other terrain within 6" of it.