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  1. SFG response time is terribkle

    I think you overestimate people
  2. Dark Souls Service Times

    Give them time, friend. Try not to attempt to single-handedly sink their score out of pettiness. I'm sure they're trying their hardest
  3. SFG response time is terribkle

    Calm down, dude. I know it's stressful, and I'm sure it sucks, and believe me, you really do have my sympathy, but I imagine they're still fairly swamped. Especially after the whole issue with English version shipping. They'll get through to you mate, give it a bit more time.
  4. Clarification needed: Enemy Targetting

    I believe each time an attack is made 'closest person' is re-established. So if he is no longer the closest, somebody else moves. If I'm wrong, someone do correct me
  5. Two hand a single handed weapon

    well two-handing the weapon is its own drawback - would it need the 1 stamina?
  6. Too Nervous To Paint

    Hey there, players. So I've seen some of the painted miniatures people have been showing off, and they are gorgeous. Like, seriously, I can imagine it's so much fun to play with those. I've been painting Warhammer since I was 10 (I'm now 18), but for about five years I was painting Warhammer badly. I used barely any techniques, what techniques I did use were sloppy, and it just generally wasn't very good. In the past few years, I will admit I've gotten better at it. My lines are clearer. I use washes better. My detail is less slap-dash. I've even been known to highlight models at times. I painted an Imperial Guard Commissar that was the nicest thing I ever painted, with some custom work done on the black-and-red coat that actually looked okay. I just don't think I'm good enough to paint these. Even when I was a bad painter, I was better than my friends who also collected, so I didn't feel too much pressure or guilt about painting them badly. What's more, with Warhammer you can buy "cheap" replacements for any models you ruin, or to practice your painting on. That's not the case with these. I'm the only local I know with these, so anyone who looks at them if I paint them is gonna be judging them on my merits and my merits alone. The models are currently fairly one-of-a-kind, so I can neither replace them or buy others to practice on. What's more, my painting's been decreasing over the past few years. I've been getting better over these years, but I'm also just out of practice. Plus all of the issues with paints running low, brushes becoming poor, etc. I just don't think I could do a good enough job, but I really want to paint them. Anyone else encounter this?
  7. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    I'm happy to help with writing stuff. I've actually got some writing credentials now - a fact that I'm quite sillily pleased over. Can't say I'll be much help until late June, however. I've got exams in June, so much of my time is spent either revising from those or doing nothing to ease my sanity
  8. Because it would be super cheesable if that were the case with enemies, I suppose
  9. Wishlisting :)

    Well, excellent, in that case I was torn on Black Knights, but I think they were the closest thing to minibosses in DS1
  10. I don't think it does! But I'm not sure, honestly. I think the icon would need to be on the enemy attack
  11. Wishlisting :)

    Enemies: Crystal Hollow, Pus of Man, Lothric Knight, Balder Knight, Torch Hollow, Ringed Knights, Corvians, Followers, Dogs, Mushrooms, Channeler, Drakes Mini-Boss: Black Knight, Moonlight Butterfly, Capra Demon Boss: Soul of Cinder, Gwyn, Gwyndolin, Nameless King, Champion Gundyr, Abyss Watchers, Sulyvahn, Sister Friede, Slave Knight Gael, Taurus Demon Mega-Boss: Seath the Scaleless, Hellkite Drake, Manus, High Lord Wolnir, Old Iron King, Aldrich
  12. Summoms (requests)

    Maybe it'll cost sparks to summon?
  13. Summoms (requests)

    Boss hit points is increased in the video game for summoning