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  1. Gigan22

    How Are You Organising Your Cards?

    I bagged all of mine. Don't like rubber banding as it has a chance to wreck them. I made character/class specific bags with all of their cards and the few pieces that go on their boards. Not much in the bag, but it was the most elegant way I could think to be able to quickly sort out the class specific equipment and bits no matter how many people are playing. I then have all of the main boss cards together, their dials, and their loot cards in another bag. Same for the mini-bosses. The common/basic loot is in a bag with the dice and the active player/aggro tokens and spark dial. The encounter cards and grunt enemy data cards are bagged with the rest of the tokens. I stuck the non-class specific legendary loot cards in that little bag the plastic pieces for the dial came in. Only problem with doing it that way is now the box doesn't close all the way. A small price to pay for organization.
  2. Oh yeah, there's a bunch of stuff that would need to be figured out. It was just an idea I had to make it match the first game. Though technically the 2nd gargoyle doesn't enter the fight until halfway through the battle, and starting at half health. Which thinking about it... the first gargoyle's heat up could add a card and the 2nd gargoyle at a specific amount of health. In this case, I'd say it's unlikely the two would wind up having the same cards in the same order or cluster together (except if you were playing solo). And even if they did, I think that's part of the difficulty of the battle. It's not like the video game gives you any breaks in that regard. All of that said, you'd definitely need to have two core sets available to you. I can't really see SFG adding another gargoyle to an expansion just to make this one very specific boss fight. Especially since it'd really only appeal to fans who know the game/s, while others could perceive it as them being cheap and reusing models. Maybe it could be something they offer only through their website. *shrug*
  3. They're already putting out a ton of content for this game, and I'd be fine if what they have announced was all there was... but if there's just one more boss I want to see, it's definitely the Abyss Watchers. Love those guys, and you're right, their mechanic would be very cool. Also, don't know if anybody has suggested it yet (I'm sure someone has but I haven't read the forums until now), but what about fighting two Gargoyles at the same time as a main boss to simulate the video game? The campaign has you fighting them back-to-back, but if you had two core sets, you could technically do a double fight. Don't know how the difficulty would scale though.
  4. Gigan22

    How are People Liking it so far

    Got my copy today and only had the time to go through to the mini-boss (chose Gargoyle). It was a solo run with the Warrior, so I started with some gear. Most of it was junk I couldn't or didn't want to use. I did pull the Sunset Armor though, which I was able to level up enough to equip. That made the initial battles easier. Gear wise, I then pulled the Greataxe, but I didn't have enough Dex to equip it. So I had to rest to grind for 2 more souls to level up. I would have had enough going through the level 2 encounter, but the 2 crossbowmen(plus friends) that spawned on it absolutely destroyed me. So I had to go through one encounter for a 3rd time. I can see where Ragnara is coming from because I beat that encounter the same way each time by exploiting the AI. Though I suppose that really is the point, and feels exactly like how you approach encounters in the video games. Anyway, once I knew what was going to happen in the level 2 encounter, I was able to adjust my strategy to get through it. So I equipped my Greataxe and whooped the Gargoyle's butt. Though I did need to use my Estus to save myself from death about 2/3rds of the way through the battle. So it's not like the battle was a cake walk. From my initial playing, I'm in agreement with Danny, everything feels like Dark Souls. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. Despite any other gameplay issues people may have (loot drops being the main one I'm seeing), I think SFG deserve a lot of credit for being able to translate the feel of the games successfully. As for the loot, my pulls were pretty good. However, I don't mind the randomness of it, because if you did a steady progression like the video games, you'd wind up having same-y games as a result. So like others on the board have said, strategy needs to be adjusted to account for what you have and can do. Though I do understand better equipment is necessary to advance in the later encounters. But sometimes you just can't beat something, and that's okay with me. I don't need to win every time, even if it is due to not being able to get stronger loot.
  5. Gigan22

    US Shipping Status

    I'm in Michigan and my copy arrived via FedEx today. Shipping label says it was shipped out on May 3rd, but I got no tracking number or even a confirmation of shipment outside of backerkit stating it was partially shipped. But hey, that's cool as I certainly wasn't expecting 2 day shipping. Also, my copy is in perfect condition. All the minis are intact (with a couple very slightly bent spears, which is fine by me) and all of the cards are there. I feel bad some people's are messed up, but hopefully those are edge cases and SF will make it right with those customers once all of this chaos calms down. My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is I wish they would have included some extra bags for all the cards and bits, but I had extras anyway. Though in bagging all that stuff, now the box doesn't close all the way. *shrug*