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  1. Assassin Armour Query

    took a quick photo for you:
  2. @Retro Edge Exactly the same happened to my Dancer But it was no problem at all to superglue it back on the base. Happy you also got your package and that you finally felt happy about it too!
  3. My game just arrived *superhappy* Everything seems in good shape, except the Dancer was broken off the base at his feet. But shouldn´t be a problem to glue it back. Yay! So cool to have the game finally in my hands!
  4. Maybe try to meet somewhere in the middle? Yes, Steamforged could have probably written some things a little bit more clear about the different language-versions of the games in different countries, that everyone has a better idea whats going on. And on the other side the costumers could have a little bit more trust and patience in SFG for sending out thousands of copies to them, instead of raging and dramatizing around in the internet.
  5. No, I think their statements were kinda vague and not very specific. They said "should be delivered". And I think it makes sense that they write it vague like that, because they dont have control over many things and can´t tell everyone an exact date for their personal game. I also understand that people have expectations and then feel upset if their expectation was not fullfilled. But I dont like overdramatizing, which became pretty common in the internet, sadly... Edit: Btw, I got a tracking number in my pledge manager now!
  6. But it´s true, a lot of games have been shipped. Even our games are "shipped". They were on its way after they got manufactured, and just didn´t arrive at their final destination yet
  7. Somehow I dont feel the same hystery like the few people here, and I still feel like I made a good deal to get the core game + all stretch goals for that price. So I dont think I want to pay the same, or even more, on amazon to just get the core game a little earlier. I also think that there is nothing wrong about how Steamforged communicated with us. How would an apology help us to get the game earlier? For what should they apologise anyways? They gave us some estimations for the delivery... and oh well, turns out we have to wait a little longer. I also don´t see how they lied by telling us estimations, which then, unfortunately didn´t turn out. I dont know why my brain has no issues with this. Maybe I´m just thinking more pragmatic and less emotional about that little issue? Hey, this is about a game... no one is going to die or something Still looking forward to my english copy of Dark Souls and I would definitely back a cool game from Steamforged again.
  8. lol, what do you want to hear?? "Your personal Dark Souls board game parcel is currently at the following world coordinates and supposed to arrive at your place on date x and time x"?? That is science fiction, possibly will happen sometime in the near future when technology is this much advanced. Hey, back in the days they delivered packages with horse coaches SFG coordinated that the games went to shipping companies and now they are getting slowly shipped to the costumers. And thats exactly what they said and whats happening right now. I dont even think that SFG has much control over these shipping companies at this point.
  9. Need painting suggestion

    Hi, first of all I think you did a good job with your figure. What I would suggest is to put a wash over the highlights, that they dont pop out this much and blend a bit more with the dark clothes. The bones and arms/hands could possibly also benefit from such a wash. Just take a yellowish/brown colour and add lots of water and brush it over these parts and let it dry. Then see how it looks and perhaps add a few highlights afterwards if it became too dark.
  10. You seem Canadian and i think that might be the difference Germans have a weird high sense of expectation to some things and freak out very fast if these things dont get fulfilled, their patience is so low, while Canadians are much more relaxed in general in comparison and also much nicer to eachother and in their communication. I´ve been there many times and observed it. There are lots of reasons why it is like that. So yea, I think its a cultural thing and thats probably why its hard to understand. The brains grew and are programmed in so many different ways by how we grow up and many other circumstances... but thats becoming far off-topic now... ENGLISH DARK SOULS, WANT!!!
  11. Nice! Finally an update... Hopes are flying higher again! I have confidence in Steamforged that we´ll get our copies soon! Looking forward!